In this exclusive workshop, you'll discover the journey of the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ we've used to launch and grow PioneerU to an AUTONOMOUS 7-FIGURE COMPANY that can continue to live on without the CEO Tabita Dietrich - moi 😉

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Client Celebrations

"I closed a $15k deal in the first week of working with Tabita."

"I became a best-selling author after one call with Tabita."

"We went from 10k to 100k months the first month of joining the mastermind."

👇 Did you just go through this scenario after reading the workshop title? 👇

"Oh wow, this online entrepreneur made 7-figures with that strategy! If she can do it, so can I. How did she do that?"

How many times have you scrolled through Social Media, and this exact scenario crossed your mind. So you downloaded the freebie, joined the free masterclass, and sat in to listen to the pitch until the end. 

In the early stages of your business, you pretty much tried all their strategies only to realize half-way into the program that this is not working for you. 

And let's be real. Often, you did not show up as the client you would love to facilitate yourself.

No shame here! We've been there and done that.

I remember about three years ago; I joined a high-end program that was a massive stretch for me. Because of the timezone difference, I could not enter the live calls because they were in the middle of the night.

Over half of the program taught me everything about how I did not want to run an online business. Like...

⛔️ Spending over half of my profits on FB ads without ever testing what's converting organically

⛔️ Doing daily livestreams even on walks with my dogs instead of being present in every area of my life

⛔️ Building complicated funnels and hiring designers because that coach told me that I need to funnel people in before they were to invest in a $10k offer

⛔️ Writing survival-based copy that focuses on people's pain and what keeps them up at night

⛔️ And many more practices that my companies are here to change

Let me be clear!

There is nothing wrong with FB ads. I love them, and we've been using them as successful as spending $300 and making $40k in cash, not sales.

There is also nothing wrong with funnels. I've built complicated ones that generated multiple 6-figures and I also built simple ones with a few posts, a written outline of the $100k program and an application that closed $100k offers without a sales page. 

We also closed multiple 6-figure deals without a sales page and no advertising at all.

I love different strategies and testing them to see what works and tweak what doesn't work to offer a wide range of profitable tools to our clients.

But I know that every one of our clients is different. And that one strategy might work for one client but not for another client.

Next time when you are chasing a shiny object, thinking that this strategy will finally help you break through the 7-figure ceiling, ask yourself these questions first:

❓Is this the right strategy for me?

How is my life supposed to look like on a much bigger scale?

Do I want to be doing this for the rest of my life?

Is my company still able to live on and be it's own movement once I die?

Some of the strategies you see out there might be great and have worked well for that particular entrepreneur, but...

🧐 Have you asked him/her how many hours it takes a day to succeed with that strategy? 

🧐 Do you know if that entrepreneur has kids and wants to spend less time messaging back and forth with people?

🧐 Is that strategy sustainable long-term, or does it just give you a quick cash-influx, and then you are you burnt the f*ck out after the hustle and launch?

Having an organic strategy sounds great, but with it comes the dopamine addiction to continually reach for your phone to see if someone has reached out to work with you.

Running highly profitable paid ads campaigns is amazing when you know what converts organically and how to keep the cost for lead generation low [as low as 0,02 cents like one of our campaigns did, and no, this is not a typo].

Or writing persuasive, cellular shifting copy that does not use survival-based tactics and that generated over $100k in sales from just one post in two different languages like one of our posts did.

If the strategy is excellent but not the right next step on your journey, then it won't work at that stage. Knowing where you are at and what that right next step is for you is essential!

Any strategy that you are using has to work for you, take your bigger vision and your daily life into account, or you won't execute it consistently, and you'll be trapped at $30k months or in the feast and famine cycle for months or years.

I wanted:

🌻 My companies to be able to live without me so they can be a movement on their own.

🌻 To sail around Europe and eventually the world without having to be online all the time.

🌻 To retire as a coach and have autonomous companies that give people a fantastic place to work.

And that's why I built my companies autonomously!

