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The easiest way to earn more and work less is to raise your prices for the offers and services you are currently selling while reducing the time it takes to deliver those services or results.

Which is exactly what I'd like to present to you on this page. 

If you give me 5 more minutes of your precious time, I promise, I'll make it worth your while and share with you how you can close your first 100k+ client in the next 30 days without sales calls and make 100k+ cash months while working only 16 hours per week your reality a lot sooner than you expect.

Sound good? Read on...

#100KMASTERPIECE Workshop 

Have you ever wanted to transition into selling at a really high level at 25k, 50k or 100k+ with clients who do the work and get awesome results? 

Then it's time to raise your prices and enroll pre-sold premium clients without sales calls in 30 days.

Do you want to make this YOUR reality?

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Client Celebrations

"I closed a $15k deal in the first week of working with Tabita."

"I became a best-selling author after one call with Tabita."

"We went from $10k to $100k months the first month of joining the mastermind."

Tabita Dietrich, Pioneer CEO of three international multi-million companies introduces the...


How can I sell my 100k+ Offer with Integrity TODAY? We get asked this question all the time from CEO's, agencies, small business owners, consultants, coaches and executives.  Which is why on this page I want to show you how to...

Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE By Raising Your Prices To 100k+ And Cut The Delivery Time In Half To Onboard Clients Who Get Results Beyond What You Promised In Less Time

Have you ever wanted to transition into selling at a really high level at $25k, $50k or $100k+ with clients who do the work and get awesome results? 

But you believe any of the following that you’ve probably been taught in another business course that you can’t make sense off?

You have to value-stack your offer and then discount it so people will buy because value exceeds price? (How the f**k do you add value and then discount to $100k? Most coaches’ solution is unlimited access to their time and calendar in a year-long mastermind. “Hmmmm hello where did my freedom go and why do I all of a sudden trade time for money again?”

You can hardly keep up with the workload you have right now so if you must give more time to charge more, you’ll end up working all the time. “Hint: That’s why you secretly repel clients because you are afraid to have more work than you have right now even with mastermind and group offers.”

You look at how everyone else out there creates, outlines and markets their high-level offers as the best expert so you have to dominate the space first and have more social proof like speaking gigs, TV appearances and a bestselling title to have the right to charge that much. “Pssst…. no one told you what people actually really pay for which is not your expertise 😉”

So what do you do now? Have you given up completely on closing these really big deals?

Here is what you can do instead of giving up and blaming it all on a worldwide pandemic.

You see, most people think that you need all these things in place before you will feel worthy of selling a $25k, $50k or $100k+ package.

❌ Write a best-selling book

❌ Build a huge following on all the platforms

❌ Grow an email list to 10k+

❌ Grow your page to thousands of fans

❌ Have a top-ten podcast

❌ Have a funnel perfectly mapped out with a freebie > $27 > $197 > $497 > $997 > $2997 > $4997 before you can even THINK about selling a 10k+ package

❌ Have your website and branding on point

But the truth is: NONE of these things actually help you to deliver transformation! And most of the time, this is all a GIANT waste of time.

After over a decade as a Pioneering Entrepreneur, helping my employees and clients close anywhere from $ 5k to million dollar deals, there is one thing that I see all of them having in common. They only sell a package at these higher prices when they have the confidence and genuinely decided that it’s going to happen.

And for that decision to be made with unshakeable confidence, two essential key components need to be integrated:

1. You have to be 100% sold on your offer

2. Your offer needs to be in integrity with you

For you to be sold on your offer, you have to know your craft and how you deliver transformation well. You also need to understand how you can provide the transformation and the results in half the time.

For you to be in integrity with your offer, not only the integration of your ASCENDED WEALTH MASTERY™ is essential but also that you charge accordingly so you receive what you give and vice versa. That is how you are going to be able to take deep care of your own and the planetary LIFE FORCE and can expand into the unknown.

Like this, you don’t have to be the one holding space for your clients. You come home to deep PRESENCE and have all of Creation come together to synchronise the success of your creations and your clients effortlessly.

Only then can you get paid for your PRESENCE where your clients experience this integrated shift in such a short period.  You no longer charge for the value you provide with the many bonuses you add on top of your already value-packed offer.

What if you could shorten your sales cycle, so you easily enrol 100k+ premium clients without sales calls or objections?

Sounds incredible, right?

And while enrolling those clients is super important, what is even more crucial is that you are choosing the clients who get the results you promise so that your delivery rate is as good as your conversion rate - 100%.

