For Agency Owners, Executives, Small Business Owners And Consultants Ready To Sell Out Their 100K+ Offers By Writing Cellular Shifting Posts and Enrolling Pre-Sold Ideal Clients Over Messenger In 30 Days




Who are no longer satisfied with the status quo of what a successful business owner has to do aka #hustlemode and being fixated on money.

It's for the crazy ones who know that without their Unleashed Self-Expression, True Life Purpose, and being happy and fulfilled in their whole life... well as a lot of free time to enjoy all the Ca$h their Business generates so they can give back in a MASSIVE WAY...

...they instead don't want to have a Business at all.

Before I go into all the details, here is why I am over the moon excited about this.

It opens the door to so many people who are ready to end the struggle of trying to fit into the box of being an expert that focuses on solving problems...

and instead step up as a PIONEER who gets paid 100k+ for helping your clients achieve their highest potential and most expanded vision beyond their wildest dreams.

Usually, we charge at least 10K for this type of offer because it helped me and my clients generate over 8-figures in revenue.

Everyone who does the work and has a purpose beyond just making a lot of money but giving back in a MASSIVE WAY gets insane results like 10k, 20k and 100k in the first month of joining.


You are ready to create your #100KMASTERPIECE and get paid 100k+ for your presence and access to your time!

I am Tabita Dietrich, Founder of PioneerU™ and PIONEER CEO™ of three 7+figure Companies that is serving people and companies on six continents and in two different languages. I am also an Artist and Bestselling  Author. Enough about me 🙂 Let's cut to the chase! 


  • When you achieved something that you thought was impossible?
  • How great did you feel?
  • How invincible did you become?
  • And how long did this feeling last?
  • Can you close your eyes for a second and remember this moment?

"It’s the most holistic way of leading a business." Regina

I know that many Entrepreneurs had reached milestones in their business and hit benchmarks that seemed impossible when they started.

Throughout my 12-years as an Entrepreneur, I went through many moments like this.

  • My first Bestselling Book
  • My first 100k month
  • My first 100k day
  • My first 100k deal
  • My first 7-figure benchmark
  • My first Viral Video with almost half a million views

"Where most people give up the Pioneers are just getting started."

Tabita Dietrich

I love seeing results like this. They are essential to keep me focused and measure my energetic expansion in tangible benchmarks.

But they are not the measurement of my success.

After I innocently ended up in prison in a third world country at the age of 23, my focus shifted from success measured by numbers and material things only to how many people I can impact with my Masterpieces that outlast me long after I've passed away.

"Why you should NOT consider working with Tabita" Sandra

Can you remember the last time when you created something that you knew would outlast YOU?


Have you ever created something like this?


Maybe you would love to create a program, write a book, or build a business that turns into a timeless MASTERPIECE that can stand the test of time and outlast you.

These are the Works of Art that have people talk about and buy long after you are gone. This Masterpiece that you are reading right here will do just that.

I intentionally created it to:

  • Motivate you from the inside out
  • Carry you rather than you pushing it forward
  • Build on itself and stand the test of time
  • Expand through the sustainable results
  • Bring the people together who are here to close the gap between Business and Art

This offer is not just another online course, training, or high-end offer that you take, and then you have to implement it and do things like:

  • Pushing a product into the market place to make quick money
  • Using survival-based marketing and sales-techniques to make sales at all costs
  • Thinking about short-term results rather than longevity
  • Hustling to reach a goal and neglect anything else that needs attention in your life
  • Depriving yourself of pleasure, passion, and purpose for the sake of success
  • Hitting a goal to validate yourself and be admired by others while feeling like a looser
  • Creating a business with burnout because you are not taking care of your Life-Force
  • Launching a product but keep the best pieces hidden, so people buy the next thing from you

"I made my multiple 5-figure investment back after one 1:1 call with Tabita." Katelyn

What is #100kmasterpiece all about, and how does it work?

I cultivated, crafted, delivered, and planted it, so the Organic Unfolding of the Principles it entails are carrying it forward.

This ORGANIC PROCESS delivers what is promised if you do the work and cultivate a conscious relationship with all of the Elements.

These Elements need to be cultivated and taken care of to not only nourish yours but the planetary Life-Force as well so that you can overflow in all areas, not just financially.

The Five Elements that must be strengthened at each phase to create an autonomous 7-figure company without sacrificing your life-force and that can exist without you so you can retire are:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Purpose
  4. Creativity
  5. Relationships

We intentionally set up every business that, in the center, is the genuine care for the Life-Force.

