The one question that almost all my clients ask me at our Application Call is…

How soon can I get started selling those multiple 5-figure packages?

My response…

If you decide you can do that today.

Why I am saying this?

Because almost all my clients have been undercharging and were scared of being judged by their environment, listeners, fans and tribe to come off like a greedy person if they choose to start charging at the price point they really want to be charging.

That’s the first reason… and the other reason is that they are not completely sold on their offer, their brilliance and delivery so they are afraid that if they charge that much they won’t be able to deliver on what they’ve promised to deliver.

That’s why we have our first 1:1 call right afterwards where we dive deep into their Creative Genius, how it delivers transformation and the Huge Mission of their Soul as well as what they need to bring all those Elements together.

And they literally are selling their multiple 5-figure offers within 2-4 weeks of our journey together. Some even 6-figure offers. But that ultimately depends on where each person is on their journey and how quickly they choose to refocus on their vision when the first challenges arise because they certainly do as soon as you put yourself up to something that life-changing of BEING the person you always admired that leads other people into their most fulfilled potential and dreams beyond their wildest imagination.

Family members get sick or have some sort of emergency

They are getting sick or something life-changing is happening

Old clients suddenly show up who really want to work with them but are not ready to pay their uplevelled multiple 5-figure fees

Emotional rollercoaster

And mental chatter

Are just some of the distractions that come up when they choose to BE the leader at the forefront and take massive ownership of their brilliance.
That’s why my programs are designed to take every person from Self-Mastery to Alchemy to Mastering the Art of Business so that whenever these challenges arise they not only have me by their side to help them move through it but they also have an Organic Evolutionary Process that supports them on their individual Journey. No person is unlike any other Human being. We know that to be true.

That’s why I hardly ever advertise how great my System is because really and truly it’s not a System nor a Business Model and I also don’t believe in me being the person that needs to save someone from their problems so I need to position myself as an Expert that can make it all go away in a heartbeat. I said Goodbye to the Messias-Complex a long time ago.

But what I do know is that every person is here to fulfil a Vision and Mission that is beyond what they are able to imagine right now. And that my Creative Genius, my Mission and our Evolutionary Model helps them BECOME that person that can DO all the things they set out to do.

Most Business Mentors want to make you believe that it’s enough to just work on your Mindset and remove negative beliefs and then add a strategy that will get leads on Autopilot and all will be fine.

But this is not how your Soul chooses to grow and it’s also not a sustainable way of living and doing Business. Because it bypasses not only your own Evolutionary Process but the Evolution of the Planet itself.

When your own Evolution on a Personal and Soul Level and your Business Expansion are intertwined they have to be taken equally important.

Fighting for your dreams and buying into someone might save you from whatever is happening in your life won’t do the trick. But it’s what almost every single ad about making you rich very quickly wants you to believe.

True Freedom means you have said yes to a responsibility to fulfil your deepest calling. And in a world where relations are necessary to BE the person you have chosen to be means you step into this calling and deconstruct all paradigms that you ARE NOT. This is growth and expansion. And it’s not a nice and shiny thing.

It takes every Fibre and all Elements of your Being to accomplish that. And usually, life never turns out how you expect it. But always how it is truly needed for Massive Growth and better than you could ever imagine. That Growth happens simultaneously while you sell those multiple 5-figure packages.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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