Taking inspired action without complete certainty that the path you are walking is YOUR path is having you keep trusting without the tangible results to show up.  

As a little girl, I used to lay awake in my bed, crying and no one that heard me. I was unable to move because I was strapped to my bed so I couldn’t get up. I kept crying for hours. Until I drifted off to sleep dreaming about the place I would wake up to that contained none of the horror scenarios, fears and sadness I was experiencing.  

Today I woke up in this exact place (yes, the video shows my backyard and I have seven palm trees on my ground). Dreams are not just dreams. They are visions from your soul showing you what you have already chosen for yourself. Because it all exists right in this moment. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to experience it in this lifetime or any lifetime for that matter. Most people never will. Because most people give up halfway through or they are chasing an idea about how life is going to show up and when it’s not happening exactly as they expected it would after they have done this one healing ceremony or this money boosting strategy course or this next shiny object and holy grail magic formula thing they wander off to something else, thinking that this next thing would fix all their problems and they would finally be successful.  

Guess what? As long as you are thinking about it, you are not living it. Because the truly deep and magical shift that shows up… you don’t even know that you’ve missed it until it’s an actual physical experience.  

Which is why when your inner voice tells you to keep searching and you are still thinking about all the goals and all the things and all you want to be, take it as a clear sign, that your intuition, inspired action and trust is not enough to create YOUR MINDBLOWING, REINVENTING HUMANITY THING. If you are living the thing, what is there to talk and think about?  

Which is why you can be sure the more someone talks about a certain thing the less they actually live it. All the thoughts, issues and buried dreams is what I see from one picture, looking or reading what someone put out there. That’s how connected we truly are. What is going on can be read instantly once you’ve reached that level of Unity and Groundedness #newdudeninvention at the same time that you’d even hear a feather drop at the other end of the world. Sounds too scary? It damn well is! And there are days when you want to hide from the world forever, curse all your gifts and want to give it back to the Universe. Because every time you are invited to grow, step up and expand into the vessel that could carry out the responsibility chosen by your most expanded current version #lifeisneverover you are certainly going to experience a massive life reboot #prisontimeforreal #thestreetsaremynewhome  

When you think you can’t go no more you have not even reached 10% of what it really is that you came here to be, do and experience. Where most people give up, the Evolutionary Entrepreneurs are just getting started. Because when life is handing us lemons, we don’t just make lemonade, we grow a whole new forest with lemon trees so everyone else can make lemonade as well. That is how #evolutionaryentrepreneursroll  

Inspired action without the complete clarity around your message, your vision, your reinvention, your medicine, your map, your business strategy, your branding that matches your soul and the places that serve you to fulfil all that and beyond is not going to deliver the results beyond your wildest dreams #whenamillionisjustbabymoney  

And yes, you most likely won’t get there all by yourself. It’s like women joking about men not wanting to use the map when they are getting lost whilst driving but then refuse to accept guidance and support from someone who is truly listening, tuning in and decoding THEIR UNIQUE BUSINESS EVOLUTION #mygenius  

It’s why I never walk alone but why I am always willing to gracefully wave my goodbye to all things, places and people that no longer serve my evolution. Because for most of my life, I was wandering around alone, searching for a way to express what had not yet been seen until I actually walked MY path.  


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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