She: Why does mental training not work for manifestation?
Me: Because you are not just a mental body. And thoughts are slow.
The next day I saw a title of a YouTube video how to be in a higher frequency to manifest everything you want.
See as long as there is this mentality going on that this one thing will help you get everything you want you just need to be in a high frequency and only think positive thoughts and feel great all day long as LOA and many other NewAge theories want to make you believe you’ll never actually see the results you are looking for whether that is…
The number of 20K sales that with high level clients and CEO’s that will bring in 200K and more
Your next great business idea that will explode it all and 10x your revenue
Your next 10 dream clients that will do anything to work with you
Your bestselling book that hits the NY times bestselling list
And many more
Physical results do not come from thinking and having a positive mindset. And despite whatever you might want to believe about you need to first being able to imagine what you want to manifest in your life and then being able to do it… also is not what will give you the clarity on the core vision what legacy you came here to create and the steps to take that are 100% focused and in integrity with that vision that actually do…
Generate the next 200K with only 10 clients
Serve the next big business idea that changes everything including 10xing your revenue
Bring the next 10 clients that will do anything to work with you
And the hours freed up so that you actually do sit down and write that NY times bestsellin book
And so much more
Your soul when is physically embodied always comes with a physical tangible result. And all the people who want to believe that love is all that matters… have you ever paid a bill with love or invested in your next high-level deal that had a 10x ROI?
You are synchronous being, a creation and a creator at the same that is expanding rapidly whilst being a human being with a physical body at the same time and you are not able to create the big things and have those big results coming in if you don’t understand the mechanics of your entire being and how it manifests (the vision, the action steps, the places on earth, the medicine, the language, the tools, the business model, the price to charge, the people to work with and the legacy that reinvents humanity)- Sounds like a lot? It’s not when all the pieces click and when you have massive clarity and momentum to move forward which is what my synchronous vortex actually provides #theartoftheevolutionaryentrepreneur
And yes, almost all the time there is a huge giant loop you have to go through and a massive scary action to take that actually does deliver those results. Because you have to become the person that provides the vessel that has no cracks and is able to actually expand beyond what you are ever able to imagine which is why using your imagination to manifest is never going to work for you if you are an Evolutionary Entrepreneur that is here to reinvent humanity by letting the unmanifest lead.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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