Tired of too many moving parts and clients? Running your business, the household and your life practically by yourself? Then you are leaking your life force all over the place. It has gone on like that for thousands of years and it is only possible because nothing in society and in the patriarchal grid has any kind of basic understanding of how to care for the feminine life force.

All that is based on how to extract from the feminine life force whether its the earth or the feminine consciousness. 

For the feminine consciousness we are in the reclamation globally of what it means to care for and heal the care feeding and respect of the incarnate (feminine) and the life force.  

She says… 

You will not conolize my life force.  

You will not employ my life force. 

You will not devalue my life force.  

You will not drain my life force.  

You will not bleed me to death.  

I am here to lead you into darkness to be resurrected, honored, respected and worshipped.  

I don’t work on your agenda

nor am I here to please your selfish needs because you can’t handle your emptiness.  


I am here to remind you of the ever nurturing and prosperous cycle that awaits you

once you learn to protect, feed and care for me… 

So I can be your catalyst for your most expanding yet deeply grounded evolution. 

Your business is a work of art and to bring you the ideas for the inventions that are going to

change everything for this planet, the animals and human race you need to be in sync with your creativity all the time to create and receive the

physical part of your creations as well.

And you won’t be able to do that if you are a one woman/men show constantly working out

everything and feeling overwhelmed by the tasks that require your attention.  

So if you have too many moving parts, clients and never enough time to get it all done it is time to reinvent your life and your business and put SOP’s and people in place that support your

biggest life and business vision yet to be revealed to you. 

With deep respect, 


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– A person that wants to contribute with that cash to make a bigger impact in the world by investing in innovative ideas and inventing them that leave this world better than you’ve met it whilst living the most fulfilled and fun life.

– A born Evolutionary Entrepreneur who is ready to step into the world empowered, authentically and completely free to be WHO YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN and be of service for the highest good of everyone.


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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