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Tabita Dietrich presents...

Where Pioneers Monetize Their Big Visions To Reinvent Humanity And Add Their First Or Next #100KMASTERPIECE  To Their Revenue Streams

We Are Calling Forth All Entrepreneurs, Experts, Coaches, Facilitators, Visionaries And Artists Who Are Ready To Become Pioneers To Join Us For Three Days In Beautiful Barcelona




you are not here to create just another coaching program or expert service?

the old way of doing things, launching products, and marketing your services bore you to death?

you have something so life-changing to share that you can't box into a specific niche?

you are not here to solve a problem?




You are ready to bring your WORK OF ART into the World and create a MASTERPIECE?

I am Tabita Dietrich and together with my Team of 20 people and growing, we are here to help you make this happen!


  • Just find your perfect Avatar and know really well to whom your speaking.
  • Know your ideal prospects and what keeps them awake at night so you can speak to their pain and understand them better than anybody else.
  • Use this formula to create your own multiple 6-figure product and service launches like I did.
  • This strategy will help you get to 7-figures and beyond once you master it.
  • You have to use urgency triggers and deadlines to make people take action.
  • And you have to add tons of value to your already value-packed offer so your prospects feel that this is such a great deal that they can't miss out.

"It’s the most holistic way of leading a business." Regina

You know all too well about it by looking at the many courses and coaching programs you've purchased and haven't gotten any, little, or temporary results from it.

You know you have something so BIG to share that is World-changing.

But you've been told that you can't change the World.

Just focus on your immediate surroundings and change that because that's the impact you can have is what you've been told.

"Truth is, if you have the dream inside of you to CHANGE THE WORLD, you also have the GIFTS AND VISION INSIDE OF YOU TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN."

Tabita Dietrich

So let's make one thing clear!

If you are here to change the World and impact Millions of People you can't box your Creative Genius in a box and solve a problem in a specific niche.

If you continue to wear the mask of being the best expert in all the certificates and trainings that you have gotten so far, you'll never step outside of that comfort zone of safety and step boldly to the forefront as a Pioneer to be the Leader that calls people higher by reinventing your industry and ultimately Humanity and get highly paid for doing that.

So I am challenging you here today just like I did Sandra to admit to yourself what you are really here for and to acknowledge that your skills and the trainings you've gotten were necessary to get you this far but that you have reached a point in your Life and Business Expansion where holding onto it is YOU hiding your most brilliant Masterpiece from the World - which is your Work of Art.

"Why you should NOT consider working with Tabita" Sandra

Are you ready to step into being a Pioneer?


If you are comfortable with where you're at, and you want to continue doing things the old-fashioned way or you really are an Expert then this is not for you.


We need Pioneers, and we need Experts just the same.

Check out below what describes you best.


  • Have extensive research and experience in one field or particular topic to find specific solutions
  • Have a deep-dive approach into a topic and master it completely
  • Have lots of knowledge in a specific niche, topic and area of expertise
  • Learn through studies, books, seminars and the traditional systems
  • Get qualified to be really good at their expertise
  • Are comfortable with their accomplishments and keep doing the same thing that has gotten them this far
  • Use and monetize their skills
  • Are good employees or expert entrepreneurs who use traditional systems, modalities, and strategies to create Success


  • Do extensive research and cultivate the experience where they gather ideas and act on the next bigger Vision
  • Have a Holographic approach and always see the most expanded Vision possible to reinvent industries and ultimately Humanity
  • Learn through studies, reinvent it, go for the experience and download the bigger Vision in stillness to execute immediately
  • Are ahead of their time because they are always creating and reinventing
  • Are never quite satisfied with their accomplishments
  • Forever stretch out of their comfort zone
  • Use and monetize their Creative Genius
  • Are Visionaries, Artists, Leaders, and Evolutionaries with large Companies and creative Empires

Can you hear it? The rising of the Pioneers who have hidden behind the masks of being the best expert.

