Become a Pioneer to Change the World

We support individuals, couples, families, executives, consultants, small business owners and multi-million companies.

PioneerU™ is the only eUniversity educating PIONEERS not experts who are creating through chaos but need a streamlined process to channel and anchor their creations with all their inner and outer elements on board. 

We do this by assisting you in curing the expert syndrome to come up with the courage to lead your life and/or business as a PIONEER that boldly walks into the unknown and calls people higher instead of complying with what everyone else is doing.

We help you to reinvent your life, niche or industry and clarify how to best share your PIONEER CREATIONS with the world as well as establish who is ready to receive those blessings. 

Dear Pioneer,

Do you want to know why you probably never knew what you wanted to be when you were little? Or why you changed your mind a thousand times?

It's also why the usual coaching approach of solving a specific problem and becoming an expert in your field doesn't work for you…

Because you are here to change the world!

The biggest lie you have ever been told is that you can't change the world.

So you settled into changing yourself, and your immediate environment whilst a part inside of you was always suffering and always sad. 

A part of you always felt incomplete and not seen and heard. It's the part of you that knows you are here to change the world and knows exactly HOW you will do that.

You are here to reinvent Humanity as a PIONEER and be a conscious leader at the forefront of Evolution, not to become an expert in a field. 

Because as soon as you try to fit your Creative Spirit into the box of becoming an expert at one thing, you'll lose access to the Holographic Perception that allows you to see a Reinvention for multiple fields and industries because you are so connected and have this overall perspective. 

It doesn't mean that we don't need experts. We do! 

But if you are here to change the world and bring the projects and innovations into this world that move us as Humanity forward, you can't try to be an expert when what you really are is an Innovator, a Creator and a Leader at the forefront.


Guess what's happening when you try to fit your Creative Genius into a box of becoming an expert in one niche and solving a specific problem? It withdraws because it doesn't fit in a box.

Once your Creative Genius aka the Artist within, withdraws that creates through chaos guess what's also disappearing? 

Your excitement, passion and energy for your Mission because there is no more mission.

If there is no Mission inspired by your Creative Genius, guess what's happening? Your mind wanders off to search for problems in your own life and therefore creates them. 

You'll end up thinking that something is wrong with you. Why can't you be normal? Why can't you be like everyone else? Why can't you just choose something and stick with that?

So you start fixing yourself, diving deep into the self-help industry and working on your mindset to be grateful. 

You are successful and an expert in your field. So why aren't you no longer excited and passionate about what you do?

Lack of excitement will always lead to a lack of confidence, self-worth and self-care. That affects your emotional and physical state and often has consequences such as poor nutrition choices, no exercise habits and bad sleep quality. 

And because you settled for fitting into a box, you are also settling in your professional and personal life. That means lower revenue streams, friends that might be great but not right for you, selling stuff that really you aren't sold on anymore, so sales are tanking and pursuing a career path that's not made for you.

The solution is not to search for the problem. The key is to understand and accept that you are wired differently. And then create a life that is large enough to go beyond your wildest dreams and into the unknown where no one has dared to go before you.

For that to happen, you have to return to your Creative Genius and let Spirit inform the Vision. Then get your mind on board with that Vision and connect it to the emotion that is driving it forward. And lastly, take the right next actions steps FOR YOU to make it happen and stay committed every day.

The outcome?

You will never create a program or an offer just to make money ever again. 

You will no longer waste your life away in a job that you are not passionate about.

You won't sacrifice your life-force in the glory of success but at the cost of your integrity.

You will no longer compromise or settle because you are trying to fit in a box and start problem-solving instead of expanding Visions and creating Movements. 

Your revenue will be off the charts without you ever thinking about how to make more money. Because money always shows up when you show up for your Mission.

We are here to support you in any way we can to step up and have the courage to lead as a PIONEER instead of complying with what everyone else is doing. We are so excited that you are here, beloved PIONEER.

Rock on,

Tabita and the PioneerU™ Team