To let your Business make love to you and bring Creations into this world that is far beyond what you’ve ever imagined…

And that involves multiplying from your current revenue to 9-figures instead of scaling to 8-figures…

You must get out of your own way and stop the madness of trying to scale your business.

It doesn’t f**king want to scale.

It wants to…

🔥 Make babies and multiply.

🔥 Burst into the pleasure of orgasms and unite Magic with Art to bring Works of Art into the World that have never been seen.

🔥 To penetrate every single last layer of resistance to create for the sake of pure pleasure not validated based on outcomes, performance and results but overflowing with abundance in all areas.

🔥 To shake you up to the deepest core and turn things upside down so they can be catapulted into Alignment with what your tone is in its Grand Symphony.

🔥 Break you wide open and hold you, make love to you and nourish you while you cherish the mere existence of pure Ecstasy.

🔥 Be in raw conversation with you every single moment, giving you the exact instructions for the unfolding of the Giant Movement it intends to unravel.

🔥 Move at light speed ahead instead of incremental growth.

🔥 Free up your space and time so you can relax and create instead of manage and control.

But you need to get out of the way and let it do what it can do best.

Serve you.

Nourish you.

Feed you.

Take care of you.

Make love to you.

And bless you with abundance beyond your imagination.

Are you ready for your journey of the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ where Businesses multiply and make babies?


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 

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