Where Pioneers reinvent Humanity

You have the courage to lead and call people higher by reinventing your industry and ultimately humanity that serves the Highest Good of all instead of complying with what everyone else is doing


We are currently serving people on three continents. Our mission is to help every person still seeking to experience maximum freedom financially, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as time-wise. Tabita Dietrich the Founder has studied almost 15 years of her life - by age 29 that is half her lifetime - and grounded the scope on a global scale of what True Freedom looks like and what it takes for us as Humanity to reinvent ourselves for the Highest Good of all Creations.

It is essential for us that we deeply reconnect and integrate the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, the oceans, all kingdoms as well as Mother Earth and the Cosmos. It starts with us caring and protecting not only our life force but the life force of our beautiful planet. Our planet, children and all kingdoms are asking and longing for a benevolent, loving and united Co-Creation where all of us come together to effortlessly synchronise the Reinvention of Humanity that serves the Highest Good of All.

To us this is not a let us be Light and Love Kinda Thing. It takes your Vision, Mission and Resources dialled in to accomplish that. Being complacent with the wealth you have accumulated and taking that as the measurement of all your success is not going to cut it.

We are looking for all the people, entrepreneurs and companies who are ready to get out of their comfort zone and well known tribe that they have built over the years to get in front of the people who need to hear their message and are aiding us in accomplishing a shift like the world has never seen before.

You are needed as a whole with all nine levels integrated to be in holographic Integrity to serve not only your most expanded Mission and Vision but the Highest Good of All. We are only serving Entrepreneurs and Companies dedicated to that cause and who’s Vision, Mission and Resources are put in the much bigger projects needed to accomplish this Reinvention because we need many able and devoted hands.

The Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur was built to help you integrate and take action on what has taken years to integrate in a matter of months but with no shortcuts and to have Business Structures supporting and holding that Evolution. The time where you are seeking and running from one course or seminar to another, implementing yet another strategy, technique or healing modality that leaves the creative Genius, magical Gifts and Evolutionary Path outside the door is over. You and we as Collective have no more time to waste guessing and searching for who we are. The search is over. You are home. Let’s start to create!


Is a benevolent Co-Creation that reinvents your Industry and ultimately Humanity for the Highest Good of All. We are here to help bring conscious businesses, inventions and projects into this world that are serving the upgrade, blessing and wealth of all Creations. We want the deep reconnection with our roots and ancient wisdom to guide our educational and political structures. We are creating conscious wealth that deeply cares for the life force and contributes to the integrated, nourishing and established empowerment of its collective. We stand for the social, financial and global freedom of every living being so that it respects and lives in right relationship with all there is - Mother Earth, the Oceans, the Cosmos, Humanity and all Kingdoms.

We are here to facilitate and give birth to the Evolutionary Entrepreneurs and Companies who want to bring their unique Gifts, Strategies, Business Models, fulfilled Potential, creative Genius, Vision and Mission in a synchronised manner into creating a global shift that is long overdue and who won’t stop until it’s done. We are here to end the suffering of animals and children, clean up our Oceans, care for Mother Earth and build Global Companies that are using their Profit dedicated to that cause and who’s employee’s are well compensated as well as evolved consciously.



We are restructuring and reinventing Companies and help Entrepreneurs so that in their centre is the deep care for the life force. We help every person in the organisation to be a conscious part in the Evolution of the Company and has the role and position where the greatest potential is fulfilled.

We stand for heart-centred leadership that comes from living the core principles Truth, Integrity and Communication. Only when a Leader has the courage to call people higher by reinventing the industry and ultimately Humanity whilst taking conscious part in his/her own Evolution can Leadership rise to a new level.

For over a decade we have designed and established an Evolutionary Model that takes every person from Self-Mastery, to Alchemy to Mastering the Art of Business. The Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur is the only Online-University that helps every person evolve on their personal journey and builds Business Structures that support the ever evolving Vision of the Company or Entrepreneur so the expansion into the next evolution is consistently unfolding and giving up on the vision just to stay in the comfort zone and manage success, wealth and the well-known tribe becomes unacceptable.

We help Evolutionary Entrepreneurs and Companies unlock their hidden creative Genius that also unlocks the most expanded ideas and visions - the ones that usually have not even been dreamed about - and bring it into the marketplace always congruent with the Entrepreneurs or Companies Evolutionary Path. We also help build the Structures, SOP’s and Teams that support that Vision so that staying in their Creative Genius is truly possible.

We use Genius Marketing that does not focus on pain points and problem solving to ensure an authentic, creative and innovative delivery of your Message and Vision.

We implement an Expansion Strategy that is suited for the Wealth Accumulation Type of the Company or Entrepreneur. We know that FB-Ads are not everyone’s favourite and there are by far so many more effective and most importantly creative ways to grow a very large and loyal community to truly be an Icon and Evolutionary Leader or Company at the forefront of your Industry.

Depending on what Vision and Mission is the driving force we create an aligned and by the creative Genius inspired offer that takes the Delivery just as important as the process itself to close from multiple 5-figure to multiple 6-figure deals with Integrity, Ease and Creativity.

We deliver the activated synchronous Vortex that is designed to alchemise every Element necessary to expand in Consciousness and simultaneously in Business Structures and Revenue so that there is a Business Model, Sales Process, Message and Marketing integrated that actually is in Integrity with the Evolutionary Path that the Entrepreneur or Company has already integrated.


and you want to rise above the market noise to become the Evolutionary Entrepreneur or Company at the forefront of your industry and reinvent it, then we would love to elevate your Business to an Art where all of Creation comes together to effortlessly synchronise your success.




Nora Freisberg | Musician & Potential Coach Nora Freisberg | Musician & Potential Coach

I can highly recommend Tabita's work. My life has literally transformed in three months on every level you can think of, with my art, my relationships, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally etc.. It has been an adventure & I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. I needed Tabita's kicks in the ass and straight, loving approach. Best decision ever! (Went from € 13.- hourly wages to selling multiple 5-figures, appearing on TV and selling out her Music lessons. Congratulations!)

Robby Altwein | Business Coach Robby Altwein | Business Coach

We made the €100K month in August (the same month he joined the mastermind) thanks to your fantastic coaching Tabita. Thank you! It’s astonishing how fast this happened. Miracles are always expected now. (He then went on with a €46K week and sold his first ever €18K package. His client also made €70K after one call in his new program, that we created.) Congrats!


Tabita survived 5-near death experiences and healed herself from abuse, addiction, co-dependency, victim consciousness and so much more until the age of 18 when she finished college. She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 and made 4-figures and growing from the first month in business with her own self-mastery method helped hundreds of people internationally to master themselves and build the life they were meant to live. She created multiple six-figures at the age of 22 and had created the life she dreamt to have.

Her death and rebirth came when she innocently ended up in prison in a 3rd world country at the age of 23 and completely reinvented herself and her business. She wrote 7 books during her 2-years prison time and submitted one of them that was published after she was released. It became a bestseller at the age of 26.

She then has been featured in countless national television and radio shows like TeleZüri, Tele Top, Radio Munot and many more with her book and shared her story of being reborn and rising like a phoenix from the ashes with the masses.

Today she lives in the Canary Islands and has expanded her Mission and Vision on three continents and two languages and supports the Evolutionary Entrepreneurs and Companies to reinvent their industry and ultimately Humanity.