If you feel alone and misunderstood… read this! 

I used to feel so alone and misunderstood most times of my life. And not just because I had a difficult childhood growing up. But because I couldn’t understand why others did not see what I saw. Why couldn’t they look at another person and see behind the mask? Why were they just caring about themselves and not wanting to make this world a better place? 

I sat in school listening with one ear to what the teacher said but always having a BUT in my mind of what was really true. That’s why I was called rebellious and difficult. I was eager to learn just not what I was taught. I was always feeling and looking deeply yet felt rejected and was disappointed by almost every human interaction. 

So I did what every kid does at this moment. I retreated into my own world and my imagination of how the world is going to look like one day became my best companion. I always knew I was meant to do big things to change the world and to make a difference in every person I met along the way. I just didn’t know how. No one showed me and no one was able to teach me. 

I went and built a life out of thin air that started with nothing but a dream to make this world a better place and no money to fund it and turned it into the most beautiful adventure. I became an Online Entrepreneur at the age of 18. 

It was also when I had to learn that my biggest weakness of feeling deeply and seeing more was actually my most brilliant gift and what made me so unique and stand out. People who never saw me in person trusted me with their most guarded secrets and biggest fears so I could help them turn those into gold and make them realise that there is nothing wrong with them. We just came here wired differently. And our biggest weakness is actually our biggest blessing. 

Feeling like… 

You don’t belong. 

You are always the smartest person in the room. 

The world lies on your shoulders. 

The vessel (your body) is too small to carry out your big vision 

Your big heart that wants to help everybody is a curse 

You just want to be normal for one day and it might be easier 

You can’t possibly be and do all that you came here to accomplish 

You are always too much for everyone 

You want to be creative all day long and bring those Universes onto this earth 

It is exactly what you need to make the Impossible possible. To bring into this world what has never been seen before that will actually make the whole world a better place not just your immediate surroundings. 

It is ok to feel like you never arrive and to always strive for more. Because this is needed for you to become the person that you’ve always just dared to dream about and start taking the actions that will shape you into the person who is walking the path you are meant to be on. 

You are not here to find out who you are. You are here to create beyond your wildest dreams who you’ve chosen to be. And what you came here with is exactly what you need to make it happen. Start now! 

Thank you for sharing! 

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