One of the challenging aspects of a Pioneer and something that no one is really talking about is how to bring the Creative Vision inspired by the Creative Genius aka the Artist within into the world in a way that is congruent with that Vision but not pushing it yet at the same time not taking forever for the results to show up.

The challenge when receiving the inspired vision by your creative Genius is that it needs to be congruent with your Soul’s Mission, supported by your mind, fueled by your emotions and executed by your physical body and if it gets stuck somewhere on the way because you haven’t learnt how to master them all and bring it into alignment with that vision you’ll be scared to death that bringing this vision to life aka giving birth to it and therefore putting it out there for everybody to see, is killing it.

Because what if it doesn’t work?

What if people are criticizing me?

What if I fail?

This is so insane, why should anybody want to invest in my work when the whole industry I am in is telling the opposite?

And so on I think you’ll get the picture. Just some of the Thoughts of an Evolutionary Entrepreneur.

The other tricky part is that you might actually end up killing the vision yourself and back out as soon as it gets uncomfortable.

Let’s say you set a goal to achieve that is 100% inspired by your Creative Genius and that you are super passionate about and you created an aligned offer of $ 100K. Now what? You only reap the fruits of the transformation and the work you’ve put in for yourself and have done with your clients if you are actually closing the deal and selling that offer with ease, integrity and creativity AND deliver the results beyond what your client has signed up for.

AND then repeat that over and over again with every client because the closing rate of your sales is not going to matter if your clients don’t get the results.

So there are a couple of things we need to look at…

1) How to get all of you – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual element on board so that Vision can be executed congruently and with the Results to match it?

2) How to leverage your time for maximum impact and results for your clients?

3) How to deliver the results so your clients get success rates beyond their wildest expectations?

Your Creative Genius is the Key Element to bringing all of those into alignment and deliver the results once it’s brought into the world through all of your bodies. That is literally when you are able to execute on a Vision, instruct your Team what to do and enrol the first few clients within a week to start delivering the results for your $ 100K offer AND actually cut the transformation time in half as well and deliver those results in 4-6 months instead of 8-12.

That is one week for the Vision, the execution and the enrollment of the first clients and another 4-6 months for delivery. But in my containers I show my clients how they are able to maximize the results in the first session with their clients so you can get awesome feedback and inspire them from the inside so you don’t have to push and motivate from the outside (-> difference between masculine and feminine approach) that lasts for the entire duration of your time together and beyond so they want to keep working with you even after the 4-6 months has ended. But that’s another conversation.

Who wants to sell a $ 100K offer for a year and sacrifice their freedom and time by giving the clients unlimited access. I would never trade my freedom and the space I need for my own evolution and my life for a $ 100K paycheck (that’s why I chose to be an Entrepreneur at the age of 18 because I didn’t want to give up my freedom aka my time to trade it for money but still make a huge difference in the world). And the only way to do that is by understanding your craft and how you deliver transformation and results really really well so you can close and deliver on that $ 100K with confidence and certainty.

Once you know, act, sell, close and deliver from your Creative Genius…

1) you not only leverage your time and can evolve quicker but your clients time as well and you get back your most precious commodity -> your time which can never be bought back once it’s wasted.

2) you make way more money and have way more impact because you are able to charge more, without working more and having a bigger impact

3) you can move away from 1:1 Coaching and still charge multiple 5-figure fees for your Masterminds because by knowing, harnessing and executing on your Creative Genius you were able to build a solid energetic Container and have Business Structures set up that can hold it so there are no cracks and you can stay in your Zone of Genius and deliver your Magic so your clients can evolve with and beyond you.

4) Your clients have a solid experience and no chance to escape and crawl back into their sabotaging patterns because you don’t do it yourself, so you are able to hold them accountable and help them move and shift through their most challenging obstacles with perseverance, love and truth.

It’s a win-win for everybody 😊

If you’d like help in any of the following…

– Mastering and integrating all elements so you can bring your vision down and into the world

– Putting together a $ 100K offer and close your first prospects within 1-2 weeks

– Cutting the time you deliver the transformation in half

– And still, deliver beyond your clients wildest expectations


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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