When my client Katelyn and I first virtually met, she was in a FB group for High Ticket Coaching. She had a call with one of the Salespeople who pressured her to buy their program that she wasn’t willing to invest in. They used tactics like usually, it’s 17k but now it’s only 10k for you. And all the other tactics you see out there about making sales at all costs. 

So when we first met and she heard me talking about making multiple 5-figure sales with integrity from your Soul she was all ears. She started watching my free livestreams. Just alone by watching them she upped her prices and sold three $ 3300.- coaching packages. According to her own words that’s more than she ever felt comfortable charging as she was used to selling hourly sessions and giving acupuncture treatments. 

She then joined the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur because she had a dream that it was time to do it. 

When we had our first 1:1 call we went deeply into her Vision for our time together. And she thought that she needed to go through the entire 4-month program in order to create that beautiful program and live that vision. Needless to say that after our call she rolled up her sleeves, implemented everything we talked about and did the work and she not only reinvented her program and understood more deeply how she could serve her clients even better, she was also willing to create a Container that could hold that transformation. 

Everything was included that she did and did not dream of at the time. Right when she was about to publicly announce her program to her fans and listeners, a family emergency took place where she lovingly assisted but at the same time did not sacrifice her own Vision in order to do so. She balanced everything so beautifully. 

And then got even more uncomfortable… 

She was used to having people come to her for a session or an appointment and she could just sit there and welcome them into her arms. When she started to reach out to the people who would be fantastic for her program she felt like dying a lot. Because that’s how it feels when you walk into the unknown and do what you haven’t done before.  

She has now made over $30k in sales and is close to selling out her program. A program that she thought would be sold at the end of our 4-month journey together. We haven’t even begun with the Live-Calls yet. We had one 1:1 call where we went deep into her Program, her next Evolution of Work and how her Creative Genius delivers that transformation. 

What she didn’t do: 

  • Build a funnel with a long-winded landing-page, sales page and email-sequence 
  • Run FB-ads (even though she wanted 😊 
  • Lowering her prices to get people into buying 
  • Being visible all the time and do FB-Livestreams every day 
  • Selling 
  • Working 24 hours a day 7 day a week
  • Abandoning her family and loved ones who needed her because of a launch 

What she did do: 

  • Wrote a short, on-point and beautiful sales page in her own words not mine or the ones of a copywriter 
  • Assisted her loved ones in a difficult situation without sacrificing her Vision 
  • Got uncomfortable time and time again to leave her comfort zone including reaching out to people, breaking up with her old clients and closing multiple 5-figure investments 
  • Reinvented herself, her program and her business to be in Integrity with herself on all levels 
  • Stopped selling and started serving so that people wanted to enrol in a Vision instead of buying a program 
  • Created one webinar and marketed that 

Are you ready for your next Evolution inside, outside and in your Business?


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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