If you are leaking your Life-Force because you are leaking any of the Five Elements that we nourish in this offer, you have a container with cracks.

You can't expand a container with cracks. If you are leaking, your Business won't build on itself, and the only way to grow it is to put a ton of mindset work, hustle, and grind into it.

You are the one that is building it rather than the Business building on itself. Your Business is not sustainable in the long run and it won't have the impact it can have.

Creating your #MultiMillionMasterpiece without sacrificing yours or the planetary Life-Force so you can give back in a MASSIVE WAY to bring the projects and companies into the World that reinvent Humanity, is what we are all about and the potential that your company actually has.

That's the potential we want you and your company to fulfill. It all starts with a solid foundation.

🔥🔥🔥 That's why we created #100KMasterpiece and invite you to join us! 🔥🔥🔥

What we'll teach in 9 detailed self-study video lessons & workbooks: 

1️⃣ Cultivate A Conscious Relationship with All of Life 

You’ll learn that you don’t have to be the one holding space for your clients. You come home to deep Presence and have all of Creation come together to synchronize the Success of your Creations and your Clients effortlessly. To ensure that your Creation is deeply rooted in Mother Earth, you learn to co-create with Life itself and take deep care of yours and the planetary life-force, so you and your company become a force for a prosperous Evolution of all of Creation, not just another bottom-feeding exploiting problem contributor. 


2️⃣ Create and Sell Out Your #100KMASTERPIECE 

You’ll learn what your offer truly delivers and who is the client that will get results beyond what your program promises and in the shortest time possible. This allows you to get paid 100k+ for your presence and helping your clients expand their vision instead of being an expert that attracts needy clients who want you to fix their problems and save them.  


3️⃣ Collapse the Time to Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE 

This is a very crucial lesson where you’ll learn how to collapse the time to sign your 100k+ client and how to raise your prices to 10k, 25k, 50k and 100k+ and deliver the results and transformation in 6 months or less depending on your offer. 


4️⃣ Unleash Your Free Self-Expression for Boundless Creativity 

After you’ve smashed every income goal, you wonder what now? You are bored and not fulfilled. You pretend you are, but deep down, you know this isn’t your Legacy and you are an artist trapped in the body of a business person. Which is why this video will teach you how to break out of that self-imposed prison and unleash your creative genius within that creates without seeking external validation. 


5️⃣ Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE On Purpose 

It’s easy to lose track and drown your company’s vision, mission and values in the noise of attempting to become the go-to expert and dominate your space. In this video you’ll learn how to create your #100KMASTERPIECE on purpose and expand into new markets and industries. 


6️⃣ 8-Figure Truth Process To Enroll 100k+ Prospects 

– The Basic Human Illusions 

The real reason why someone chooses to work with a pioneer to achieve a big vision rather than an expert to solve a problem is because they want to return to the freedom to create whatever they want to create without having to prove anything to anyone. You can’t help someone create for the pure pleasure of creating and then massively monetize these creations if you act on any of the illusions outlined in this video. You’ll learn how to spot them, have a conversation and make a decision based on your truth without doing shadow-work, fixing yourself or meditating two hours. If you hit a wall, this process usually takes 10-30 minutes max. 


– Enroll 100k+ Clients Based on Our 8-Figure Truth Process That Is Rooted In The Activated Synchronous Vortex 

If your offer is clear, does collapse time for your client, has proven results, and also explains in detail what this high-level client needs to know in your marketing, you’ll have no trouble closing that deal over a quick message back and forth with our 8-figure truth process. 

You can easily opt for the 100% conversion and delivery rate if you have all these elements in place that we cover in the #100kmasterpiece. If you state your prices during the sales process so that the prospect can make an informed decision, you also don’t have to lure them into a sales call with 30% conversion crumbs to reveal the price on the call and handle objections that only come up because your sales process did not properly pre-sell and qualify them. 


7️⃣ Cellular Shifting Posts to Sign #100KMASTERPIECE Clients Every Month 

– How I created A Single Post That Generated Over 6-Figures in Two Different Languages 

This is a 24-minute video that walks you through exactly how to structure each paragraph to have your ideal clients stop scrolling and pay attention to your every word even though they have never heard of you before and reach out to pay you 20k+ for your presence. (This is what happened with the post outlined here.) 


