You don’t have a business just because you have a website. You have a business once people are PAYING you for your services.  

What you need is clients who are paying you for your services not a pretty website and logo. That is great at a later stage when people are actually paying you more than 60% of the money that you need to not just survive and pay the bills but actually thrive. Which is where most people calculate the math totally wrong. But we’ll talk about that some other time. 

In order for someone to pay you for your services you need something to sell and a couple hundred bucks for a session won’t cut it. The big bucks and High-Paying clients don’t just fly off the shelve. Most people never dare to charge what they really want to be charging because…  

A) they have not decided to go get those clients to actually make that amount of money  

B) they have not allowed themselves to receive the amount they really want to be making  

In order for you to allow yourself to receive whatever amount you want to be making with that particular program you are selling you don’t need to work on your money mind-set or heal your past issues and traumas.  

You need only one thing…  

You need an offer that is so brilliant and excites you so much that you get up each and every day so excited about it you want to tell the whole world about it.   

And that is only going to happen, if you know what the heck it is that you are doing so well like no one else that is delivering predictable results for your clients and not some guessing and let me try what might work and hopefully stick because someone else has done it before or applied that healing or sales modality. 

So you need to know what you are doing and how you deliver that transformation beyond your clients wildest dreams that they won’t recognise themselves anymore after working with you.  

When I work with a person for one hour, they go from believing that they might be able to sell a $ 2K offer to knowing exactly how to sell a $ 10K offer and delivering on it as well. Which is why they are actually selling it!  

If you don’t yet know what you truly came here to sell that is in integrity with your personality as well as what your soul came here to master you might want to seek support to start CREATING your movement instead of just dreaming about it.   

Remember, if you don’t get up each and every day so excited about your services because you know what impact they have on your clients life you are not offering what you truly came here to offer. There is no more time to waste! The world needs what you have to offer!  

With deep respect,  


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– A person that wants to contribute with that cash to make a bigger impact in the world by investing in innovative ideas and inventing them that leave this world better than you’ve met it whilst living the most fulfilled and fun life. 

– A born Evolutionary Entrepreneur who is ready to step into the world empowered, authentically and completely free to be WHO YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN and be of service for the highest good of everyone. 


Tabita and the PioneerU Team 


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