How do you claim the instant authority to charge 100k+ for the exact same services that you are providing right now?

I want to give you a few insights into the #100Kmasterpiece Warp Speed Challenge that we are currently running inside of PioneerU™. It’s a 30-day 1:1 experience with solo entrepreneurs or the entire team.

Inside the challenge, we help our clients uplevel their services and their prices and help them enrol 100k+ clients within 30 days without sales calls by creating cellular shifting content that makes their ideal client that is usually someone that they think is way beyond their reach pay attention and say yes to investing 100k+ with them.

Now I want to add that the ultimate goal is to get to the 100k price tag. However, the range is usually to at least 10x the prices that small business owners, agency owners, consultants, executives are currently charging and cutting the delivery time of the results, transformation, services or experiences in half.

This is possible across the board in all kinds of different industries and niches. If someone has been charging 5k, they’re usually slightly more comfortable starting out at a 50k price tag.

If someone is already charging 10k or 20k and has successfully sold a package at these price points, then they are usually more comfortable upleveling to the 100k+ range, and 250k, 500k, a million and more is obviously next.

Now we started the challenge at the beginning of May, and we had our first call this week. I want to give a few insights into what’s been happening on these calls or the topics that raise prices to 25K, 50k, or 100k. Our clients are currently starting out either at the 50k level or the 100k level, so it’s either one of those two price points.

One of our participants was actually immediately up levelling to 120k during the first call. He already has a prospect that he is in a conversation with that are currently in negotiations and is about to close his first 50k client.

And what I want to share with you that comes up a lot when charging these really high fees is that people are looking around, they are going online to research their competitors, their favourite brands and people who are similar or somewhat doing what they want to be doing.

The brands or companies they look up to are charging very high prices and already run multimillion-dollar companies. What happens immediately, that’s just human nature, is that we start comparing to these supposedly more successful people and we look at what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, what strategy they are using, and we believe that this is what makes them successful, and this is what got them to where they are today.

And it’s easy to fall into the trap of – okay, if I’m going to do the same thing, then I’m going to get similar or better results. When up-levelling your prices to 100k+, it’s never about the strategy. It’s never about what you are doing.

The truth is that, as long as you are the face of your brand and you haven’t gotten to the point where you build your company autonomously and separate yourself from the company to no longer be the face of the brand, that everything that you touch in your business is an extension of you. You are the person that is obviously the centre of what’s happening in your industry.

If you’ve already made the transition to an autonomous company, and your company can live on without you, then that’s no longer the case. But for most people, especially if you are an agency owner, consultant, small business owner, and you are the CEO and founder of your company, and you’ve built it from the ground up. At the same time, the daily operations, the delivery, or the sales are dependent on you, and people are investing with you, your company and your brand because of you, then everything that you touch is an extension of you.

That means, if you rely on anything outside yourself to raise your prices to 100k+, you’re always going to be dependent on that thing moving forward.

In over a decade of supporting individuals, small business owners and multimillion companies, I’ve seen this illusion repeatedly that most think they need all of these fancy things like systems, websites, photoshoots, a stand out brand, hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, a great reputation, a best-selling book, to be a speaker on big stages, and they need to be well known in their industry before they can allow themselves to charge 100k+.

That’s not what we do and how we operate at PioneerU™. We always start with the basics and the foundation of any transaction. There are two or more human beings involved who agree on specific terms and exchange value. One person is paying for the experience, the services, the product or the results they will receive and the other person is delivering that thing. And that’s it.

Therefore, your next 100k+ client is always one conversation away. That’s how simple this is.

Now, you might want to hear that you need to do lots of things before you can allow yourself to charge 100k+ such as updating your website, getting your offer perfect or schedule at least 10 sales call to potentially close one 100k+ client with a close rate of 10%.

You don’t have to do any of that. In fact, I closed my very first 100k+ client with one conversation and a 4-page PDF.

If you believe that there is any more involved than that, it just means that deep down, you believe that you need to work harder for your money, then you actually have to.

I’m not saying, you don’t need to deliver an outstanding service or a masterpiece, which is why it’s called #100KMasterpiece. A masterpiece is very different from just creating a service, offer, program, or experience that people are asking for and your market demands.

I’m not going to go into what that difference is. I’m happy to share a little bit more about this topic at a later stage, but suffice it to say that when you are deep down believing that you need to work harder than you actually have to and that you are not enough, then that’s how you’re going to build your company.

Yeah, and it ultimately leads to you constantly having to catch up, drop in and be present and fill the leaks that are taking place if your container is not built on solid ground because then, you cannot actually expand.