– Cellular Shifting Posts to Sign #100KMASTERPIECE Clients Every Month 

When you have complete clarity around what you offer, what happens each step of the way, what methods and tools you use, and the specific outcome, you can communicate it in your marketing and apply the framework to write cellular shifting posts like the one that brought in over 100k cash from a single post.  


"Through working with Tabita, I feel that I immerse more in depth and that I recognise the voice of my soul as the only true voice which I want to follow." Christine E.

Nora Freisberg | Musician & Potential Coach Nora Freisberg | Musician & Potential Coach

I can highly recommend Tabita's work. My life has literally transformed in three months on every level you can think of, with my art, my relationships, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally etc.. It has been an adventure & I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. I needed Tabita's kicks in the ass and straight, loving approach. Best decision ever! (Went from € 13.- hourly wages to selling multiple 5-figures, appearing on TV and selling out her Music lessons. Congratulations!)

Robby Altwein | Business Coach Robby Altwein | Business Coach

We made the €100K month in August (the same month he joined the mastermind) thanks to your fantastic coaching Tabita. Thank you! It’s astonishing how fast this happened. Miracles are always expected now. (He then went on with a €46K week and sold his first ever €18K package. His client also made €70K after one call in his new program, that we created.) Congrats!

I'm Tabita Dietrich, a pioneer, an artist, a bestselling author and PIONEER CEO™ of three international companies that are here to help pioneers change the world.

Our business consultancy Pioneer Creations™ expands companies into stepping up as pioneer creations so they can reinvent their industries and create new market spaces instead of competing in an over-crowded market. 

Our e-learning platform PioneerU™ helps people become pioneers to be the leader they want to see in the world to change it. That's how they cure the expert syndrome that caused so much suffering and pain. 

When companies want to expand into their most audacious business vision but without the problems that come from leaking the companies life-force, they come to partner with us.

Our clients are INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE GENIUSES. They have WORLD-CHANGING missions and REINVENT their industries. They are the ones who step up as pioneers, become the true leaders in the world and call people and companies higher instead of complying with what everyone else is doing.

They also never fit into the box of becoming the best expert and dominate their space in a specific niche because the artist within them refuses to play by the traditional business rules.

It's what makes them unique, brilliant and fearless when they walk into the unknown and create the unimaginable. And it's also this gift that everyone else labelled as their weakness and said needs healing that is the brilliance that creates their world-changing impact.

We are so excited to offer the #100KMASTERPIECE for pioneers who are the visionary, innovative and evolutionary entrepreneurs with audacious visions who want to implement a congruent sales process that is rooted in the earth, free from illusions, scarcity and hustle to enroll the influencers and celebrities in their deeply cultivated body of work.

If you've achieved extraordinary results for yourself and your clients, but you hear the call that you are meant to work with the really big names, celebrities and players that pay 100k, 250k, 500k+ for your work, the #100KMASTERPIECE will help you do that.

Manuela Cursaro I Transformational Coach Manuela Cursaro I Transformational Coach

If you are really willing to act and stay committed then Tabita is right for you. She has a loving nature and is always there for you. She doesn't let you get away with things that are not true. Which is very good. She shows you who you can be. I always felt cared for and safe with her. (Made her first 10k full pay sale.)

Catherine Godward I Transformational Coach Catherine Godward I Transformational Coach

I started Tabita's course just a few weeks ago, but through an exercise I dug up a lot of power that I have not had access to for a few years. Now the business is running and I'm on the go! Thank you! (Made $3300.- after the first module)

#100kmasterpiece is NOT for you if:

  • You don't have extensive research, experience, cultivation, and training in one or more fields.
  • You want to make quick money without delivering what you promised.
  • You want to make a lot of money without giving back in a MASSIVE WAY.
  • You are looking for the next shiny object to give you overnight success.
  • You want to try and see if this works for you without real intention setting and the solid foundation you build with this offer.

#100kmasterpiece is for you if you want to:

  • Reach your first $ 100k revenue in business with at least $ 60k cash collected, because we don't do 2-year payment plans far beyond the programs you are offering.
  • Close your first or next $ 100k deal without offering a 12-month mentorship program and instead deliver the results and transformation in 4-6 months beyond what your clients ever imagined.
  • Collect your first or next $ 100k month without building another salesfunnel or pump a ton of money into FB-Ads (hint: They are only amplifying what is working and what not. So if your organic content is not converting, neither does your paid one 😉
  • Celebrate your first or next $ 100k day without getting on the phone with 20 clients or have a Salesteam do it for you to then hopefully close four $ 25k contracts.
Jolanda Maria I Transformational Coach

Tabita  helps me to realize my dreams, to put in words and to fill it in a vessel and to make it come true step by step. Tabita is tangible yet at the same time tactful, sensitive, warm and authentic. Although it is not a personal ‘one to one’ contact, I really feel that she is energetically and physically here for me. Thanks Tabita! Best regards, Jolanda

Bastian Ackermann I Founder Radical Force

Your work is remarkable. I have never experienced so many insights and findings in such a short time that make so much sense on a deeper level (ie the truth). The program is very intense but amazing. I definitely know to be on the right path.