We are fed up of how things are done, and we are ready to break all the rules to create amazing, profoundly transformational, intensely moving, cellular shifting and artistically high-octane businesses, experiences, services and offers that are going to leave people speechless and shifted so they can never return to be the person they were before working with us.

We are here to call forth all Leaders, Visionaries, Artists, and Pioneers ready to bring the Reinventions, Projects, and Works of Art into the World that are changing the landscape of what we thought is possible for us as a Human Race.

You didn't come here to:

  • Just build another boring business online or offline.
  • Get in line with what everybody has agreed on.
  • Measure success solely based on numbers.
  • Join the 5AM club to get up and crush it.
  • Be another expert and rise to the top of your industry.

You are here to:

  • Make big waves with your free Self-Expression.
  • Create Works of Art as a Pioneer that reinvent your industry.
  • Have a business that builds on itself and doesn't need tons of mindset work to keep expanding.
  • Bring your unique Body of Work into the World.
  • Share your message and services with Millions of people.
  • Expand in Consciousness with the Artist in you but also expand here on Earth through monetizing your Creations with the Business Person in you.
  • Generate Millions in Cash so you can reinvest into the projects and inventions that move us as Humanity forward.

That is exactly why we created Pioneers Live and invite YOU to join us!

"I made my multiple 5-figure investment back after one 1:1 call with Tabita." Katelyn

What the Pioneers Live Experience is going to be like!

Day 1: Expand your Vision

If you are like all the amazing clients that I supported in 12 years as an Entrepreneur, you probably have kept your Vision smaller than it actually is as to not offend people, lose them, and be called insane.

As a result, your mind started wandering off and searching for problems and found them. The deep-dive into the self-help industry gave you all the necessary distractions and ideas about what else needs fixing.

Your business(es) have suffered as a result and operations are not working as they should.

But you are through all of that and bored to death. Because you are ready for your Creative Genius to be unleashed to live a life and create a business that has no ceiling.

Get ready to experience that on your very first day of Pioneers Live and reconnect with your most expanded Vision. The one that you've not even been dreaming about.

Day 2: Create your Work of Art

Your Work of Art needs to have the Artist and Business Person in you fully on board where you take your Creation as important as your Revenue.

Only then can you create a container which holds a business that does not leak your Life-Force all over the place, so you can expand into your most expanded Vision with the Artist but also expand your Business and monetize your Creation in the most mind-blowing and profitable way that impacts Millions of People.

This all starts with a highly transformational and deeply impactful Offer or Service. We are going to map out exactly how you add an additional $ 50k+ to your Revenue Streams on the second day of Pioneers Live with a Work of Art that is in Integrity with all of YOU.

Day 3: Map out, integrate and celebrate your Masterpiece

Your most expanded Vision that leads into your Work of Art needs a clear map on how to execute and bring that into the World to actually make you a lot of Ca$h.

We are going to map out your next steps, what rituals and tools you need to keep expanding. We are also going to integrate that expansion so that it is not a one-day success and plant your Masterpiece into the Earth.

And afterward, we are going to have a fantastic party to celebrate YOU and YOUR WORK OF ART and have so much fun with all the other fellow Pioneers.

Will YOU be joining us in beautiful Barcelona, Spain?

February 21st - 23rd, 2020

Day 1: 9am - 6pm

Day 2: 9am - 6pm

Day 3: 9am - 4pm

Day 3: 4pm - 6pm Celebration Party


Jolanda Maria I Transformational Coach

Tabita  helps me to realize my dreams, to put in words and to fill it in a vessel and to make it come true step by step. Tabita is tangible yet at the same time tactful, sensitive, warm and authentic. Although it is not a personal ‘one to one’ contact, I really feel that she is energetically and physically here for me. Thanks Tabita! Best regards, Jolanda

Bastian Ackermann I Founder Radical Force

Your work is remarkable. I have never experienced so many insights and findings in such a short time that make so much sense on a deeper level (ie the truth). The program is very intense but amazing. I definitely know to be on the right path.

I am super excited to be at

Meet Tabita Dietrich, your Host and the Pioneers Team!

