When you have this massive download and shift happening in your life where you are being called to walk into the unknown you better be ready and know where and into what to invest your time, money and attention.

It can feel like a total mind-game at times and it most certainly is. You can’t rainbow and meditate it away and you won’t be able to solve it by just going with the flow or having more of a positive mindset in place.

Yesterday I had a beautiful conversation with a woman and I told her… You would never in a million years have dared to give birth to any of your children without the support needed. Meaning you wouldn’t give birth to a child all by yourself.

Your next business evolution when stepping into what you yet have to master as a Soul is a birth. And nothing that you have done before is going to work how you are used to. The more you try the harder it gets and the more you feel like you are walking in quicksand or mud.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t do it all by yourself. But it requires you to do what you have never done before, to be totally uncomfortable and completely reinvent yourself.

And why would you want to do all that by yourself? Why would you want to guess where to relocate to and just go where it feels good, how to name your multiple 5-figure package, put it all together and what the soulmate clients are that are actually going to buy it and then bring your entire family, your personality, the Cosmos and Mother Earth on board to support that when you could know exactly all the coordinates, tools and places that support your Unique Mission?

How much guessing and doubt would that take out of the equation?

How many days would you get back that you’ve wasted not taking focused action on what is bringing in the next-level Quantum Results?

How much more held and cared for would you be with not only all nine levels of you but Mother Earth and the Cosmos itself to back you up?

How much clearer would your financial investments be and therefore the ROI if you’d know exactly what is supporting your Unique Wealth Accumulation (which is very different to each person) and what is not so you can take all the guessing and let’s just try and see if that works out of the equation?

Because let me tell you… when you spend all your life wandering around, searching, integrating and walking your path to prepare yourself for the much bigger evolution of your Unique Mission and you finally get to hear and see exactly what that is it’s going to blow your fucking brains out and gone is the Imagine-what-would-one-day-be to OMG I am taking Massive Focused Action on this and this and this and the Massive 100x results actually do show up right after that.

It’s because…

You have no time nor resources to waste on trying what works and what doesn’t or just following your flow without the certainty that the path you are walking is your path.

You can’t leak your precious life force all over the place by not living in holographic integrity with all levels of you including Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

You also won’t Master the Art of Business if you are trying and implementing strategies, business models, selling programs and taking on clients that simply are not part of that Evolution.

We are at the brink of a massive shift as Human Race where not being grounded and integrated will always lead to a massive crash not because we are being punished but because we are all called to walk a completely different path and we need every single conscious Soul knowing what his/her unique Part in this is to make it a massive success for the Highest Good of All.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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