Today I wanted to talk about the mechanics of a salespage that converts your multiple 5-figure offer. But instead I am invited to talk about masturbation.

See, I received a weird email where someone wanted to blackmail me by revealing my secret that I masturbate or let’s say self-pleasure 🙂 Yes, seriously! As if that is a secret hahahaaa 🙂

My spiritual ritual actually includes self-pleasure besides including all other elements that is part of the physicalization process from the non-physical into the material plane. And it is a crucial element that I also teach my clients and that helps not only me but them as well to ground themselves whilst being expanded at the same time or if they are wayy too expanded that they can ground themselves within 10 minutes by activating all elements and bodies. Because we all know that in an only expanded state you won’t be able to ground your offerings and you won’t be selling those 5-figure offers to your dream clients.


Why is masturbation, self-pleasure and nourishing your body so important for selling your multiple 5-figure offer? Simply because whenever you want to sell your multiple 5-figure offer and receive the money in the most pleasurable way as well as experiencing the delivery of the transformation that your clients are going to receive that expands and truly lights you up you need to give it to yourself first.

If you don’t have the level of intimacy with yourself that looking at you, touching you and pleasuring you is opening up to receiving everything you desire purely because you have decided to receive it unconditionally you won’t ever be able to change your clients life beyond their wildest dreams because you won’t be able to reveal to them the hidden secrets that they can’t even anymore remember themselves because they have stopped believing it could ever be theirs.

But as soon as they start their work with you all the desires are awake and experiences, connections, sales and clients start flooding into their lives that they were only able to recognize as long buried desires and dreams because they actually make the experience of touching, holding and living it. Which is the only way a believe is changed once and forever – by actually receiving a new experience – not through mindset or meditation.

Do you feel turned on now? Then watch out for what I am dropping in your lap in a hot second 😲


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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