What if you don't have to work until 65 before you can retire and enjoy your life?

What if you don't need a business to obtain a freedom lifestyle and become a millionaire? 

What if your money could work for you instead of you trading your time to make money?

What if you could spend your days with your loved ones and create eternal memories instead of working?


My Story

What's next after you've accomplished every dream you've ever had?

What about the moment in life when money is no longer the motivation to keep going because you could retire today without any sacrifices for yourself and your loved ones?

What if nothing you see out there truly ignites that passion and hunger for life that you once had?

How are you responding to that deep calling and the glimpses of a massive expansion rising from within that scares you and leaves you wondering if you are cut out for it?

These were the exact questions I asked myself at 23 years when I went from innocent incarceration for two years in a third-world country where I lost my multiple 6-figure business and every relation near and dear to me as Tabita Dietrich...

and was reborn during 9 years as Tabita Fénix the Founder and Leader of the Pioneer Movement and Embodiment of the Pioneer Spirit aka Fénix.

No matter how successful you are - millions or billions collected - there is this next-level waiting...

This is your invitation to step up as a PIONEER instead of managing the success and wealth you've accumulated over the years as an expert.

"When life is handing PIONEERS lemons, we don't just make lemonade, we grow a whole forest of lemon trees, so everyone else can make lemonade as well." 

- Tabita Fénix


And You Can Too!

When I retired in my 30's from my multi-million companies, every monetary milestone and next-level success became meaningless and I was asked to retreat to the desert on an island and sit with the earth to bring my immortal movement into the world. 

That's when the Pioneer Movement was born on the beautiful island Lanzarote in the Canary Islands next to the African Cost where it almost never rains.

This doesn't mean I completely stopped working. It means that if I wanted to step away at any given day, I could have because my investments paid me more than enough to never have to worry about anything.

I instead decided to expand the Pioneer Movement while only working 16 hours per week or less.

I managed to do all this while scaling back my team from over 40 people to 11 and have kept it like that since without sacrificing profits.

I was able to do this because I co-created the Pioneer Retirement with Life, all my experiences and dedication to have our profits work harder for us than we have to show up to generate more sales.

It's what allowed me to create a company culture that is anti-hustle and none of my team members work eight hours per day. We do things with maximum effectiveness but minimal effort. 

Efficiency powered by the magic of synchronicity is our driving force not hustle and working hard.

Upon completing the biggest expansion of the Pioneer Movement to this date, I travelled for the entire year of 2022 to acquire as much land and Real Estate as possible to give every homeless person, child and animal a home. 

It's one of the reasons I decided to completely step away from any online activity or business ventures. My presence has indeed become priceless and I turn multi-million proposals away because I prefer to stay dedicated to my DIVINE CALLING. 

While you still see content from me and our Pioneer Creations shared and monitored by my Pioneer Team, I am no longer available for online sessions or have any capacity for public speaking engagements or training. 

I only offer very few spots for in-person retreats in any of our Pioneer Homes for male executives and founders only. Therefor, I decided to give back to the families who desire to reach millionaire or billionaire status within 10 years or less while only the father/husband is working 16 hours or less per week to spend more time with their loved ones.

What you are reading here is the result of 18 years of dedicated and unwavering commitment to PIONEERING AT THE VERY FOREFRONT OF HUMANITY.

I am not in this for money. 

If I was, I would have used a tagline such as become a millionaire in 90 days with my proven secret formula like every expert in the online space.

I AM A PIONEER not a bottom-feeding, exploitive and greedy person.

On the contrary, my experience and life has proven that money is the false God that humanity has come to worship and the root of so much suffering and the enslavement of humanity.

The Pioneer Retirement is my response to end the enslavement of humanity.

You have been lied to and no one wants you to find out what I am about to share with you.

That’s why you're spending every day working to receive the life that is already yours unconditionally.

You're working to pay for things that most likely you don't even need if you would have the time to be fully present and cultivate the right relationships with all of life, including yourself, your loved ones, your community, and this beautiful planet.

When was the last time you sat somewhere and just enjoyed the happiness of being alive and watching life around you?

When was the last time you had a meal with your loved ones without checking your phone or thinking about something else on your to-do list?


Pioneer Retirement

As long as you have to get up and work to make money and afford the lifestyle that you and your loved ones enjoy right now or desire to afford one day whether as a business owner or employee, you are enslaved.

You have to worship money by trading your most valuable asset for it - your time that you can never get back once it's gone - because society makes you believe that this is what you need to survive.

This could not be further from the truth!

No, I'm not going to tell you that you need to stop working, not care about money anymore and end up on the streets.

What I am going to offer instead is an opportunity to retire you and your family as millionaires or billionaires without you having to work a single hour to do so.

If you already are a millionaire or billionaire, then this opportunity will simply add to your investment portfolio.

