I experienced many near-death experiences and all of them have shown me one common pattern…

The only thing I’d regret if I would have died that day was the woman I wanted to become but never dared to be.

Fully unleashed
Taking no prisoners
Doesn’t care what other people think about her
Unapologetic and confident in who she is
True to herself
Changing the world

There were many more aspects floating around in me, but I was anything other than that.

I was broken, suicidal, confused, angry, alone, hurt, sad, bitter, resentful, voiceless, invisible and mentally disabled and put on medication with the label that I would never be able to function in society at only 15 years of age.

It took me a few more months to realize that I would never get the help I needed from my therapist who believed I was co-dependent and wouldn’t survive without him for 4 weeks while he was on vacation.

So I decided to call him on his vacation as an emergency and told him that I no longer wanted to see him when he returned and that I would also throw my medication in the bin and continue my path as I see fit.

He advised against it. I did it anyway – fired him and threw away my medication.

That’s when my quest for healing, personal development and my path to enlightenment began that only and ever is accomplished through emotional and physical work.

Everything that I’ve accomplished in my life is because of the decision that I made back then to follow my biggest vision even if no one believed in it.

Let’s just say, I was tested over and over again because who comes up with such a crazy idea that you could actually change the world.

Back then I didn’t know how big my mission on this planet is. I was so busy mastering myself and finding a way to live that I never thought about it.

My vision has expanded massively but not because I searched for it, but because I was always willing to take the next step into the unknown that was laid out in front of me and I trusted myself that I always had my back.

Whatever it is you are looking to accomplish…
Getting married or finding the love of your life
Healing your trauma
Charging 100K+ for your services
Becoming world-famous
Impacting millions of people
Sharing art that changes people at a cellular level
Helping others become the best version of themselves
Being a multi 7-figure business owner or serial entrepreneur

It starts with you becoming the woman that you’ve never dared to be. Everything else is a by-product of this decision and your daily actions that align to fully embody her.

It’s not a path that you want to go alone. It’s easy to get lost and caught up in all the shiny objects and distractions.

We are so much more powerful together – rising in Sisterhood with Strong Women who have our back and are not afraid to speak the uncomfortable truth.

I am here for it as you know because who you see is who I am every single day with every single person no matter if it’s a stranger or a loved one.

It’s that powerful, confident, taking no prisoners and not hiding my truth and fighting for what I believe in that’s helped me navigate and create everything in my life.

My first Bestselling Book at Age 26
My first 100k day
My first multiple 6-figure deal
My first million dollar deal
My first multi-million benchmark
My first viral video with almost half a million views

People will disrespect, lie, manipulate and devalue you. They will spit in your face, turn on you and leave you.

If you are not ok with the possibility that everyone will potentially abandon you and you could die all alone, you are living in co-dependency.

That means we got work to do!

It starts here!

I would love to support you in breaking free and becoming the version of you that makes the Impossible happen in the void…

…minus the pushing, grind, working all the time and secretly hating yourself because you feel trapped in the small box that you’ve crawled into to make everyone around you comfortable and fit in.

It’s time to unleash her, so you can fall madly and deeply in love with yourself and become who you’ve always been.

Reach out or email to get started!

Rock on,
Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team

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