One of the big shifts on my entrepreneurial journey happened when I evolved from running my business from my personality and solely relying on my skills and into my True Life‘s Purpose where my Soul took over and did the selling for me.

At this point, I got out of the wheel of letting emotions and my mindset manifest my life. The gift was that I was able to let go of control and doing things as the hermit I was at the time.

And the challenging part was that I was dead for three months and didn‘t know who I was anymore. I questioned everything even the tiniest thought that came to mind.

I was locked up innocently at that time. And that was a really good thing. If I would have been in the free world I would have been heavily medicated and diagnosed with depression like I was back in my teen years.

The second big shift came when I‘ve let my Business become its own entity and started to listen closely to what it wants so that it can make love to me.

If you are at this turning point in your Business where your Soul‘s work and your journey as a Soul are about to evolve into the next phase of Evolution you have to give up what you love most to become the person that is leading and letting a Movement speak through you rather than a person who is running a business in the middle of aaaallll the things.

It‘s a tough road to walk. Because you are being called to get out of your own way and stop attaching your personal growth and evolution to your business thinking that it‘ll evolve as you evolve.

It‘s also the point where…
* Sales could be tanking and you are not generating as much income anymore as you used to
* You are searching again for all the things that could change that for you and when most business coaches you seek out will teach you some more strategies and have you do mindset work and personal development
* You are being tempted to return to the phenomenon of just working some more on yourself and where contraction and retreating instead of expanding is your favourite choice
* You are having challenges in life and you could end up sabotaging your business from taking over by talking yourself into having imposter syndrome (like how can I possibly coach someone when I don‘t even have my own sh*t together)
* You feel like implementing a whole bunch more strategies that experts and gurus are teaching to scale to 7-figures and beyond.

Off to meditation practice and gratitude is not gonna do the trick.

There is only one solution…

Well maybe two if you count having a nap before as well 😂

Go have the conversation. Ask your Business what it wants and needs from you and doesn‘t need anymore. Get out of the way and do the thing… whatever it is.

Movements take little to no interest in your daily life as a human being. That‘s why you can enjoy all aspects even the hard and sad ones without having your emotions in check and do mindset training all day long.

Instead, enjoy the organic journey and let your business make love to you…
…so multiple 5-figure offers will sell easily since that is what your business does exceptionally well when having the right employees in place.

This is how Business Ascension happens over at the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur.

And you seriously are missing out on a gigantic celebration where Business and Art, Lovemaking and Selling, Freedom and Truthtelling as well as Personal Development and Conscious Wealth kiss each other Goodnight.

So before you speed type your application for the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur… I want to make some things crystal clear:

I am a fighter at my heart. Always have been and always will be but I have also learnt to let life work it’s miracles through (I know when to push and when to sit still). I am incredibly generous and once I choose a person I choose a person with all my heart. And yes, I pick up the fight sometimes full with compassion and sometimes with a kick in the a$$. I know when my clients go through challenges because I can hear it without them telling me a single word.

I am not the one holding space. I have built an energetic Container that holds the balance because I never work alone and because I know how to build a Container with no cracks so that I don’t have to jump in to collect the leaking life-force. And this is only possible because I live everything I am saying with 100% integrity.

The most important question I ask myself daily is: Where do I need to upgrade? And I do the scariest and uncomfortable thing first.

So if you’d like to have me as a fighter, friend and deep listener by your side your decision needs to be made from a place of unwavering commitment that requires that you are taking the uncomfortable actions daily of living your truth, speaking your truth and say goodbye to all the excuses why not you, not today, not right now should go after everything he/she has not even dared to dream about. And who doesn’t stop until it’s done and who knows that this is not done alone but that life with all its element wants to show up for you once you cultivate the deep relationship with all of it.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 

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