Reinvent your life and your business in the new paradigm of the evolutionary, prosperous and nurturing entrepreneurship so that you can create your business as work of art and leave your legacy that serves the highest good of all and our planet.


Now watch the second video that gives you a deep dive what this vortex is all about. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur to make an intuitive decision and get a yes in all your cells. You need 40 minutes for this video. Please take this time to watch the video all at once, and be aware that the questions in the interview are related to this video and clearly communicate what we are looking for in an applicant.

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Reinvent my life and my business

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This is an overview with all the details about the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur (what you get, what we do, duration of the program, investment etc.) If you already know that you want to be in this vortex, then of course you can skip this video, trust your intuition and fill out the application. If you still want to watch it to satisfy your linear mind, then you need 30 minutes to do it.

You will also receive the extensive curriculum right after your application. If you know that this is the vortex for you and you have finally arrived, we sincerely look forward to receiving your application for the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur and helping you reinvent your life and your business that inspires you and serves the highest good of all beings and our planet.

Reinvent my life and my business

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"It is unique in the way she works. She does her own thing and you can’t categorize it into the usual courses or therapies that you can find somewhere else.

1. How did you feel about your life and business before the program and our time together? Please describe where you were at that time.

I felt lost, I already tried so many different courses, people, books, advices along the way....... I somehow felt hopelessly wandering around, searching for answers to so many questions. Yes, I had answers but they didn’t help me in depth.

2. How did you feel while you took part in the program and after that? What breakthroughs and transformations have you made?

During the program, I felt magically connected to Tabita, I felt the connection physically, most in my third eye, sometimes in my whole body, it was a comforting feeling and it was a mind-blowing experience which I never had before. I felt it so close. I felt how things changed in me, ways of thinking changed, emotions changed. Immediately after the session, I felt good. Sometimes I felt awful a few days later and walked through my own dark places and felt old pain. But still, I always had the feeling that I was safe. The subliminal helped me a lot and also Tabita's empathetic and great support, whenever I wrote to her to reflect my emotions. I absolutely trust that the transformation will stay with me.

3. How has the relationship changed with yourself?

I feel more confident; can accept myself more and this on all levels. I feel that I gained more patience and empathy for myself and give myself more time to rest. I don’t put myself under pressure anymore, like I used to and I feel more relaxed. I listen much more to my heart then I did before I started the sessions.

4. How did the relationship change towards your soul and your life?

I feel that I immerse more in depth and that I recognise the voice of my soul as the only true voice which I want to follow, even if there are still fears in some ways. I feel a kind of softness in my life, which I associate with my soul.

5. What were your biggest AHA - moments?

Hmm. I believe, with Tabita's help, to realize how many stubborn unconscious patterns I have and how strong my mind puts me in the same loops (I almost wanted to write "fuck around" 😉 ) And it is about time to leave those patterns behind. Another moment was when it became clear to me once again that I am the CREATOR of my life. I knew this before but I became aware of it in a deeper, unconditional form what it really means for me and my path. Getting out of this victim role and this over and over again. Another AHA-moment was, when I found out, that I can transform my unconscious patterns with subliminals.

6. How was it to work with Tabita? How is she different than other coaches?

It was full of miracles. Like I mentioned earlier on, I felt a deep connection while we had the sessions and I also felt this from her towards me. I already had the feeling when we skyped that she could completely empathize with me. We communicate on the same level. I had the feeling that Tabita always knows what I wanted to say, she felt my pain or into my words. I always felt taken seriously, completely understood, never judged, always appreciated and always cared about. It felt like as at our time together there was no one but me and Tabita also helped me a long time after the sessions. When I got stuck, she asked, questioned, compassionately offered her help, sent wonderful audios and Subliminal that helped me a lot. Tabita is absolutely authentic, incredibly sensitive, tactful and extremely empathic. She has a gentle, empathic, and very clear, structured way in her work and communication. She puts things in a nutshell, because with her keen intellect and her strong competence, she really sees through mental issues very quickly. Sometimes I thought Tabita was within me. She shows what the true patterns are and I had to take a deep breath sometimes as it was not always easy to see the dark sides. Also her openness makes Tabita an authentic coach especially because everything felt coherent what she showed me. With all her questions and her empathy she gave me breakthroughs to a different perspective which was so helpful to me. What was really beautiful with her work was that she communicated especially these difficult aspects with incredible tact and empathy. Among other things, I chose her as my coach because of her humor, her voice and her open and easy going nature to communicate. Another very important difference from Tabita to other coaches is that she experienced for herself what she teaches. That's what makes it so authentic. She knows exactly what someone wants to say and needs since she herself experienced or lived through the transformation. And so she kept encouraging me to break my pattern, although I doubted myself. And throughout my process she always communicated and made sure that I understood that I have the power to do this too. Her motivation is crazy. Uplifting! Her big heart and her loving way of communicating, her joy in life and in coaching the huge YES to life is admirable and contagious! I think it's amazing that a woman 17 years younger than me has such an incredible life experience, has transformed so much herself, is already so "far" on her spiritual soul path so that she can coach others so deeply and with absolute trust! Wow!

