1. Survival based marketing and selling are built on the very Basic Human Illusions you are meant to burst in order to thrive and not only survive.
  2. If you don’t drop them now, you are leaking your life-force all over the place which results in a Container that is leaking so a lack of sales, results for your clients and passion for your Business are some of the symptoms of this root cause.
  3. Working on your mindset and keeping your vibe high won’t fix that lack of integrity with your own Evolution and provide different results for yourself and your clients.

With the survival-based marketing and sales techniques, it was easy to find problems, dive into the pain points and trigger the fear of dying. Once you’ve mastered that – you became an expert in your industry.

We got hooked on the idea that positioning yourself as an expert is a magic solution to every location independent business owner and clients will suddenly appear left, right, front and centre.

It’s easy…

The better your solution to the problem and the person that needs your magic pill the easier it is to create the perfect avatar that would want what you have to offer now.

But here is the catch!

❗What if you aren’t actually wired to be a Coach and therefor an Expert in a field or industry?

❗What if the very thing you are trying to accomplish is actually destroying your business and freedom from the inside out and vice versa?

❗It’s why you probably never knew what you wanted to be when you were little.

❗Or why you changed your mind a thousand times.

❗It’s also the reason why the usual Coaching approach of solving a specific problem and becoming an expert in your field doesn’t work for you…

Because you are a Pioneer that is here to change the World not an Expert in a specific niche!

But the biggest lie you have ever been told is that you can’t change the world.

So you settled into changing yourself and your immediate environment whilst a part inside of you was deeply suffering and sad. A part of you always felt incomplete and not seen and heard. It’s the part of you that knows you are here to change the World and also knows exactly HOW you are going to do that.

You are here to reinvent Humanity and to be a conscious Leader at the forefront of the Evolution not to become an expert in a field. 

As soon as you try to fit your Creative Spirit into the box of becoming an Expert at one thing you’ll lose access to the Holographic Perception that allows you to see a Reinvention for multiple fields because you are so connected and have this overall perspective. 

That doesn’t mean we don’t need experts. We do! But if you are here to reinvent Humanity and bring the projects and innovations into this world that move us as Humanity forward you can’t try to be an Expert when what you really are is an Evolutionary Entrepreneur, Innovator, a Creator, and Pioneer at the forefront of the Evolution. 

If you’d continue to be an expert and act against your wiring will be like trying to fit a square into a round entrance. Or me trying to fit a filter into the dishwasher that simply is too long.

Guess what’s happening when you try to fit your Creative Genius in a box of becoming an expert in one niche and solving a specific problem? It withdraws because it doesn’t fit in a box.

Once your Creative Spirit withdraws guess what’s also withdrawing? Yes, your excitement, passion and energy for your Mission because there is no more Mission.

And if there is no Mission inspired by your Creative Genius guess what’s happening? Your mind wanders off to search for problems in your own life and therefore creates them. You try to fix yourself, dive deep into the self-help industry and think you can find the solution by just working on your mindset and being grateful because you have a business and are an expert in your field so why aren’t you excited and sold on what you do anymore?

Lack of excitement will always lead to a lack of self-worth and self-care. That affects your emotional and physical state and often times has consequences such as poor nutrition choices, no exercise habits and bad sleep quality. And because you settled, in the beginning, you are also settling in your professional and personal life. That means lower revenue streams, friends that might be great but not right for you, selling stuff that really you aren’t sold on anymore so sales are tanking etc. You get it!


What you think is your weakness and needs healing is actually your most brilliant gift. 

You’ve most likely been told that you are feeling this way and your Business Expansion is taking so long is because there are some underlying issues to resolve and some parts of you that need to be healed and fixed.

I am here to tell you that none of those people actually see and understand YOU. 

As a Pioneer you are not here to fit into the Box of well-established rules and regulations and you also don’t need more healing.

You are here to bridge the gaps, reinvent what’s no longer working and create the most impossible things.