Tabita Dietrich is a Bestselling-Author and the CEO of three companies. One of them is her Online-Coaching Business where Pioneers sell out anywhere from $ 5k to $ 100k offers after having cured the Expert Syndrom. She and her team of 20 people and growing support clients on four continents and in two different languages. She built her first company at the age of 18 from scratch. She takes all the uncomfortable actions daily to be a Pioneer and support and bring companies into the World that reinvent humanity.

Her death and rebirth came when she innocently ended up in prison in a 3rd world country at the age of 23 and completely reinvented herself and her business. She wrote 7 books during her 2-years prison time and submitted one of them that was published after she was released. It became a bestseller at the age of 26. Click here to watch the video with almost half a million views.

She then has been featured in countless national television and radio shows like TeleZüri, Tele Top, Radio Munot and many more with her book and shared her story of being reborn and rising like a phoenix from the ashes with the masses.

Today she lives in the Canary Islands and is working on her next Bestselling Book, sailing, enjoying the sun, doing fitness and spending time with her beloved Partner and dalmatian-mix dog.

If you are ready to expand your Vision, create your Work of Art and add 5- to multiple 6-figures to your Revenue Streams, then let me propose this question: if all this Gathering of Pioneers provided was to...

  • Move you to drop all the excuses and go after your most expanded Vision in a congruent way that is the organic next step in your Evolution
  • Give you the exact process to create your Work of Art and confidently charge anywhere from $ 5k to $ 100k+ to create highly impactful and transformative Businesses, Services, Offers and Experiences that add 5- to multiple 6-figures to your Revenue Streams
  • See and implement exactly how you collapse the time for the Creation of your Work of Art, and you also deliver results, experiences and transformation for your clients and your companies services in half the time

How much would that be worth?

Nora Freisberg | Musician & Potential Coach Nora Freisberg | Musician & Potential Coach

I can highly recommend Tabita's work. My life has literally transformed in three months on every level you can think of, with my art, my relationships, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally etc.. It has been an adventure & I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. I needed Tabita's kicks in the ass and straight, loving approach. Best decision ever! (Went from € 13.- hourly wages to selling multiple 5-figures, appearing on TV and selling out her Music lessons. Congratulations!)

Robby Altwein | Business Coach Robby Altwein | Business Coach

We made the €100K month in August (the same month he joined the mastermind) thanks to your fantastic coaching Tabita. Thank you! It’s astonishing how fast this happened. Miracles are always expected now. (He then went on with a €46K week and sold his first ever €18K package. His client also made €70K after one call in his new program, that we created.) Congrats!

Here is just a small piece of what we'll cover in this epic highly impactful and transformational 3-day event:

  • Why it is selfish to not sell out your $ 5k to $ 100k offer and how to tie it back into your most expanded Vision so that you become irresistible to your Dream Clients.
  • The exact process that my clients and I use to create and get 100% sold on our $ 5k to $ 100k+ offers and services to actually sell it out (hint: you are only going to close business to the amount you are sold at your Masterpiece).
  • How to communicate what it is that you genuinely provide for people and companies in a way that has your dream clients and projects lining up to work with you.
  • To be in a room of Presence where you get to be seen, heard, and understood with your massive Vision maybe for the very first time.
  • The step-by-step process for creating fantastic, profoundly transformational, intensely moving, cellular shifting, and artistically high-octane businesses, services, offers, and experiences that are going to leave people speechless and shifted so they can never return to be the person they were before (and they also love sending you wonderful referrals).
  • How to always operate from the person that is already living that massive Vision so you can get out of doubt and fear instantly instead of staying stuck for months because you are too scared to take the right next step for your big Vision and lose money not acting.
  • A live presentation on how to disempower the basic human illusions to always act on complete freedom to create whatever you want to create.
  • How to expand your Vision with the Artist and Business Person in you to be in love with creating as well as with monetizing your Creations.
  • How to create your Work of Art without ever thinking about making money or how to communicate to your perfect Avatar, and write copy that sells to bring it through in the way it sells itself, so you have a business that sustains itself.
  • Why monetizing your Work of Art comes after you've created it and how to avoid the most costly mistakes that 90% of Entrepreneurs make when creating their businesses, services, offers, and experiences.

