This not only saved my life and my sanity it has also built my business out of nothing at the age of 18 and is the most important thing I would tell anyone asking for the most important advice ever. 

 There is no such thing as romantic relationships, money and purpose being different and needing to be treated and mastered separately. No part of your life is. Because everything in your life is relationship. The one and only relationship you have is with yourself. There is no one else but you.  

 But to get to that point of being completely aware of who you are you need to realize that there is no end in sight and never will be and that there is no time and no space either for you to get started somewhere and end up meeting your goals later down the road. There literally is everything available and ready right now. You choose and you act upon this one specific truth that there is no one but you and your desires are always met.  

 Most people get caught up and lose themselves in the physical appearance of separation when it’s actually just that an appearance. Whatever you desire outside of yourself is something you already have within yourself.  

 There are 10 basic illusions that have their beginning in a mental game that can only be cracked if you deeply understand how each and everyone of them plays out in your life right now and each and everyone of them is tied to one particular moment in your life which is uniquely and specifically true only for you. 

 The one illusion I want to talk about today is the illusion of separation. When the illusion of separation is mastered completely in your life and business the two areas in your life are one and the same and it looks like this… 

 – You no longer get caught up chasing after the money and trying to get to the next level because you realize and act upon that awareness that YOU ARE the next level (one is trying to hustle and achieve and the other is relaxing and breathing into it). 

– You not only deeply understand that everything that is going on outside of you is a reflection of what you’ve once chosen for yourself but that the only way to change it is by going way deeper within you than you ever have (when you need to fire clients or deal with unnecessary stuff, which part of yourself don’t you want to deal with and feel and therefore project onto someone else?) 

– You decide, execute and receive exactly as you say because you know that everything you choose is already yours before you see it with your physical eyes (when you say your sales are happening, they are happening how and with whom you want them to happen). 

– Your choice is the only thing there is. There are no more victims and perpetrators and no one doing anything to you. Everything is always FOR YOU TO BECOME AWARE OF WHO YOU ALREADY ARE. 

– You know who you are and act upon what you’ve chosen TO BE no matter what you’re facing and what the challenges are because integrity is the one and only measurement for your life (your environment and experiences won’t ever change how you show up and the choices you make about how to respond to them -> aka a masters answer will always be the same). 

– Time and space aren’t part of your calculation anymore (aka it takes time to build a business probably means that you are still trapped in the illusion of time and space which means you are trying to prove your worth and be loved externally). 

– There isn’t a point anymore when you have to ask for something (including sales) that you don’t already know the answer that you’ve chosen because you own the power of your choice deeply and understand how to create miracles on a daily basis. 

– There is no longer the survival fear active or you worrying that there will be a time that you are not provided for in the exact way you want it because you deeply love and respect yourself. 

 There are many more examples I could add here. But probably the most important thing to remember is this. You are so much more expanded than you can see with your physical eyes. Whatever you are facing right now that might seem hard and not easy at all is actually very simple once you’ve gotten to the core awareness of cracking the illusion and making a powerful choice from that new level of consciousness.  

 You are and always will be for all eternity! And there is nothing outside of you that will give you what you are seeking for that you won’t find once you’ve truly expanded into all the dimensions within you. When that is accomplished you respond to life and the people around you in a complete new manner… 

 Kindness and understanding will be your second nature as you see the pain and fear someone else is going through is also yours.  

 Respect and honor for yourself as well as everyone else is you seeing the light within the “darkest” places because you know darkness and light are one and the same. 

 Grace and gratitude is not something you need to practice. It is something you are and your very state of being each and every day. 

 It’s that moment for eternity when all the struggle, fighting and fear finally finds it’s peace within you. 


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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