Fu*k the “I built a 2 million business and now I am helping you scale to 5- and 6-figure months.”

Why don’t you show people how to achieve the same as you have in a shorter period of time?

Because scaling was so much hustle that you have abandoned most of your standards and completely lost yourself in the game that is not even your invention.

The Creation that once was a Dream couldn’t come through in the way it wanted to come through because all you cared about was the result. Where am I in the process? Why isn’t my Vision included anymore?

I am done! I am fu*king done! I am not giving you any more insights and intuitive hints.

Watch and see the life-force drained out of you.

And don’t dare to ask me for anything anymore until you have fully learned to trust and surrender that I am the one that is bringing the Vision into the world and is instructing you on how it is meant to be executed. These are my Creations and my Babies and I am bringing them into the world, handing them over to you and to the world when I am ready for the Dreams to be killed so they can be CREATED.


The Queen within you no matter the outer form is no longer on board… no longer available for a Business that is running from pure mental capacity and implementing all the disempowered feminine and masculine aspects just to get the numbers right.

She is done! So fu*king done!

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

If you are…

✋ done scaling

✋ done strategizing

✋ done building a business

✋ done overdelivering

✋ working endless hours in front of a screen just to implement a strategy

✋ so you can finally rest and take a break

And instead, want to…

👑 Multiply businesses

👑 Let your business build itself

👑 Let your business make love to you

👑 Let pleasure and support flood you

👑 so you can protect your life-force to not have a leaky container

👑 And charge $ 100K in the process per client

You know what to do 😉


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 

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