7. How was the support via email during this time?

Perfect for me as already mentioned in number 6.. I felt super cared for all around, very sensitive, very helpful. I felt ‘’nothing can go wrong, Tabita is always there and it doesn’t matter how small the problem is’’. Tabita answers straight away and it feels like as she was the friend who is always here to talk to and get some advice which was very helpful. If I got stuck again, she sent me further help in the form of tips, meditation or whatever seemed appropriate.

8. What was the best part of the journey?

The sessions in which I felt so connected, it was almost like a meeting between Harry and Dumbledore. And the days when I felt that I really am the CREATOR.

9. How was the essence / energy of working with Tabita in your own words?

We were in sync, this was the most important. Tabita immediately understood in what subtle loops of the mind I was stuck. For me it was authentic, powerful, motivating, full of empathy and depth. Besides that, full of heart and positivity and with a spark of magic 😉 And I found Tabita to be absolutely trusting and trustworthy, this was reflected to me in the preliminary conversation simply by her nature.

10. What would you say to someone who is considering working with her?

Text her, Skype with her and see if you're on the same level. If you feel a YES, DO IT! She is really incredible, feels you and recognizes patterns / ways of thinking within you which you probably have not recognized before in that clarity or point of view. The way she works is unique. She does her own thing; you can’t compare this to other courses or therapies which you normally find.

11. Is there anything else you want to say?

Thank you for always believing in me and still doing it! That gives me a hell of a lot of power!

I am very grateful for your empathy, your patience, your love and your care. And your countless encouragements, (I already annoyed myself with my pace) and you have always supported me even weeks afterwards. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, - for your positivity, honesty and inspiration - it still works in me and I hear your voice or your laughs very often!"

With much love Christine <3 :)) xxx

Thank you very much for your work, Tabita! Since joining LSM, and actually already during the decision-making phase, much has happened in my life. I thought this process would take a very long time but it started moving at a speed I couldn't even imagine, which I think is really incredible. I feel totally alive. At every level there is a tremendous development and your input impresses me every week. I am very curious to see where the journey will take me, which results I will achieve and could not wish for a better mentor, who acts in such clarity, is tough as well as heartfelt. I have not regretted for one second that I invested the money and I am very happy about the super atmosphere in the team, which is made up of such different types of people, which makes it enormously inspiring. The LSM is a unique group.

I can highly recommend Tabita's work. My life has literally transformed in three months on every level you can think of, with my art, my relationships, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally etc.. It has been an adventure & I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. I needed Tabita's kicks in the ass 😀 and straight, loving approach. Best decision ever! (Went from € 13.- hourly wages to selling her first two € 5000.- packages within three months. Congratulations!)

Nora Freisberg

Your work is remarkable, I have never experienced so many insights and findings in such a short time that make so much sense on a deeper level (ie the truth). The LSM is very intense for me and feels right, I definitely have the feeling to be on the "right" path.

Bastian Ackermann

"We made the €100K month in August (the same month he joined the mastermind) thanks to your fantastic coaching Tabita. Thank you! It’s astonishing how fast this happened. Miracles are always expected now." (He then went on with a €46K week and sold his first ever €18K package. His client also made €70K after one call in his new program.) Congrats!

Robby Altwein

The wake I felt as I read Tabita's first online post somewhere and the scary yet intuitive decision to join the Mastermind did not deceive me. I have been in the program for three months now and have made a powerful developmental progress. Going into self-responsibility and rebuilding my standards are the most important stages on my path right now and I realize how fantastic I feel. I don’t mean as an emotion but as a state of being and though the path ahead of me is profoundly unknown, I feel I am in control of my situation.

