Have you been hiding behind beautiful pictures, your brand, your website and how well put together your colours are?

Have you been putting your previous or existing mentors on a pedestal because they helped you so much? Maybe you have given them all the credit for where you are right now and the success that you have.

So you keep learning from the best, keep polishing your social media presence and brand to be more successful and seen as an authority in your industry by associating with their name. Nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due.

But haven’t you ignored and left out something much more important?

Secretly you know you are capable of so much more. The pain inside of you is eating you alive for not acting on your massive potential and the big vision that is haunting you oh so often.

But dare you if you’d show up with your disruptive, challenging and reinventing self. Dare you if you’d just speak your mind and tell the world what you see. That you can see the BS and the lack of integrity and smell it from afar.

But you’ve kept silent! Because who wants to be banned from the tribe they belonged to for the past years. Who wants to be the outcast that doesn’t belong?

Who wants to be the person that is challenging everyone’s truth of what was agreed is possible and the right way to be successful.

So I am here to challenge yours TODAY! Can we have an honest look?

❓How are you really doing in your business?
❓How are the daily operations going?
❓How excited are you to get up in the morning and create as well as serve your clients?
❓How well are you doing with bringing your Genius into the market place congruent with your brand, vision, and mission?
❓How is the expansion and monetization of your BIG VISION going?

Chances are that you’ve outgrown your current level and the way you run your business and you are ready to expand but have no clue how to go from…

1️⃣ 0 – 10k months -> Phase 1
2️⃣ 10k to 30k months -> Phase 2
3️⃣ 30k to 60k months -> Phase 3
4️⃣ 60k to multiple 6-figure months -> Phase 4
5️⃣ Multiple 6- to 7-figures -> Phase 5
6️⃣ 7- to 9-figures and beyond -> Phase 6

Chances are you’ve done all the right things that are the wrong ones for you to keep expanding a business that is leaking sales and creativity.

If you understand where you are at on your Ascended Wealth Mastery you also know what is the right next step for you.

1️⃣ Phase one and two 2️⃣

You do not have to have all your sh!t together and the perfect magazine pictured life before you allow yourself to close 100k+ offers consistently

You also don’t need to become an expert at whatever training and certificate you are implementing now before closing 100k+ offers consistently.

And you also don’t need to start from scratch just because you have left your corporate job and decided to become a service-based entrepreneur.

You don’t need to have a huge following or email list.

You don’t need to spend years in one on one work before you can transition into group offers.

You also don’t need to work through more blocks and have more mindset shifts or even improve the relationship you have with money.

You really only need 5 things to close 100k in the next four to six weeks.

✅ You need yourself in integrity with all of you.
✅ You need high-achieving clients who take responsibility and are committed to Success.
✅ You need to have your 100k offer that you are 100% sold at.
✅ You need to have the signed contracts or agreements from your 1-2 clients.
✅ You need to have the invoices paid so you can actually start the work with the clients.

That’s it! You don’t need anything else.

❌ No website
❌ No funnel
❌ No email-list
❌ No fancy photoshoot
❌ No social media presence
❌ No FB-ads -> they are deadly at these phases

You only need YOU and your brilliance that translates into an offer that collapses the time of your clients so they get the results and transformation in 4-6 months instead of years. Your delivery is your number one priority. That’s the foundation from where your business will build on itself with the right nourishment.

In the next post, I am going to tell you what you need in phase 3 and 4 and what no expert is telling you when pitching you their 100k offer. That information alone will save you years of trials and errors and lots of money.

Stay tuned!


Tabita and the PioneerU Team


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