Sounds too good to be true?

I know! 

This is the exact reason why you should keep reading because bringing this into the world with a bullet proof map and the investment fund to back it cost me 33 years in pain and sacrifice while boldly walking into the unknown to co-create impossible miracles with the Pioneer Spirit.

I have endured every possible trauma you can think of including homelessness as a teenager, mental illnesses that are supposed to be incurable, innocent incarceration, rape, physical, emotional. mental and spiritual abuse and so much more and have overcome all of it with the PIONEER TEACHINGS you will receive with this opportunity.


I have done all of this while out-successing every milestone and dream I ever had...

only to realize that FREEDOM is only possible when there is no other reason to do anything other than because it's fun. 

That's what the Pioneer Movement is all about.

We intend that you no longer have to get up and work and can reclaim your most valuable asset - your time.

We want to show you what freedom looks like when you can get up in the morning and not have to think about anything else least alone work and instead you can ask yourself

What do you want to create today for the pure pleasure of creating?

What are the experiences you want to have to create life-long memories and beauty with your loved ones?

When you operate from that place you will never have to do anything ever again in the pursuit of making money.

That is the dream that I have for every living being and what I have executed since I retired in my 30's as a multi-millionaire.

If every person can operate like that there is literally nothing that we as a human race can not accomplish.

If this sounds like a full body yes here is how it works…


You Have Two Options

You either quit your job, exit or sell your company to no longer show up in a physical workplace or your company and pour all your savings or profits into an online business education that is supposed to enable your freedom lifestyle while working on the beach with your laptop and phone when you are most likely never able to take a real vacation 

or you invest your savings with us with a 4% interest rate per month that will compound to over 7-figures in 10 years with the minimal investment amount.

This means, you and your family will reach millionaire status in 10 years WITHOUT HAVING TO WORK FOR IT AT ALL.

Sounds too good to be true?

That's because what the Pioneer Movement offers is FREEDOM and nothing else. 

This is your essence and birthright that has been taken away from you when you were born.

To be exact, you became a number in the system and a slave for your country the moment you received a birth certificate.

Your mind has been trained to feed a system that makes you pay for things you never actually need and to have to get an education that in most countries starts off your professional adult life with debt that will keep you spinning in the hamster wheel of chasing money instead of freedom.

The Pioneer Movement supports the option to retire your family as millionaires or billionaires while giving you the golden ticket to never have to work ever again unless you actually want to 

and providing you with the best training to create additional revenue streams with your innate gifts and skills that you were born with that take you 16 hours or less per week to successfully execute and add additional 7-figure revenue streams.

When you make the decision to join PIONEER RETIREMENT, you will become self-less not self-ish by refusing to replace your current role with your own created prison that is supposed to give you freedom.

Or you can continue to work hard as an entrepreneur or employee.

Please be aware that as an online or offline business owner you have to hustle to make money and compete with every other millennial who has long ago decided that working hard until 65 is not what they desire for their life.

You can either turn into a business owner or influencer and travel the world while constantly looking at your smartphone to run the rat race of Social Media and you'll end up like the youth I see that is spending hours taking the perfect shot for their IG feed to then argue about it not being right instead of enjoying each others company...

Or you can travel like I do and never post a single selfie online because my money and my Pioneer Team work for me so I only take on projects that I want to do not just for money.

Do you want to break free from the enslavement of humanity and refuse to work hard for a life that is already YOURS unconditionally?

PIONEER RETIREMENT exists to give you back your most precious commodity - your time - while providing you with the very best education in creating an additional revenue stream with a 16 hour workweek or less. 

But let me be clear... with the opportunity presented to you, you DO NOT HAVE TO WORK AT ALL to reach millionaire status in 10 years.

Before you enjoy that kind of freedom...

You need to have your money working for you. This is what we DO FOR YOU with the Pioneer Retirement.

Otherwise you'll be working for money as soon as the euphoria of your internal motivation to smash an income goal wears off and reality hits you again 

And you simultaneously need to make the internal shift to create for the pure pleasure of creating whatever you choose and not because you need a result or seek external validation.

If your money is not working for you, you need a result because you need money.

As aforementioned, your money needs to work for you, so you no longer need a result.

The second part of reclaiming your freedom...

and no longer seeking others' approval is an emotional process.

No longer seeking external validation but being free to completely express any version of yourself that you desire is what you will embody when you step up as a pioneer. 

Because that's when you can learn anything that is fun for you at any time without abandoning your true essence - love.

Love for yourself, the people you love, your community and this beautiful planet.

When you do anything in your life or business from that place - your true essence - you literally are free to be and create whatever and whomever you choose for pure pleasure.

That's how I operate as a PIONEER WOMAN

I only act and commit to a project, an impossible miracle from the Fénix or any business venture and see it through...

