It’s incredibly challenging to give up on a business goal when you’ve spent so much on it, invested hours of your time and effort, and even spent years trying to figure things out only to fail and accept that the system you built won’t work on the market you picked.  

Many entrepreneurs try to spend more money to keep things going instead of pulling the plug because they have some connection with the business they built. Of course, this isn’t uncommon—many people in business usually start from a place of passion when creating their businesses and when they start seeing it fail, they lose motivation and give up their dreams and goals.  

While this usually is what happens, we should start looking at it differently.   

Did you know that failing to accomplish a goal can be a good thing?  

You lose money—yes. That’s a given, and it’s a difficult thing to accept; however, there’s one thing that everybody discovers when they fail at something, and that’s what NOT to do when starting over.  

Entrepreneurs have to understand that failure IS part of the process when building a sustainable business. Everyone is different in their way, and so are companies. Some work, some don’t. Other companies suddenly click while others take a longer time to be noticed.  

There’s no magic spell or general formula that can help you succeed instantly. There is NO secret or life hack to follow except hard work and smart work (yes, those two should go together. Having just one is just half of the formula).  

When we fail, we find out what to do differently. The crucial thing is not to give up your goals. Ask yourself this — Did you spend all your time, all your money, and all your effort to give up in the end because things didn’t go your way?  

Business is a risk in itself 

I usually talk about entrepreneurs staying out of their comfort zone. However, that’s not 100% true. When we have a solid foundation, excellent track record and stable revenue flow, it’s not that we take bolder and bigger risks, it’s more like our comfort zone expands further.   

That’s the goal when you’re building yourself and your business to 9-figures and beyond — to start expanding your comfort zone so that things that seemingly look risky are normal for you to take. Strategies that are too bold for others are your everyday business strategies. The important thing is that you’re comfortable to walk into the unknown and keep expanding continually.  

What if there was a way to start getting 300k+ months while staying in your comfort zone to keep expanding?  

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Many entrepreneurs think that reaching their goals is difficult. The truth is, it’s ourselves that make it difficult. The goal is just waiting for us to claim it.  

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Rock on, 

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