I notice how my inner me outgrows anything that has ever existed and that I am really grateful for myself. To receive this gift and to have such a great mentor by my side who leads me unerringly through wild and sometimes murky waters is remarkable.

I think the concept of the Mastermind is unique and I have never seen such a deep connection between embodied spirituality and business in this way and it still gives me goose bumps especially that my dream life is now becoming true ... And yes, fear is my driving horse, it brings me to where my soul would like to settle down joyfully.

Thank you Tabita with all my heart that you are here! May many more people with your help completely change their lives and become the servants of their souls! (has sold her first multiple 4-figure package to her dream client and received € 7000.- full pay. Congratulations!)


Regina Tokarzyck

You're always there, acting on what's coming up, listening and I feel like I have nothing to withhold from you, which I don’t like anyway.....

but meanwhile I have become more careful, with good reason. You see what's needed, what really matters and you taught me that there is a time of reorientation when you have to let go of old things and it still involves a brake-gas-giving sensation.

I think your commitment is remarkable especially in the fast-moving time nowadays. You also take into account the personal feedback, help and discussions like the content and technical updates. This gives me the feeling that I am valued as a client with no need of inhibitions, scruples to ask anything. I feel that as an enormous offer.

Greetings, Helga


Tabita has a decidedly intuitive flair. She combines them with a lot of knowledge. Both together give a super timing concerning the mentioned topics. She helps me to realize my dreams, to put in words and to fill it in a vessel and to make it come true step by step. Tabita is tangible yet at the same time tactful, sensitive, warm and authentic. Although it is not a personal ‘one to one’ contact, I really feel that she is energetically and physically here for me. Thanks Tabita! Best regards, Jolanda

Jolanda Maria

Tabita, your work was just mind-blowing for me. I can’t say it differently. For the past two years I had to think often about what I experienced with you this doesn’t exist a second time. I contacted other coaches however, you opened a door to something within me, which is difficult to describe. It is as if I'm looking down onto me on earth from very, very far away and see that I just play a role in it for my earthly years and can choose and watch the other players in the game with me.

Silvia Pia Meier

When I read your words and ‘scan’ them, I can see and know that you speak the Truth. Thank you for your work! It has done so much good for me. I finished reading your CP, THANK YOU! So many touching points, so much wisdom! I will read it a second time and will go into more depth. It is very comprehensive, holistic. Otherwise, I can say to our work: 2, 3 days I was embedded in a larger (holistic) program, my eyes were glowing, my greatness visible. I am also thankful, that had the courage to work with you because those were stone topics I have mastered.

Nell Bütler

To work with Tabita was and still is very enriching and led to many findings. My most important finding was that I already knew so much and also knew the laws for a long time but my heart didn’t process it yet. She led me lovingly and emphatically through it. I am aware that we are constantly learning and need to give ourselves time to understand and implement. Thank you for everything!

Luzia V.

Plagued by self-hatred, self-doubt, huge inner restlessness, great dissatisfaction and force, I knew that only one thing would help me in life.

With her wonderful and empathic nature, Tabita made it possible; I feel more real now, closer to myself and freer then 6 month ago. Even though there were some low points to go through and overcome, I would do it all over again, because now it means for me to finally live.

Eveline G.

Dear Tabita, through your understanding and crisp nature did you help me to see the essence and to focus on myself and to stay focused later as well. I have since used the simple and valuable tools a few times, and have to say they are very helpful, even if I have to push myself sometimes to take the time and sit down but I'm glad every time, because it helps me to come a bit further each time. I can really recommend you.

Many greetings, Eugenia

Eugenia U.

Dear Tabita, I hereby sincerely thank you for your loving accompaniment. Through your training sessions I have learned to look deeper within me.

Discovering my truth and accepting who I am. You are always there for me and have answers ready even for the smallest questions.

You have a big heart. Empathy, clarity, warmth and openness are just a few of your skills.

You made it easy for me with your language directly from your heart. I feel very well since I left the victim role for good.

Through your instructions and affirmations, was I able to free myself from old things, traumas and shocks which life brought up on me. It was very liberating. Thank you for everything you taught me.

Yvonne Möhr
Reinvent my life and my business