From Prison to PIONEER CEO™ of Three Multi-Million Companies
“Where most people give up the PIONEERS are just getting started.” – Tabita D.
When I came back after two years of innocent incarceration in a third world country, I entered a prison cell in my home country Switzerland where I had a bed, toilet, cupboard, sink, bed, window, television, and table with a chair.
On top of that, the prison guard told me that if I needed anything, I could just press the button, and someone would respond immediately to help me with anything.
Needless to say that in comparison to the 3rd world prison I had spent the last two years with a shared cell, a bucket to sh!t in, no table, no television and no window, and some days no water or food, this was like heaven.
I finished my sentence and was released from prison seven weeks later.
I packed my things and left my home country within two weeks.
Since then, I’ve had one goal with every one of my companies.
For them to be a home for everyone who is part of it and to contribute to meaningful and lasting change on the planet.
I rebuilt everything from the ground up bigger and better than before. We’ve expanded onto six continents and served entrepreneurs and companies in two different languages and out-successed (yep, I invented that word) every milestone I ever had:
– My first Bestselling Book at Age 26
– My first 100k day
– My first multiple 6-figure deal
– My first million dollar deal
– My first multi-million benchmark
– My first viral video with almost half a million views
But I did that with only one goal: to become replaceable within my own companies because if today or tomorrow, I’d die or something else happened (I guess I am not gonna end up in prison again), they could live on without me.
This is why I put all my effort into building a multi-million PIONEER TEAM™ that runs the daily operations of two of my companies for me and I retired from coaching at the age of 30 after I helped our clients to:
– Go from 10k months to 100k months in one month
– Increase their yearly income by 1000%
– Raise their rates to 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k and 7+figures for one offer
– And so much more
Today, I am focusing on my retirement as CEO at the end of 2021 and reinventing the world as a PIONEER WOMAN™ one company, one human being, one child, and one animal after another while my multi-million PIONEER TEAM™ is fulfilling the delivery of our multiple 6- and 7+figure contracts.
How I was able to achieve that is simply, because I implemented the following two things:
1) I got crystal clear and laser-focused on the right steps for me to achieve my big vision
2) I monetized my big vision without trading my time for it by creating million-dollar offers and having a multi-million Pioneer Team take over the delivery
We currently have the following offers to help you anchor into presence, download the right next steps and strategy for you to create your autonomous multi-million company in 2021 so you can retire or pursue other projects to change the world…
1) The #100kmasterpiece Workshop to Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE By Raising Your Prices To 100k+ And Cut The Delivery Time In Half To Onboard Clients Who Get Results Beyond What You Promised In Less Time (If interested, send a PM to join the pre-recorded workshop for €50)
2) the Pioneer Women Workshop™ for Women Only to Embody Your Impossible Vision to Achieve it in Half the Time Without Sacrificing Your Life Force by Stepping Up as a Pioneer Woman that Boldly Walks into the Unknown (Send a PM to join the live workshop for €50)
3) the #100kmasterpiece Warp Speed Challenge™ inside PioneerU™ to help you raise your prices to 100k+ and enroll pre-sold clients without sales calls in 30 days. It’s a low 4-figure one-time investment. If interested, just reach out to get the conversation started if this is the right fit.
4) Pioneer CEO™ to bring your Pioneer Creations™ into the world and hand over the execution of your 9-figure autonomous company expansion map to your multi-million Pioneer Team™. It’s a low multiple 4-figure monthly investment. If interested, just reach out to get the conversation started if this is the right fit.
Rock On!
Tabita and the PioneerU Team

We invite you to create Your #MultiMillionMasterpiece By Adding a Monthly Recurring and Passive Revenue Stream to Your Business as well as Raising Your Prices to 100K+ for Access to Your Time.

By working with 10 clients a year at 100K+ for high-level projects or mentorship while adding a recurring revenue model to your business that your team facilitates and scaling a passive revenue stream as much as you’d like, you have all the basics covered to create your #MultiMillionMasterpiece.

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