Closing $ 100k Offers over the phone with people who have heard of you for the first time…

and just recently stumbled upon your presence (online or offline) requires a few more skills than just being the best salesperson and a good closer.

People who invest that amount of money in your offers are very conscious, empathic, high achievers, leaders and quick decision-makers. They pick up on what you say and don’t say immediately.

Having a conversation on that level requires…
💥 that you have mastered the awareness of what your prospect says and doesn’t say.
💥 as well as how you perceive the spoken and unspoken information, metabolize and translate it according to your psychic perception.
💥 and that you know what the Absolute Truth, as well as the Individual Truth for that person, is so you can address all levels.

Having a multidimensional conversation with a Soulmate client that on the energetic level is already signed is not going to end in an actual physical close if you haven’t mastered how to live and talk about the Totality of everything there is as well as the Individuality of your prospect and everything in between.

You also must know what the Basic Human Illusions are so you can nail it down whenever you catch your prospect speaking and acting on one of them and you need to tackle the logical and illogical part of the brain and explain it in that way so that you address the Divine King and Queen within.

It goes without saying that this won’t be possible if you haven’t fully mastered and integrated this yourself and are a living example.

Anything else is going to be picked up immediately by prospects with these attributes and they won’t hire and pay you $ 100k.

Mastering multidimensional conversations with clients, prospects and partners is what my clients hire me for besides other things. 💣

Something I’ve mastered during over a decade of working with people internationally and being able to lay everything out there for them even though they haven’t told me a single word about their life on our first call.

🖤 You are inside my head!

🖤 How did you know all that?

🖤 Wow, you nailed every single area.

🖤 Tears of relief and being seen for the first time!

🖤 Revealing their deepest secrets (= trusting me even though we are speaking for the very first time)

🖤 Feeling like they’ve met a long-lost friend and trusted Soulmate.

🖤 Paying my multiple 5- and 6-figure fees

Are just some of the things that are being said and done on these first encounters.

Do you want to master this as well?


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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