This question implies subconsciously that you believe that somehow you are not yet there to charge 100k to give someone access to your time and the delivery that you offer 

Maybe you believe that your famestatus or insert whatever reason comes up for you is not enough to charge 100K for your offer. 

This is why it’s so important to get clear on the tangible result that you can deliver. When I talk about a tangible result, people always say: well, I’m not helping people to make a return on their investment because I don’t directly help them to make more money. So why would anyone pay me 100k+?” 

Inside of PioneerU, we measure success and everything that comes with it by the life force. 

Your life force is made up of the following five elements. And just so you are aware of this, if you ever think about Googling this or just using this in your content. Because you heard it here, learn something new, and think this is great. You cannot Google this information. 

Everything that we offer in PioneerU is a pioneering approach. Meaning, we are the very first people to talk about this. And it took me years to not just uncover, but to implement this data and track what I’m about to share with you. 

If you are using this anywhere in your content, please do mention the source because we will know if you’re stealing any of our content. I just want to make this very clear because a lot of people are going to talk about this in the future and it’s very important that you are one of the people who give credit to the source which is here. 


The five elements that we measure that make up for the life forcare money, time, creativity, purpose, and relationships. 

Ultimately, if you help someone achieve something in one of these areas, it impacts all these five elements. When I talk about relationships, these are the relationships that you have with your inner elements.  

That’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, s€xual, financial, and the creative element. And your outer elements, which are your loved ones, friends, family, clients, community, the land upon which you sit, even your home, and basically, the relationship that you have with the planet and every living being. 

Cultivating a conscious relationship with all of life enables you to come home to presence. So that wherever you are, you’re 100% present. If you help someone in any of these areastime, money, purpose, creativity, and relationships; again, it affects every single area. 

However, you do not need to offer your service to someone and be like, hey, I cover every single area and I’m a go-to person for everything. This is why it’s so important to approach your work that has an impact on every single area that I just mentioned from one tangible result, and that can and should be the result that you are most excited about seeing.  

That result can always be measured with an ROI in all areas. For example, if you help someone find the love of their life, then that’s a tangible result that you can connect to the other elements. 

When someone finds their perfect match, it also heightens their creativity and sense of purpose. Needless to say, that you should love yourself first before getting into a relationship with someone else to be whole on your own. 

Your creative expression will help you earn more and be financially more fulfilled. A loving partnership will also help you to save time because you are two people who can do all the things that you used to do alone.  

That’s just one of the examples of how someone will be impacted by your work in all areas even if you just have one specific tangible result.  

When it comes to the 100K price tag, you have to look at what your work provides in the long run and investigate how much money and time you help the person save. If your prospect took you up on your offer to lose 50 pounds, you’d have to calculate the investments that would accumulate in the long run like medical bills, diet pills, work hours that are lost because of health issues related to overweight, etc. 

How about if you help someone find the perfect match and communicate and support each other to cultivate a life-long soulmate relationship? If you did the math both in time and money that your work will save them in the long run such as they couldn’t show up for work if there was a divorce that costs a lot of money. Go check out how much hiring a lawyer in their country costs. What if there are children involved? Your client would need to fight a custody battle on top of other expenses. Ultimately, these costs usually sum up to more than 100K. You have to make that calculation to see that you always end up way above a hundred grand. 

Now, it’s easy to say, OK, I’m just going to charge 100K and then let someone work with me for one year to justify the fee. But the pioneering approach is never to add more time and a lot of different bonus material plus unlimited access to your time on top of what you already offer. It is really all about evolving your business model and collapsing the time of the delivery of your results into one or two months and then sessions until you can completely remove yourself and have your multi-million team take care of the delivery 

Collapsing the delivery can mean that you get on a call and have your clients make between 20k to 100+ after just one call with you. Stay tuned for the next post! 

Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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    • Karel

      I love this approach. I use 6 of the 8 elements in my programs.
      Working out how much time and money this will save them is very important part of understanding what value you give.
      Thank you

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