Because I created the freedom within and without and in all my relations and Pioneer Creations aka business ventures (and I have many) to be and do whatever I choose just because it's fun for me and I love to create.

This kind of freedom is multi-dimensional. And it takes mastery for each department and area of your life before you receive a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Here Is How It Works

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a university degree or your online education to chase millionaire or billionaire status or the freedom lifestyle as an influencer only to find out that it's harder than the online gurus and experts want you to believe...

You can invest your money at a 4% ROI monthly and become a millionaire in 10 years or less while co-creating results such as the one mentioned above.

Because I enjoyed this kind of freedom with my investments I was able to fully devote myself to the MASSIVE VISION that scared me when I first received it at 29 years and believed I would never be able to fulfill that.

That's why I retired from mentoring, strategy and most online activity to retreat into the VOID and moved to an island in the desert where I spent three years in prayer, silence and presence with the earth to complete a bullet proof map with the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ to offer the Pioneer Retirement plan

Whilst my pioneer investments did the heavy lifting for me. 

That allowed me to:

reclaim my time and spend it mostly creating, surfing, singing or in nature
reinvent my life and daily activities and only work and partner with whom I really choose
fully commit to my masterpieces aka Pioneer Creations
only create for pure pleasure and not because I need a result, money or validation
fire anyone that no longer fit into our company culture to have the most innovative multi-million Pioneer Team
regulate my nervous system to be at peace and never have to sell out my values in the pursuit of success 


Instead Of Going Offline To Be Fully Present With Life

You will feel…

Constantly on
Bullied by your creations, dreams and relations
The need to fix and heal yourself
To constantly show up on Social Media
To always have to give your best for your family, friends and/or community
That you need to hold space and heal others

Because you refuse to empty yourself and sit in the void for “as long as it takes” to be dead

Until the pulse of raw co-creation informs and instructs you to take the right next step with maximum precision and minimal effort

Instead of reacting to people, external stimulus, desires and timelines of other people. 

You will become a prisoner of your own manifested reality. 

Which is always limited by what the mind can dream about that is fed with all the shiny objects that you see on the internet. 

That’s a predatory playground for the spiritual self-help and personal development industry that is capitalizing on your dreams

By making you feel unworthy and not good enough by trying to fix what was never broken 

Because they feel threatened by your wild, untamed and w-holy nature. 

But you will never come up with the courage to kill your dreams. 

And step up as a PIONEER to RECEIVE instead of manifest a life BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS. 

You will…

buy the next course, membership or high ticket offer to make more money instead of facing yourself 
believe that the online gurus and experts have a secret about living life the right way that you have yet to discover
stand in front of a mirror and critize your body for not being as skinny as the supermodel that you see online
stay up late at night to push another launch because Cindy has just celebrated her million-dollar month so you should too

Instead of being present with your life and loved ones and…

Never having to look at your phone because everyone that you love is right there with you.

Enjoying your travels and nature with your physical eyes instead of trying to capture the perfect shot through a camera lens.

Sitting at the dinner table and having deep conversations about all the miracles you get to co-create because you never have to worry about bills.

Which is also when you can walk away from anything and anyone that wants you to sell out your soul in the pursuit of making money.

That's when you step into PIONEER RETIREMENT and reclaim your freedom because you can actually retire.

Your standard for your life will become brilliance, unpredictability and invincibility. 

That’s only possible if you create whatever you want to create for the pure pleasure of creating it as a PIONEER.

When you embody the PIONEER that does no longer need external validation or money there is no value to be exchanged. 

You no longer get paid what you are worth because your presence is priceless. 

That’s when you choose what you choose simply because you do. 

No reason attached other than your desire to elevate your game

Every moment

Every day


It requires that you no longer need to work for money ever again and you have complete freedom of what you want to do with your time, relationships and creativity.


And How Can it Support You in Reclaiming this Kind of Freedom?

In a nutshell, the financial and educational support to co-create with the Ascended Wealth Mastery™ the desired freedom as your external reality that has been your essence all along and reach millionaire status in 10 years.

Every scenario that you'll find yourself in when stepping fully into a life of a PIONEER has already been experienced and paved by me Tabita Fénix who is the Founder and Leader of the Pioneer Movement and Embodiment of the Pioneer Spirit aka Fénix. It means I walked the path you are about to embark on. Every piece of content that you can explore with your investment is here to support you in reclaiming your freedom.

You need two hours of your most valuable asset - your time - to either listen or read the Pioneer Retirement Book that will tell you everything you need to know to have your money work harder for you than you do for money.

When you click the button below you will find the content table of the Pioneer Retirement Book and can decide whether or not you'd like to purchase the book that reveals how to reclaim your spiritual and financial freedom and retire as a multi-millionaire or multi-billionaire depending on your current status in your career or business.


If This Is You

Do you have more questions? Please reach out to us! We are here to answer any concerns you might have.

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