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Closing multi-million deals in 15 minutes or less over a text message
How to turn every narcissist into a humble, healed and devoted person
Thriving while being innocently incarcerated for two years in a third-world country

As seen in

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How Pioneer Creations Change The World by Reinventing Industries and Creating New Marketplaces at 10X Profit Growth Instead of Dominating Your Space as the Go-To Expert

Why as a Pioneer Offer Creator you should never do market research when launching an offer.
Why as a Pioneer Marketer you should not speak to your customers pain to present your solution to their problem.
How Pioneer Sales Managers are no longer wasting millions on their sales team.
Why as a Pioneer Strategist you should not repeat and improve what has worked so far to deliver a better product.

PS: When you click on the Discover More Details Button above, you'll be taken to the overview of each chapter of the entire book. You have the chance to listen to 30 minutes of the book by clicking on free preview and decide whether or not you want to give more of your most valuable asset to it - your time - that as you know you can never get back once it's wasted. That's the reason we don't spend our time with a long sales letter and instead let the masterpiece do the talking 😉

"I became a best-selling author after one call with Tabita and went on to publish several more books."

Sandra Stachowicz

"I can highly recommend Tabita's work. My life has literally transformed in three months on every level you can think of, with my art, my relationships, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally etc.. It has been an adventure & I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. I needed Tabita's kicks in the ass and straight, loving approach. Best decision ever!"

Nora Freisberg

From 10k to 100k in one Month

"We made the 100k month in August (the same month he joined the mastermind) thanks to your fantastic coaching Tabita. Thank you! It’s astonishing how fast this happened. Miracles are always expected now."

Robby Altwein

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