About Tabita Dietrich


  • Tabita survived 5-near death experiences until the age of 17.
  • She wrote her first book at the age of 18 which was dedicated to the child within her and was honoured with the best mark as her graduation work in college.
  • She healed herself from abuse, addiction, co-dependency, victim consciousness and so much more until the age of 18 when she finished college.
  • She quit chasing after a paper and getting an academic degree to fulfill her highest destiny and create her legacy at the age of 18.
  • She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 and made 4-figures and growing from the first month in business.
  • She also went on to cultivate her artistic nature and had her first vernissage at the age of 19.
  • She created her own therapy method at the age of 19.
  • She helped hundreds of people internationally in the EU to master themselves and build the life they were meant to live.
  • She created multiple six-figures at the age of 22.
  • She innocently ended up in prison in a 3rd world country at the age of 23 and completely reinvented herself and her business.
  • She wrote 7 books during her 2-years prison time and published one of them after she was released.
  • It became a bestseller at the age of 26.
  • She then has been featured in countless television and radio shows with her book and shared her story of being reborn and rising like a phoenix from the ashes with the masses.
  • She built her business from scratch to multiple 6-figures again after being released from prison within 2 years.
  • She founded the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur at the age of 28 and expanded into the English market.



Hear her story from herself...


I'm 28 and up to this date I've built a multiple six-figure business not once but twice before and after being locked up innocently in a foreign country for two years.

For many years I wouldn't talk about my past at all because it was full of sad stories and I didn't want anyone’s pitty. I hated it! I am fucking grateful for my life even though it was tough and unusual and makes most people speechless but it made me fucking bulletproof. I've survived 5 near-death experiences, rape, child abuse for many years, living on the street, addiction and so much more I could go on and on. That's why I know my work inside and out and started coaching at the age of 18 because everything I've just mentioned (not my prison time) happened before my 18th birthday.

I know what energetic work looks like in action and exactly how to create the results from alignment with your soul because I've transformed every single aspect through all my experiences in all my bodies physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and that's why I know the basic illusions inside and out and what it means to live out of fear or completely free from your past traumas and therefore fear and live the life you are meant to live.

My body still shows scars from my past experiences but I appreciate them as they remind me that I am still alive. I sometimes cry out of grace. I am about to move again to another country after leaving my home country 5 years ago. I love my man and my dog to death who waited for me after I came back from being locked up for 2 years without seeing them. I have 5 siblings and we all are very close. I love my clients and don't ever take on anyone I don't want to. I love fitness and weight lifting and couldn't live without it. I love authentic people who say what is truly in their mind and heart.

I help my clients run a business from their soul’s mission that serves the highest good of all. Living multidimensionally and let your business be run by your supreme being is an art that is ingrained once you’ve passed all the tests and mastered yourself and learnt how to embody your soul completely. For me it also meant giving up all the things that I had accomplished and developed to upgrade in each area of my life. It went that far that I had to give up everything and everyone to fully die and be reborn again. For me that lesson came when I was innocently incarcerated and spent two years in prison at the other side of the world in a 3rd world country. From that experience came a best selling book, countless television interviews, and sharing my story of being reborn with the masses.

Every person is different. But what is not different is what is required of us to evolve through that evolution in our life and business. It requires that we have mastered our personality to the fullest and made it a vessel for our soul. It also is a must that we completely trust the process and that we don’t try to heal ourselves when going through this phase of death because darkness is as much essential as the light like day and night.

When I was done with that phase I came out at the other end as a totally different soul. Literally! And it also changed the way I run my business forever.


I let my business be run by my supreme being and enjoy being a human. Something I am still learning as I am not 100% used to being human 🙂 I was always more operating on a soul level.

I have so many fantastic people in my team who manage all the tasks for me that don’t require my attention.

I only sell multi 5-figure packages to exactly the people I want to work with and say no to people who don’t fit in even though they are ready to pay my fee.

I get up each and every day excited about my day and I think about myself, my desires, my pleasures and what I need before thinking about anybody else.

I don’t have any thoughts about if or how I am going to sustain my business. Because I am connected to my biggest vision here on earth coming from my soul and I act on it daily... so there is no fear or question in my mind on whether I am taken care of or not. I am supported in all the expected and set up ways by myself and also in all the unexpected ways.

Most importantly I am not afraid of whatever is coming my way. Because I have mastered the art of non-attachment and being 100% human at the same time I know how to be the eye in the hurricane which is an essential skill for every entrepreneur.

What about you? Where are you at on your entrepreneurial journey? Looking forward to connect with you more deeply!

With love and deep respect,