When you are an artist and your business is art you know the feeling of not good enough well. You were born with it. Often times thinking that it probably has its roots in your childhood because aren’t there so many stories and maybe even traumas buried that it might be very likely that this is where it all started – the not being good enough?! 

It hasn’t! And I tell you why… 

You came here wired completely different and therefor will experience yourself in the physical world of relativity as an outsider who is just not fitting in. Because you don’t. We don’t need to blow this out of proportion either. It’s just a fact and nothing extraordinary or like you came here to save the planet. The planet doesn’t need you to save it. It saves itself and is much more powerful than we will ever be as humans. But it needs honoring and respecting. Also life holds itself in balance. 

What you do need is to understand how you are wired so that you don’t spend your life wandering around seeking other people’s approval and never really owning who you are because you don’t actually know how deeply this being wired differently actually runs. 

So let’s start at the heart of it all… 

As long as you don’t know by which principles to actually live by which is none of the seven hermetic laws incl. LOA you will always feel like what you are doing is just not enough and that you have to give more, create more, earn more to be more.  

You are not protecting your life force because you are a natural giver and came here with so much to give, share and inspire that you just can’t live any other way. You are hurting if you can’t spread your love. But no one has taught you how to protect that life force and who is deserving of your attention and who is just draining the energy out of you because they are not connected to their own. 

So you keep going, you keep doing and you keep holding everything together because you are the one person that makes shit happen. Until you can’t anymore. 

It’s usually when your body says no more. When you just can’t keep carrying and putting up with what you are used to anymore. When your level of tolerance for what you are accepting has decreased so massively that the scale of what you are used to do and not used to do is a 1000 times smaller. 

Why? Because you are not meant to do so much. To spill your life force all over the place because you are a 1000 times stronger than most people. You are supposed to stay in your artistical zone of genius and enjoy being a human being to inspire other people and lead by example for them to see what is really possible once you are fully unleashed and free. 

The land which you are exploring has never been seen before. So you can’t seek outside approval and expect others to understand and say yes to what you are doing. You are downloading what has never been here before and it is time consuming and demanding of you to dedicate your everything to it to be breathed, lived and worked by it so that you can lead others into the most expanded and grounded expression of themselves and let them know it is not only ok but needed for you to know and express all of you which is the only way to a balanced, holistic and deeply supported business that brings you success beyond words and money. 


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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