I used to be 20kg heavier and tired all the time as well as having my blood sugar go up and down which almost lead to insulin resistance. Not because…
I didn’t stick to my diet.
I didn’t exercise enough.
I ate junk food all the time.
I ate too much meat or drunk too much alcohol.
I didn’t make the time for my meals.
In fact…
I exercised almost every day.
I learnt more about nutrition and healthy living than ever before.
I did every diet on the planet (paleo, raw, low fat and low carb… you name it I did it)
I was vegetarian and didn’t drink one drop of alcohol.
I was fasting at least twice a year.
I ate healthy according to books three times a day and never skipped my green smoothie.
I did all the things to be ultra clean and spiritual.
I didn’t protect my life force and leaked it all over the place instead of strengthening my highest destiny and expand that vessel with no cracks.
I was a one-woman-show and run my entire business by myself aka not trusting anyone and not supporting myself in all the ways I needed including making time and space and spending money on the things, the help and the people I needed to make myself a priority.
I carried everyone on my back because I didn’t know about the holy unity and what magic it could provide for me.
I didn’t yet fully understand how all of my intuitive gifts work and unfold further and further and didn’t charge multiple 5-figures for it and delivered on it as well.
I didn’t know my rhythm and haven’t returned to nature’s cycles and mother earth.
I haven’t cooperated with all nine levels of me, mother earth and the cosmos to be a synchronous vortex.
I didn’t love myself to the degree that I was ready to kill for my legacy.
And also I didn’t live in a place that supported my soul (yes, where you live matters deeply!)
Once I nailed, mastered and integrated all that and more in my life and business I was able to fly into the cosmos and being deeply rooted in mother earth whilst expanding integral all nine levels of myself that shifted everything in a moment of grace and provided for me my divinely ordained wealth, 20kg less weight (without trying to loose weight or doing a diet in fact I didn’t even think about my weight) and the freedom in my life and business to only operate in my zone of genius because I have a team of 12 people and a publishing company as well as a loving network of family, partners and friends who have my back.
You every part of you matters. If one part is screaming and making itself known it’s not because you need to heal something. It’s because it wants to be heard and seen… then you need to take the action that is completely in integrity with all nine levels of you, that cooperates with mother earth and the cosmos so that you are grounded and expanded at the same time to change it once and for all. You are not alone in this! You are held and carried and breathed through it all.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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