Well, this sounds all great but what is the catch and what's it going to cost?

The catch is that this training is only going to give you the results that you claim for yourself. It has made my clients and me over 8-figures in revenue over the past 4 years.

All training materials such as recordings, workbooks, prayers, and tools are available in our membership for immediate access.

With your purchase, you also receive a voucher for a Silver Ticket to our next PIONEERS LIVE at no extra cost. You can implement everything you learn here and run with it or you can add an extra three days of immersion upgrade to your Life and Business with your FELLOW PIONEERS at no extra cost for the ticket itself once you redeem it using the voucher.

We are also not using any urgency triggers or closing the cart to make you take action and later open it again to another round of participants.

This offer is open for enrollment whenever you are ready. The only thing you are missing out is the wave of the #100kmasterpiece winners and an epic celebration with them every day you are not taking action.

😮 We are also not charging 10k, 5k, or even 3k for this insanely valuable and highly-transformative offer. 😮

This offer walks you through the five elements you must strengthen to sell out your first or next #100kmasterpiece such as closing a 100k deal, making 100k in a day, celebrating your first 100k revenue in total or your 100k month.

It doesn't matter whether you already are at multiple 6-figures but would like to close your first or next 100k+ deal, or if you are just starting out and have extensive research, experience, and cultivation in one or more fields and want to get to your first 100k revenue in total.

This is also not a typical sales training. Yes, we cover how to craft an offer, service, and experience that sells itself, is sustainable and filled with your ideal clients.

💰 This process is what my clients and I have used to generate multi-millions and close anywhere from 5k to million-dollar contracts. 💰

But we also look at you as a whole human, soul, spirit, vision, mission and global impact.
We support you to adjust and realign with what is RIGHT FOR YOU and to build a business that builds on itself and can actually outlast you because it doesn't depend on you.

We help you close the cracks, reclaim your life-force and to unhook from the false matrix of any survival-based marketing, sales or personal-development tactics.

We are here to call you higher to step forward as the PIONEER to not only reinvent your industry but ultimately humanity itself whilst being nourished in all areas, not just financially. And yes, we are helping you to collect a lot of Ca$h to give back in a MASSIVE WAY.

"I really know what I am doing now." Nora

We are motivating you to reach your #100kmasterpiece in a community of equally invested RISING PIONEERS. That's why we celebrate every #100kmasterpiece with an award. We have four categories that we celebrate with an award. The categories are:

  • 100k in total revenue
  • 100k month
  • 100k day
  • 100k deal

These awards are only celebrated with all Five Elements nourished and integrated of as well as actual proof of the accomplishments.

Once you create your #100kmasterpiece we invite you to join us on a special Celebration Gathering to collect not only your Award but a lot of awesome Gifts and Surprises at our next PIONEERS LIVE EVENT.

We are also publicly announcing each and every #100kmasterpiece winner. This is a requirement. So if you are allergic to being publicly celebrated, you won't be a fit for this.

Is closing a 25k, 50k or 100k+ client without sales calls or sacrificing your life-force a result you are looking to achieve in 30 days?

Katelyn Ruth I Soul-level Mentor Katelyn Ruth I Soul-level Mentor

I actually upped my prices after just listening to your free live-streams and sold 3 packages at $3300. That’s WAY more than I’ve ever felt comfortable charging before. (She is currently selling out her High-Level Premium Retreat and has made over $ 30k in revenue after one 1:1 call with me.)

Regina Ray I Founder Highest Level Intimacy Academy Regina Ray I Founder Highest Level Intimacy Academy

Thank you Tabita with all my heart that you are here! May many more people with your help completely change their lives and become the servants of their souls! (Collected multiple 5-figures and brought her own body of work into the world after years of looking at Gurus as the answer to all her seeking. Congratulations!)

PLEASE NOTE: 10% of all our Sales go to our Foundation that helps Children unlock their full Potential and Rescue Animals get a loving home.

Questions? We are here to help!