When someone enters my field through any kind of interaction or on a sales call to apply for one of my multiple 4-, 5- or 6-figure offers they come home to Presence.

Your prospects, clients, team members and partners who are interacting with you daily can feel your integrity. An integrity that is only cultivated through a deep relationship with all Elements.

The High-Achieving Visionaries and Pioneers are not going to invest $ 100k on the call just because you believe you can make their problems go away, have some amazing testimonials on your website and a fantastic visual brand even though all of that is great!

But what they really sign up for is:

🌟 Your absolute certainty in your delivery and the exact map you present on how you back up your promise
🌟 Not only what you stand for and the Vision you have for your own Company but how your Movement is helping them unlock the much bigger Legacy they have not even been aware of and dreamt about before your interaction
🌟 Your Spirit and how your Presence is helping them see the much bigger Vision for their life
🌟 Your love for them
🌟 The Cultivation you have because you’ve spent years building a conscious relationship with all the elements such as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, financial, and sexual
🌟 The ability to hear and see themselves because you ask the right questions that they themselves recognise the illusions they’ve come to believe
🌟 The freedom they experience to choose to create whatever they want to create because you help them disempower those illusions rather than providing a solution to a problem
🌟 Getting what they really need rather than what they want, which is real and lasting Freedom
🌟 To claim their authority and power on how to define success and what is the right next step for them based on that
🌟 A community of equally creative, innovative, conscious, authentic, and ambitious Visionaries, Leaders and Pioneers who get YOU

Because the lone wolf, Guru-Hype and Expert Cool-Aid Syndrome are about to die and a new way of Service, Leadership, Conscious Evolution, and Wealth Ascension is emerging where the Evolution, Creations, Business Structures, Leadership Skills and Delivery are equally essential.

⛔ Nobody needs saving anymore.
⛔ Nobody needs a secret sauce to success anymore.
⛔ Nobody wants to be guilt-tripped into buying a largely discounted value-packed offer just to create a sense of urgency.
⛔ And nobody wants to see any more timers that are counting down just the same as last time they visited the page for artificial urgency.

Survival-based marketing and the Superiority of being the magic pill for all problems is dying and the rise of the Pioneers has begun!

Are you one of them?

Then, watch out for an amazing deep-dive into what your journey so far most likely has looked like and how to implement impeccable Standards for your Vision, Mission, Revenue, Creations, Delivery and Client Results and all of it is taken equally important so you can go after Global Expansion and bring the World-Changing Projects onto the Planet.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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