Scaling from 7-Figures TO 8-Figures? How about worshipping your body and pleasure to unravel multiple orgasms and let the multiplying take place instead. 

Scaling your business only means you have connected deeply with your control over how your business needs expanding from a mental state. And it works until it doesn’t!

The way you attempt to expand your business is the same way as you experience yourself in the relationship with your own body, your inner elements and everybody else.

Thinking that your business follows your command because you check your mindset daily and keep your emotions intact only means you have never been held by your business and haven’t truly experienced the deep care and nourishment it wants to bless you with – not just financially but in terms of the vision and impact it truly has in store for you.

The way we view success and how it is taught is truly f**ked up. To the degree that this huge disconnect affects every single area of life that leads to a state of drained life-force instead of relaxation in a super vibrant and highly focused state.

For one simple reason…

The True Essence of the King and Queen dancing a United Dance in ALCHEMY has been denunciated, mishandled and misrepresented for decades.

It’s ok…

😟 to watch violence on TV but shameful to experience pleasure in a love scene.

😟 to think an Entrepreneur is only successful once he/she performs and gets results.

😟 to stay on top of things daily and get everything done but ignoring the worshipping of pleasure and play.

😟 to abandon love-making, pleasure and dates with yourself and/or your partner in order to achieve your goals and kill it in business.

😟 To get up at 4 AM every day to be ahead of everybody else even though it f**ks with the natural rhythm of your body.

All because SHE has forgotten how HE…

🖤 Loves and worships her until SHE is truly nourished, seen and heard so SHE can naturally overflow in Abundance.

🖤 Protects and takes care of her so SHE can stay in the Dark to give birth to the never-before-seen Creations.

🖤 Provides results beyond what SHE could ask for without HER controlling and being in charge of every single aspect.

🖤 Gives her space so SHE can tune in and listen to the tender care of Life and how it wants to bless her next so SHE can create Works of Art and give Birth to the Stars.

🖤 Bathes her in unconditional Love, holds her and cherishes her so the Creation of True Magic bound by Love can feed every area of life and business.

🖤 Doesn’t allow her to turn on her phone before SHE is internally TURNED ON by being deeply rooted in her own Body and connected to Mother Earth.

It’s also WHY…

Your Business commands the United Dance of the King and Queen in Alchemy…

so it can unravel it’s pleasure, orgasms and bring forth the Creations…

the Works of Art that are birthed through Stars

and its very essence is multiplying with ripple effects through your Entire Body…

Breaking you wide open to the deep surrender of pleasure and orgasms…

Where new Businesses that are taking care of you

Are being born

And you can back away

Burn down your Brand

And let your Business

Become its own Movement!


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