How you never program and act on a negative belief ever again?

It really is very simple yet most people don’t do this and therefor get defeated by life and fall prey to the illusion that they are the victims of their circumstances. I don’t want this cycle to continue for you. I want you do take back your power and understand how all the empowered decisions are made within you and everyone else.

So this might be the most important advice you’ll ever get and have ever received that shifts your perception on what is possible to the commitment of making the impossible possible which is how I approach everything in life and what my clients are doing as well.

Before I tell you the solution and answer to the question above we need to sort out some of the things you have picked up along the way and come to believe to be true when In fact they are not. You were told that in order for you to achieve anything in life especially the really big things you need to…

  • Have a positive mindset
  • Apply the Law of Attraction
  • Be in a high frequency state
  • Clear through your issues, traumas and blocks
  • Chant affirmations and write in your journal what you’d like happening in your life to call it in
  • Set goals and imagine them happen before they even happen so that you are in the state of feeling as they are already achieved
  • Always state in a positive I AM what you want
  • And so on

But in fact all of those things are not necessary at all and not what makes true success possible like achieving everything that you set out to do. 

I know that this might shock you as you probably have been doing all of those things for a while now. Which is why I am inviting you to put them aside and ask yourself the question what if I don’t know something that if I knew it would shift everything at once and upon implementation would provide me with any results may those be financial, social or personal results that I am looking to achieve right now? Because I can promise you what I am about to reveal is exactly what is going to unlock that miraculous shift in a moment of grace and is the same reason why I accomplish anything I want to like…

  • to live the depths of my soul in a way that I am no longer afraid and nothing is impossible for me
  • to write a bestselling book
  • not to break under the most difficult life-threatening conditions such as prison, street life, addiction and abuse
  • to have a relationship with a partner that surpasses everything I ever expected
  • and to have a multiple 6-figure (almost 7-figure) business that by far exceeds my wildest dreams

Are you ready to make the impossible possible and never act on a negative belief ever again?

Here it comes…

Don’t ever accept a reality that you don’t want to experience. It is that simple! 

Whenever you are facing circumstances that you don’t want don’t accept them. If you think it’s a sign from the universe and your goal is not supposed to happen as soon as you meet unwanted circumstances you make yourself a victim to those circumstances. 

If you can’t change the circumstances change how you look at them. For example when I ended up in prison and got my sentence of three years I knew I couldn’t change those circumstances anymore. But I changed how I looked at it and that is why I never experienced those two years I actually served negatively. 

However if you can change your circumstances like shifting your financial situation, determine what you want as an outcome first. Then decide it is happening. Once you’ve decided it’s happening, you need to understand that the outcome is non negotiable and a done deal. That is the power of a true decision. And then commit to it fully. True commitment is acting on what you’ve decided DAILY like you already are that person that is living that set outcome. And lastly to not stop until it’s done. That is how you make the impossible possible and never accept anything else but what you’ve decided is going to happen.

Are you ready to be fully committed to your decision?


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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