Chances are that you’ve outgrown your current level and the way you run your business and you are ready to expand into more freedom, impact and profits with an autonomous 7-figure company but have no clue how to go from…

1️⃣ 0 - $ 10k months -> Phase 1

2️⃣ $ 10k to $ 30k months -> Phase 2

3️⃣ $ 30k to $ 60k months -> Phase 3

4️⃣ $ 60k to multiple 6-figure months -> Phase 4

5️⃣ Multiple 6-figures to 7-figures -> Phase 5

Most likely, you’ve done all the right things that are the wrong ones for you to keep expanding a business that is leaking sales and creativity.

If you understand where you are at on your Ascended Wealth Mastery™ you also know what is the right next step for you.

The problem is that so many online service providers struggle because they’ve been implementing the wrong data, systems and strategies at the wrong time.

Maybe you as well have given everyone who screams “I am an expert at [insert your next goal] your credit card hoping that it would take you to the next level.

But if you don't fit into the box of becoming the next expert in [insert your chosen niche] and you've outgrown your current mastery, then you are ready to step into being a PIONEER and create AN AUTONOMOUS 7-FIGURE COMPANY.

If AN AUTONOMOUS 7-FIGURE COMPANY that focuses on more than profits and changes the world as a PIONEER is something you'd like to create, this is your invitation to join me.

I'm hosting the AUTONOMOUS 7-FIGURE COMPANY WORKSHOP, where I'm breaking down exactly how I was able to accomplish all the things above, move through all phases and more.

If a company that is bigger than just you with more time, 100k months, freedom, joy, and teamwork is something you'd like to have in a company that nourishes you, not the other way around, and doesn't require to be online all the time, click the link below to join the workshop.

Here Are The 2-Hour Workshop Details:

When July 23rd, 2020 at 4-6pm GMT +1 / 10am-12pm EDT

Cost: €100 at the moment (I can't promise to leave it at that price forever)

Host: Tabita Dietrich

See you there!


Reserve Your Space on this Exclusive Workshop

If today, we are handing you the key to ensure you'll always 

♣︎ Take the right next step for you to expand beyond €100k months 

♣︎ No longer follow a cookie-cutter approach that an expert taught you and has kept you in a tiny box 

♣︎ Or get lost in confusion about the million different strategies... 

...and instead you are stepping up as a PIONEER that expands into multiple niches and markets with the right strategy for YOU and changes the world instead of complying with what everyone else is doing...

How much would that be worth to you?

Wait what you are still reading? Here are some final words then... 

If you think you'd rather save 100 bucks because you can gather that knowledge for free anywhere else on the interwebz.... you can't! 

The most valuable insights don't come from information, it comes from what someone shares about the mistakes made along the journey and how to shorten that learning curve.

Because your most valuable asset is not your money. You can make that in a heartbeat. It's the time that you are wasting that you can never get back because you kept spinning your wheels instead of taking the shortcut and avoiding the mistakes someone else has already made for you. 

I am sharing all the mistakes and what I would do differently if I were to start all over again. I also no longer need to get coaching clients to make a living. PioneerU is a passion of mine and an e-learning platform that teaches a completely new way of learning, living and doing business. 

I could have shut it down a year ago when I made the decision to no longer be a coach. My other two companies generate more than enough profits to just enjoy them.

I am doing this because I genuinely want to see you succeed and because I know how hard it can be to have so much love and passion for your craft and how you can help others and not being able to expand as quickly as you want.

Feeling like you are not living up to your full potential is the worst state anyone can be in. I don't want that to be you. 

I can't promise that you do the work. But what I can promise is that if you take all that you'll learn during this workshop and implement it, you'll see immediate results. 

You read just some of the testimonials at the beginning of this page. These people only spent a call with me and got outstanding results. Just imagine what two full hours with me can do for you.

I promise to not hold anything back and that if you do the work and implement what you'll learn, you'll make your investment back 100x and more!

The question is, are you truly ready for those results?

If so, I'll see you on the other side!

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