Closing 100k+ offers does not equal fewer problems but it means you charge according to the PIONEER within you that collapses the time to achieve your clients’ vision in half or even less time.

Having people investing 100k+ with our companies out of the blue who have never heard of us before is our normal. This is not a brag post. I really want to explain how this works so you understand that it is simpler than you think right now. 

Most people are making business harder than it is. How so?

One of our past clients was working with CEOs of large companies. When she first came to us she had this system created around how to go about the client acquisition of larger corporations. The whole system was created backwards. Not that she did anything wrong. She is brilliant.

But she created that system out of the belief that she needed to work her way up before she can work with the CEOs and large companies she really wanted to work with. She has been in business for 18+ years.

The issue was not that she needed to work her way up or create a better system. What she really needed was to understand her delivery and how exactly her human skills, her years of experience and her creative genius work together to help the company reach its biggest vision in the shortest time possible. She needed to understand the journey and every step along the way to making this vision happen. 

There are so many tried and proven systems but you know what? When you first rely on something outside of yourself to deliver the results your clients want you basically set yourself up for co-dependency and therefor lack of delivery. No one can truly succeed by giving up freedom and believing that success is measured by how well you follow a certain system and implement a certain strategy that is not aligned with you. 

Success is the definition of how much you actually create and express yourself daily and continue to achieve extraordinary results by taking action on the most expanded vision you can imagine.

This vision keeps expanding and unfolding for life is a process and we are experiencing and creating that process at the same time. So the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself is enjoying and being hyper present whilst experiencing and creating that process at the same time. 

This is why people come out of nowhere and pay me 25k+ without upsells and low-end funnels. This is the joy and pleasure I request to receive. I don’t need to work hard and earn my way up to deliver the results beyond our clients wildest dreams. 


Five Elements to Close 25k, 50k or 100k+ Deals

1️⃣ You need to understand every step of your delivery to shorten the time your clients need for getting results. Only then can you guarantee that the right clients who bring all the requirements to the table will get the results you promise.

2️⃣ You need the clients who bring the requirements to the table to get results beyond what you promise. (If you choose the wrong clients, you won’t be able to deliver and your confidence will take a hit. Hint: That’s why you should not choose the downward niche and market to clients who are three steps behind you but the lateral or upward niche. That’s only the case if you already have a proven offer or service that your clients rave about.

3️⃣ You need to make the first sale that is also the most crucial one. It’s the sale to yourself. If you are not 100% sold on your offer, you won’t close a single client. We help you understand your delivery, shorten the time your clients need to get results and also who is the best client to get those results so that you can confidently stand behind your 25k, 50k or 100k+ price tag.

4️⃣ You need to have an agreement or a signed contract as well as a portal where you communicate with your client and review material as well as post assignments and videos. 

5️⃣ You need to have the invoice paid so you can actually start the work with the clients. If you offer a payment plan, it should never exceed the time you are working with the client. We usually recommend that you charge a higher down payment and break down the remaining amount plus 10-20% interest rates to calculate your payment plan.

If you need any external system or funnel to close 100k+ prospects, you depend on something outside of yourself to deliver results. That’s how you build your business on the foundation of co-dependency and fuel the lack of confidence in yourself.

I am not saying systems are bad. They are excellent. But they are not needed to close your first or next 100k+ prospect. Building out your website and funnels should be done once you closed four clients at your highest rate so that you can implement the Pioneer Systems™ and hire a multi-million Pioneer Team™ to run those systems for you.

It’s crucial that you remember that everything on top of your ability to deliver results is an extension of what you have or haven’t accomplished. No external system can replace the lack of clarity and confidence to deliver results and an amazing experience. Implementing any strategy for client acquisition before you have closed 100k+ clients with ONLY the five elements mentioned above will amplify the lack of results and you won’t be able to confidently raise your prices to 25k, 50k or 100k+ and close your first client.

It’s not wrong to believe in working hard and proving yourself to be worthy of that experience. But my question is, do you really want to believe that? Or is it maybe something that you have picked up along the way and never questioned whether or not you want to act on it?

So I am curious, are you ready to take your Creations, Revenue and your Clients Results equally important and catapult everything into a new Stratosphere? Let’s rock it! You can literally start today, get to work and make a decision, get the confidence in your delivery and offer and close your first client for $ 100k in 30 days. Is this a result you are looking to achieve NOW?


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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