You’ve made a powerful choice signing up for this content. Now the only thing left is committing to it to actually watching AND implementing it.

So I would like for you to make a choice first and then start watching. Because then you are setting a clear intention what you are going to get out of these videos as well as what you are going to do with the data you collected.

  1. What is you most important question or challenge that you would like to solve?
  2. What is your most expanded vision that you’d like to live? Please be honest and don’t just think about what you believe you can achieve but what you actually want to achieve.
  3. What is the choice you are making today and the commitment (meaning the action you are willing to take) to making this vision a reality?
  4. Are you ready to get uncomfortable and keep going even in uncertain times?

Great! So you are all set to go 🙂 Make sure you add the date 25th, 26th and 27th at 5 PM GMT in your calendar and commit to attending live.

We can’t wait to hear your questions and assist you during times like these!


Tabita and the Pioneer Team