Pioneer Expansion


Welcome to the Pioneer Expansion Process!

It's the process that I Tabita Fénix:

  • cultivated daily and made me a millionaire
  • healed my PTSD and ADHD
  • is the only practice I do that comes close to meditation (I don't meditate because my whole life is done in presence therefore every moment is meditation)
  • that kills any and all fears with boundless compassion
  • helped me break free from every shackle - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally, sexually, financially, creatively
  • helps me complete every multi-million deal without any persuasion tactics or sales calls 

FYI - I am afraid every day because of the speed at which we expand. I don't want to not be afraid. 

If you are no longer afraid, you are in your comfort zone and stay complacent.

No growth is going to happen.

You also don't want to be scared because that comes from survival and will keep you in a fight, flight, or freeze. 

The important part of every expansion is that you feel the fear, release it in your nervous system, and expand your body not just your mind to the version of you that is already living the life beyond your wildest dreams.

That's an embodied state you have to feel in your entire system and is not going to be possible to imagine in your mind.

It's why manifestation techniques don't work unless your nervous system is expanded and your body relaxed into that state.

Today is a very powerful time to do this practice at any time during the day. 

You can do it anywhere, anytime, and spend as little as 5 minutes on it and you will feel the difference.

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