What you think is your weakness and needs healing is actually your most brilliant gift. Everybody is telling you that you feel and behave this way is because there are some underlying issues to resolve and some parts of you that need to be healed and fixed.

I am here to tell you that none of those people actually see and understand YOU. Your true home is…  

The silence  

The dark  

The pain  

The mysteries  

The emotions  

The solitude 

The space in between that is not visible with the physical eyes  

The womb  


The shadows  

Not that you’ve chosen any of it consciously. You were forced by the dark side of life to bear your naked soul with no masks, no illusions, no pretense. So nothing else works for you but…  

To speak your unfiltered truth in your life and business to people you know as well as to complete strangers and making them uncomfortable is your only choice.  

To hold yourself to the highest standards of integrity and never collapse your boundaries, standards and values to save others or make money.  

To never buy into the illusion of time and space so living in the zero-point zone of neutrality is your normal state.  

To accept that you are in this world but not from this world so your thinking is totally the opposite from what most people think.  

To understand that you are not here to shatter a paradigm or heal it because you’ve never been part of it.

To not try anymore to fit into a system that is built on the 3D illusion feeding off of fear but to unlock the movement you are here to lead as the visionary, rebel and truth-speaker you are.

To tear down all that you’ve implemented and adopted that you think is necessary for your business to flourish that is not serving your legacy.

One ever follow through and take action on what is blowing your mind that you can’t even imagine it anymore including making 7-figures per year with only 20 clients.

And here is what is required of you to understand and implement to break out of the box that you’ve accepted as your own because you never quite fit in and don’t understand why you make most people uncomfortable…

Whenever you feel yourself retreating with your body and mind and giving up space to something and someone outside of yourself that your most brilliant gift is in the works.

Your biggest breakthroughs will only come when you accept the reality that cannot be seen with the physical eyes and speak about it to everyone all the time.

You are not here to heal people and make them feel good but to help them die and being reborn again and again until they show up as the visionary leader in their business and life being the most authentic expression.

You need to give all of you and be fully invested in your legacy you were born for and nothing narrow-minded and small thinking is working but to focus on your legacy and putting everything into the bigger perspective of your mission.

Whenever you meet a new prospect or friend that you can see right through every illusion, mask and lie and your only job is to communicate that or otherwise you create drama out of not showing up as your most truthful, authentic self.

Any kind of success physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually is only ever given once you’ve succeeded in speaking YOUR language, fulfilling YOUR mission, leaving YOUR legacy and letting YOUR physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body serve your soul.  

Stepping in and out of the darkness is requiring a lot of NO-TIME and COMPLETE NEUTRALITY so that you tap into what has never been seen and heard before therefor mastering YOU is your most important task to completely understanding what your prospects and clients are seeking from you and speaking to it like no one ever has before.

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Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team 


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