If there is energy leaking somewhere because you’re making your business harder than it has to be, and therefore your business operations as well, then that’s what you have to keep doing to sustain those results. At the end of the day, there are always two or more people involved when closing a deal. And if you haven’t built your company in an old-fashioned way on that solid foundation that your next client is just one conversation away, you end up working a lot.

With the #100kmasterpiece Warp Speed Challenge, we help our clients understand what the needle movers are that when applied to a different industry, niche, market or a different client, would 10X the results and help them 10X their prices. 10X is the minimum. It usually goes way beyond 10X and at the same time, we help them to cut the delivery time in half so they can have the maximum impact with the least amount of effort to command these prices.

They have to continuously measure and track what they are doing and how these results, transformation experiences services are being delivered to further collapse the time. That is really all it takes for you to claim instant authority to 10X and beyond your prices to 100K, 250K, 500K, $1,000,000 and more.

It’s simple in the sense that it sounds straightforward. What I am describing here, however, the execution is most of the times not so simple, which is why our clients have joined us for this 30-day challenge to achieve that outcome. Most of the times, you are too close to your work to understand how to implement what I just said.

Whatever it is that you’re doing so well, that has maximum impact and the biggest return on investment in whatever way, shape, or form, it doesn’t just need to be money is a natural thing for you, so it’s not like you’re sitting there and you go – Oh my God, I’m just so brilliant. This is so great. This is what’s going to bring me the 100K client.

That’s why you want to have someone outside of your company looking at the things you are doing—looking at previous experiences and results and your career and skills and everything you bring to the table to highlight what you do that really has the biggest impact and that at the same time you also enjoy doing the most.

What good does it do if you just keep doing something for the sake of doing it because you can do it really well? That’s another big topic that I want to talk about in the next live video to share a little bit more about what’s happening behind the scenes inside the 100K Masterpiece Warp Speed Challenge. I’m going to dive into that next time, and that sounds something like…

Okay, what am I gonna do if I realise that I’m good at something, but I actually don’t want to be doing that anymore? I want to shift my offer or services and still want to command these really high prices. How do I make that transition without abandoning all of the clients that I currently have and without going completely overboard or potentially having to burn down my entire brand in the process? There is a way to approach that which I’m going to share later on.

To sum up, the topic of today’s post… if you want to claim instant authority to raise your prices to 100k+, you want to ensure that you are looking beyond what you are currently seeing, doing and thinking is possible.

Look at the exact same work that you’re doing now that when you apply it to a different industry, client, niche or market could potentially 10x your results and your impact and also cut the delivery time in half without you having to add a big team or a million bonuses, add ons, whatever the things are that you think you need to add without overcomplicating what it is that you actually offer. Keep it as simple as you possibly can.

Again, a very amazing process but not easy to execute if you don’t know how to go about that.

If you feel that you want to have the PioneerU team supporting you on that journey, we are opening up another round of the #100KMasterpiece Warp Speed Challenge, and you are invited to join us for the next round.

We refuse to take on anyone that is not a 100% fit in and in the perfect position to raise their price to 100k+, so if you are looking to apply, then please keep in mind that you need to have already proven results in some way, shape or form, or you need to have years of experience being in a certain niche or market. You also need to be already charging at least 2k to implement what we’re teaching in 30 days. If you are accepted to the challenge, you can start immediately with the content, and get a headstart and win first second and third price.

That’s obviously super amazing because you don’t need to wait until the challenge officially kicks off, which is how our client that I just talked about is already in the negotiation with a 50K client, and we’ve just started. If that is you and you have no reason to wait, and you really want to jump on board, and you want to ensure that you actually have a spot.

We don’t do fake urgency and we don’t make you believe that there are no more spots while secretly filling the offer. When you join our #100kmasterpiece Warp Speed Challenge you will see that there literally are only that amount of people in there because that’s how we like to work. We want to keep it intimate, high touch, and really have every person actually receive the results we were looking for because we don’t just maintain a 100% close rate, we also maintain a 100% delivery rate.

Now that being said, I will be doing these updates regularly to let you know what’s happening inside the #100kmasterpiece Warp Speed Challenge to also let you in on what’s happening behind the scenes.

The biggest takeaway that I can really tell you from everyone who is part of the challenge, is this…

Whatever you think you still need to do or accomplish in your life and business before you can raise your prices to that level is usually just an excuse for you to hide and to not fully step into all the things that you know you can claim for your life and your business right at this moment.

More time is not what’s needed here. Whenever you add time to the equation it’s because you are afraid of something. So what you really need to figure out is, why wait? What does it cost you to wait before you say yes to an experience like this?

Rock on,

Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team


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