This Is An Entirely Different Ball Game

From a multiple 6- or 7-figure business of being the face of your brand to an 8- or 9-figure autonomous pioneer creation. 

Playing catch-up and feeling so slightly overwhelmed by all the requirements to expand your business is a symptom of a leaky container. 

Mostly followed by a lower cash month than the previous higher one. 

These are signs that you are leaking your and your company’s life-force. You can’t expand a leaky container. 

You have to first look at the root cause that is causing the cracks. 

Leaking yours or your company’s life force can be traced back to those five elements: 






If one is negatively affected, all of them are, and your creations (companies) won’t have the strong foundation they need to become a movement beyond you. 

When our clients partner with us, they are usually leaking in any of those five elements. 

We help them reclaim their own and their company’s life force to have a container with no cracks that can expand. 

With a solid container, you can spend your days, reclaiming your space, body, and soul, take a deep breath, and time-out emotionally and mentally because giving birth is exhausting. 

Most procrastinate for months or years before they start hiring the right employees or firing the wrong ones because they are so accustomed to just keep going, making it all work, and being in charge. 

We have learned to bear all the responsibilities without ever so often asking ourselves if feeling overwhelmed or always playing catch-up is how this is supposed to play out. 

We are here to tell you, it’s not. There is another way. 

Your company can bring in 500k+ contracts, have your multi-million team take over the delivery,  and only work four days and four hours a week or less. Or you can retire altogether and start a new venture while your multi-million team is handling the current operation which is exactly what I am going to do at the end of this year.  

I am going to retire from two of my companies and solely have a multi-million Pioneer Team™ and Pioneer Mentors™ deliver and serve our clients.  

We are looking for 5 more people that my team and I will work closely with for the rest of the year.  

This is for you if you want to hand over the daily execution of our custom 9-figure PIONEER BRAND STRATEGY to a high-performing team, reduce your workweek to 16 hours or less and retire as CEO in the next 1-2 years or sell your company. 

Reach out here with your interest in creating a multi-million PIONEER CREATION so we can get the conversation started. You will have to fill out an application that we’ll review. If we are thrilled about your vision, the project, and your reinvention for this planet, we will reach out within 48 hours and let you know.  

The minimum monthly investment is in the 5-figure range and your time commitment in the first 4 weeks needs to be 6-8 dedicated hours per week that will decrease after the onboarding period. If this sounds like your right next step, reach out, and let’s get the conversation started.  

Only reach out if you meet the above criteria and are ready for reinvention and expansion into new markets to increase profits and purpose instead of staying in the same business/business model and scaling that. 

Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


We invite you to create Your #MultiMillionMasterpiece By Adding a Monthly Recurring and Passive Revenue Stream to Your Business as well as Raising Your Prices to 100K+ for Access to Your Time.

By working with 10 clients a year at 100K+ for high-level projects or mentorship while adding a recurring revenue model to your business that your team facilitates and scaling a passive revenue stream as much as you’d like, you have all the basics covered to create your #MultiMillionMasterpiece.

You only work with clients that you love and adore at the highest level and even if you step away for a 3-month vacation while your team is running the daily operations and delivering exceptional client care, your revenue won’t take a dip. Click here to get all the details!

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