It has been six weeks, grounding, landing, communing with Mother Earth, my Soul and the Ancestors of this Land as well as the sacred Temple that I now call my home and in which I am being held, supported and nourished in all the ways.

I don’t need to show you beautiful pictures of me lying on the beach and working from anywhere to show you how magnificent my life is. Instead, I simply transmit the energy in everything I do and say and yes, my utmost presence.


And because to me, it has been part of my life for over a decade to work from anywhere. I actually started way before it was such a popular thing to do.

For all of you wondering and because I get this question often… I have been and always will be my most powerful mentor, teacher, facilitator, and graduate yet I never refuse to seek help.

It’s why I first hired a housekeeper, a gardener who also cleans my pool so that I can swim naked in it every morning I get up, a dog sitter, a lawyer, and a photographer right after I moved to the benevolent, ecstatic land of the Guanches.

I have been and always will be supported by all visible and invisible realms because I deeply care about the relationship I have with everything within and without.

I don’t believe in the Let us be Light and Love concept and all is One yet I deeply love and respect the Unity that lies within each of us.

But for our Soul to experience what she is we need to be in relation to all that is. This leads to our physical experience called Life.

A Life that wants to hold you, teach you, speak with you and that brings you to the deepest and most expanded parts that you know and don’t yet know… if you let it. And it never works according to your plans.

It has you begging, celebrating, searching, living, praying, crying, dancing and loving as well as hating it before it responds to any of your deepest desires and your Evolutionary Mission and Life’s Work.

It has been and always will be my most powerful mentor and I would not change any of my experiences for a Billion Dollars. They have not made me who I am but they have spoken to me in ways I could have never imagined or expressed in words and shifted my being on a cellular level so that I don’t need to operate on a mental level, think positive or chant affirmations to fulfill my Life’s Work and get any kind of outcome in my Life from money, health, a deeply fulfilled and intimate relationship with myself and my inner and outer man, business or any other relationship and area of my Life.

If you have been searching and looking for what you came here to contribute to make this Earth a benevolent Blessing for all Creations and you are not there yet I would like to invite you to a deep, powerful and honest conversation about Life, Money, Business, and Possibilities. Comment below and let me know your experiences.

With deep love and respect from the Land of the Guanches,


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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