What happens when you merge the Artist and the Business Person in you?

It’s essential for every Evolutionary Entrepreneur to fully merge these aspects within.

If you only embrace and execute on the Business-Person you end up being overly focused on success solely measured by numbers and the revenue you and your company are generating.

Most times this leads to you running on overdrive and having a million moving parts to hit the deadlines for the numbers you have declared.

Your precious life-force is leaking all over the place and you know exactly that there is this creative part of you that just doesn’t get expressed.

After having accomplished all the success measured by numbers and smashed every income goal you are sitting there realizing that this has not made a difference at all.

What now? You are bored and not really fulfilled. You pretend you are but deep down you know this isn’t your Legacy. This isn’t what you came here to create.

On the other hand, if you only express the Artist within you, you end up being overly creative and constantly coming up with new visions and ideas for your life and business and what to create next.

You are feeling high all the time and so on fire for your Creations. You sometimes stay up all through the night because you can’t sleep from the creative juices pumping through your veins.

You are always busy with something that is cooking and some of your Creations make it to the light of day and others don’t.

If they don’t it’s because you end up sabotaging yourself and tricking yourself into believing that they are not ready for the world because nobody will understand, it’s too early, not perfect and… (insert whatever reason you come up with).

You are an Artist with many Creations and a loyal fanbase. You know how to give your audience, followers, and fans what they love most about you and your magic. But your bank account does not reflect the exquisite Beauty of the Creations you are putting out there.

So you only make money with your Creations if you absolutely have to because bills are overdue or you don’t make any money at all and rather hustle a side gig.

Either way, you are royally f*cked because you know deep down you are meant for impacting Millions of people and changing the World with your Art. But how the hell are you going to do that honoring and expressing both the Artist and Business-Person in you?

…that makes you as unique as every Star in the Universe – that is a shining Masterpiece – a Work of Art.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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