This also means that your daily life, your routines and your inner world are looking different, not better. Just different. It also means that what you need to thrive and the environment that empowers you to do that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

So yes, you’ll probably feel like not quite fitting in a lot because…


The stillness   

The dark 

The unknown

The mysteries    

The edge of all creations

The space in between that is not visible with the physical eyes   

The solitude

The Creative Genius within you

And for you to embrace that and drop everything else including trying to please people and acting on a system that you are here to reinvent…

there is no other way for you but to return to your Creative Genius and let the Spirit of the Unknown inform the Vision. Then get your mind on board with that vision and connect to the emotion that is driving it forward. And lastly, making the Business Shifts necessary to separate your Business from you and let it become its own movement.

And then nothing else is working for you anymore but…   

🔥 To speak your unfiltered Truth in your life and business to people you know as well as to complete strangers even if it is uncomfortable to be deeply intimate.

🔥 To hold yourself to the highest standards of Integrity and never collapse your boundaries, standards and values to save others or make money.   

🔥 To never buy into the illusion of time and space and believing you have to choose between one or the other.

🔥 To accept that you are in this World but not from this World so when everyone thinks your ideas are crazy and impossible you just smile and know they are exactly what is going to happen.

🔥 To understand that you are not here to heal the World but to bring the inventions and projects into it that are solving the World’s biggest challenges.

🔥 To not try anymore to fit into a system that is built on the 3D illusion of survival but to unlock the Movement you are here to lead as the Visionary, Pioneer and Evolutionary you are. 

🔥 To reinvent all that you’ve implemented and adopted and you think is necessary for your Business to continue expanding but is not serving the unlocking of your Movement.

🔥To only follow through and take action on what is blowing your mind that you can’t even imagine it anymore because you know that your greatest potential lies beyond your wildest dreams and you have to kill them in order to walk boldly into the Unknown.

Nice words but how the heck am I going to do that? I am glad you asked!

To break out of the box that you’ve accepted as your own because you never quite fit in and don’t understand why you make most people uncomfortable just know that… 

Whenever you feel yourself retreating with your body and mind and giving up space to something and someone outside of yourself that your most brilliant gift is in the works. 

Your biggest breakthroughs will only come when you accept the reality that cannot be seen with the physical eyes and make it your true Home. This means talking with 100% certainty about the things you see in the Unkown and claiming it as becoming your Creation even if everybody says it’s impossible.

You are not here to heal people and make them feel good but to help them die and be reborn again and again until they show up as the Evolutionary Entrepreneur in their business and life and therefore their most authentic expression.

You need to give all of you and be fully invested in your True Life’s Purpose so you need to put everything into the bigger perspective of your Movement. It’s no longer about you but rather about how your Business wants to serve the Global Evolution. Yes, it has its own intentions regarding that 😉

Whenever you meet a new prospect or friend that you can see right through every illusion, mask and lie and your only job is to communicate that or otherwise you create drama out of not showing up as your most truthful, authentic self. 

Any kind of success physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually is only ever given once you’ve succeeded in speaking YOUR language, fulfilling YOUR mission and purpose and letting YOUR physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body serve your Creative Genius and merging that with your Business to create Movements rather than brands.

Stepping in and out of the darkness is requiring a lot of NO-TIME and COMPLETE NEUTRALITY so that you tap into what has never been seen and heard before. Therefore mastering YOU is your most important task to completely understanding what your prospects and clients are seeking from you and speaking to it like no one ever has before. 

That is how you master your internal game and evolve from Personal Mastery to Evolutionary Entrepreneur and beyond.

On the following page I am going to explain exactly how this works when you are evolving from Personal Mastery to Evolutionary Entrepreneur.

Because as a Pioneer you are building Movements instead of becoming an expert in a niche and building a brand. There are specific things that will work for you and others that won’t.

I want to make sure that you know on the following page what those are…

So you can make your choice!