How to actually enjoy your multi 6-figure business and love your every day life without a 1000 thoughts about what you have to do to sustain it.

Let’s be real… having a multi 6-figure business is fantastic. I remember my days 11 years ago when I started my business. I was ready to take on the world. I was so passionate about everything I was doing and I loved every aspect of my business.

It took me a long time (or maybe not so long it just feels like it ☺️) to really come home to myself, master my personality, embody my soul and bring my global vision down and into the world to fully unleash the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur within me. Before I’ve accomplished all that I used to run my business from my personality.

I made 4-figures in the first month of starting my business 11 years ago at the age of 18. But I always felt like I was not there yet. I used to organize and run everything that I did from my skills and my passions. I changed a lot of lives! Some of my clients remained friends and even clients up until this day. If you are reading this… thank you for your trust and friendship and our wonderful ride together.

Even though it seemed great, I used to think about my business all the time.

I used to work way too much.

I had so many strategies that were not aligned with me.

I also had to walk the path as a pioneer. All of my networking is on the invisible plane, so I am accomplishing things first energetically before I do them physically.

Even though I was successful and loved my job I always felt like something was missing. Like I was not where I was supposed to be yet. I was constantly growing and evolving and sometimes not sure whether or not this was really my path. Also, there were so many moving parts and a lot of clients!

It took me a long time to realize that it is not me the human being who is running the business. It’s my supreme being and I can be a human being, enjoy all the human experiences, and still let my business be run by my supreme being.

Living multidimensionally and letting your business be run by your supreme being is an art that is ingrained once you’ve passed all the tests and mastered yourself and learnt how to embody your soul completely. For me, it also meant giving up all the things that I had accomplished and developed so far. It went that far that I had to give up everything and everyone to fully die and be reborn again. For me that lesson came when I was innocently incarcerated and spent two years in prison. From that experience came a best selling book, countless television interviews, and sharing my story of being reborn with the masses.

Every person is different. But what is not different is what is required of us to evolve through that. It requires that we have mastered our personality to the fullest and made it a vessel for our soul. It also is a must that we completely trust the process and that we don’t try to heal ourselves when going through this phase of death.

When I was done with that phase I came out at the other end as a totally different soul. Literally! And it also changed the way I run my business forever. Today…

I let my business be run by my supreme being and enjoy being a human. Something I am still learning as I am not 100% used to being human ? I was always more operating on a soul level.

I have so many fantastic people in my team who manage all the tasks for me that don’t require my attention.

I only sell multi 5-figure packages to exactly the people I want to work with and say no to people who don’t fit in even though they are ready to pay my fee.

I get up each and every day excited about my day and I think about myself, my desires, my pleasures and what I need before thinking about anybody else.

I spend so much time with my puppy and the people I love. I create art and I often get lost in time and space. I love quantum flights which can cause serious loss for time and what day it is all together.

I don’t have any thoughts about if or how I am going to sustain my business. Because I am connected to my biggest vision here on earth coming from my supreme being and I act on it daily… so there is no fear or question in my mind on whether I am taken care of or not. I am supported in all the expected and set up ways by myself and also in all the unexpected ways.

I love my life and my business more than ever before which means that my creativity is always wide open and the ideas are flowing endlessly.

Most importantly I am not afraid of whatever is coming my way. Because I have mastered the art of non-attachment and being 100% human at the same time, I know how to be the eye in the hurricane which is an essential skill for every entrepreneur.

What about you? Where are you at on your entrepreneurial journey?


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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