"I really know what I am doing now." Nora

Claim your ticket now and make your BIG VISION happen.

"I achieved everything I wanted to achieve and everything that still reveils itself to me is more than I ever expected." Evelyn Lempert

Katelyn Ruth I Soul-level Mentor Katelyn Ruth I Soul-level Mentor

I actually upped my prices after just listening to your free live-streams and sold 3 packages at $3300. That’s WAY more than I’ve ever felt comfortable charging before. (She is currently selling out her High-Level Premium Retreat and has made over $ 30k in revenue after one 1:1 call with me.)

Regina Ray I Founder Highest Level Intimacy Academy Regina Ray I Founder Highest Level Intimacy Academy

Thank you Tabita with all my heart that you are here! May many more people with your help completely change their lives and become the servants of their souls! (Collected multiple 5-figures and brought her own body of work into the world after years of looking at Gurus as the answer to all her seeking. Congratulations!)

Your free Self-Expression, big Vision and Work of Art are meant to inspire, impact and serve Millions of People. But you might have been scared up until this point and asked yourself...

  • Why me?
  • Why should my Work of Art be any different?
  • Why should I bring it into the World when there are already so many other amazing businesses, projects and services?

So you wandered off scrolling another hour on the interwebz to check out what all the gurus and experts are doing, that you look up to.

And before you knew it, you talked yourself out of a Divine Epiphany that could have been brought into the World through YOU and changed Millions of People.

But you were too busy standing in your own way and making this all about you when really and truly it was never your job to worry about your worthiness.


TRUTH IS, you shouldn't be worried how many other people and companies out there are doing similar things and offer similar products and services. You should be worried that there aren't more people sharing their WORKS OF ART.

It's up to you what you are going to do with this amazing life that you've been given.

If you know you are a Pioneer and you have a Masterpiece to share that will impact Millions of people it is selfish to not bring it out into the World.

Maybe YOU want to:  

  • Be the next NY-Times Bestselling Author with a book that helps people build a Life of Freedom
  • Have deeply intimate Relationships and help others reclaim their authentic Voice and live their Truth
  • Be the Speaker that inspires Millions of People to have the most important Conversations of what will move us forward as Humanity
  • Bring your Body of Work into the World that is meant to serve People all around the Globe
  • Create your Work of Art and charge anywhere from $ 5k to $ 100k that is the perfect offer for 15 people ready to have you sincerely serve and change their life in six months

So whatever it is that you are up to and this massive Vision that you are claiming for you TODAY, that you are not going to stop until it's fulfilled. So wether you are doing that at Pioneers Live or you are choosing another Path. Choose from the Version of you that is already living that Vision and make the decision from that Version today. Whatever is a Yes, go all in and whatever is a No, decide and let it go so you have your space clear to keep expressing yourself, creating and monetizing.

Are you ready to claim this for you NOW with us?

Yes, I claim my ticket now and no longer procrastinate my BIG VISION.

"Tabita, your work was just mind-blowing for me. I can’t say it differently. For the past two years I had to think often about what I experienced with you because this doesn’t exist a second time." Silvia Pia Meier

Manuela Cursaro I Transformational Coach Manuela Cursaro I Transformational Coach

If you are really willing to act and stay committed then Tabita is right for you. She has a loving nature and is always there for you. She doesn't let you get away with things that are not true. Which is very good. She shows you who you can be. I always felt cared for and safe with her. (Made her first 10k full pay sale.)

Catherine Godward I Transformational Coach Catherine Godward I Transformational Coach

I started Tabita's course just a few weeks ago, but through an exercise I dug up a lot of power that I have not had access to for a few years. Now the business is running and I'm on the go! Thank you! (Made $3300.- after the first module)

PLEASE NOTE: 10% of all our Sales go to our Foundation that helps Children unlock their full Potential and Rescue Animals get a loving home.

Questions? We are here to help!