That's a pretty high standard, I know!

There are essentially four elements that tie into achieving a 100% close rate and a 100% delivery rate.

The typical scenario our PioneerU clients find themselves in when they first come to us is kind of like this.

🏵 They want to start making $100k+ months consistently.

They've tried all the proven and tested methods and even went on to raise their prices, get people from a webinar on a sales call only to find out that most prospects are not qualified to invest in their premium offer.

So they keep it affordable around the 3k mark.

And then offer an insane payment plan beyond the program's duration to make it an easy yes for those clients.

As per the usual online marketing strategy, they add another insane amount of bonuses on top of their value-packed offer to then discount it to the 3k to make it look like it's such a great deal.

We ya'll know the saying - when value exceeds the price, people buy.

Unfortunately, someone came up with the idea that it might be an excellent option to create fake value to replace the real value that was supposed to be created through new market places and opportunities.

This sales tactic is survival-based and can only create fear. If you are using a sales tactic like this and you feel this constant fear.

The fear that you might get fewer clients if you charged more. Or maybe, people might be turned off if they decided to work with multiple clients simultaneously. Or charging more would hurt your business...

You can't journal or meditate it away with a positive attitude or mindset.

You have to come back in integrity with a thriving sales- and marketing approach that expands people into their highest vision.

That's what our clients always report back to us and let us know that by merely watching our content or reading the posts, they felt an expansiveness and exploring of the unknown like they never did before.

And truly felt seen, heard and supported to make the impossible possible.

🌻 That's how business should be and every client should sign on to work with you.

That's the standard and integrity we maintain in all our companies.

So here are the four elements that must be covered to shorten your sales cycle and easily enrol 100k+ clients.

1️⃣ Your offer must be in integrity with all of you and create a win-win-win opportunity (for yourself, your client and the planet).

Every person is different therefor, every offer is different. The gifts and the skills that you already possess and use in your coaching but are not aware need to be clearly articulated and owned. These are the skills that are making the most significant shift in your clients' life.

We always tend to forget that our clients buy "us" first before checking out our offer. Maintaining that level of integrity provides an unmistakable presence that can be received and communicated in your marketing.

2️⃣ Your offer needs to collapse the time of the delivery for your client. This is the essence of a Pioneer and why we at PioneerU are adamant about tracking and improving your offer, marketing, and strategy to improve continually. That's the only way you'll collapse the time of the delivery continuously, and you can confidently charge for your presence rather than the value you provide.

Your insights save your clients years of heart-ache.

3️⃣ When you have complete clarity around what you offer, what happens each step of the way, what methods and tools you use, and the specific outcome, you can communicate it in your marketing.

The best client is not necessarily someone who is three steps behind you. Many people want to attract these higher-level clients but fail to implement #1 and #2 and then record a 90-minute video presentation that this type of client would not consume due to a lack of time.

You can not just slap a premium-price tag at your offer and think you will automatically attract a better client.

That's what many of our clients tried to do and then could not sell out their 100k+ offers. This is one of the reasons why.

4️⃣ Which leads to the last important element. Your sales process. From the first time this high-level client who is willing to pay you 100k+ on the spot is coming across you, you need to have 1,2 and 3 in place to execute on this.

If your offer is clear, does collapse time for your client, has proven results, and also explains in detail what this high-level client needs to know, you'll have no trouble closing that deal over a quick message back and forth.

That's where 90% of service-providers fail. They opt for the 30% close rate, withhold the most important part of the information that must be disclosed and lure the prospect into a sales call to then take the 30% conversion crumbs.

You can easily opt for the 100% conversion and delivery rate if you have all these elements in place and also state your prices during the sales process so that the prospect can make an informed decision.

High-level clients do not like to waste their precious time being lured into a sales call. They know what they want and go for it once they have all the relevant information.

Which is exactly what we helped Robby accomplish 👇

How We Took Robby From 10k To 100k+ Months In The First Month

Let's break down how we helped Robby that you've just read the testimonial in the beginning, achieve 100k months in the first month of working together.

When Robby and I first met, he had a strong desire to get to $100k months and cross the 7-figure year mark. He achieved both within the time of us working together.

He was used to selling $2k offers in his Facebook group with a few thousand members.

It was easy for him to enroll people in a 2k offer as a business coach.

He was able to see people's unique skills with a custom approach based on Astrology, Numerology and Skills.

And he was really good at what he did. He offered 8k packages in the past for a small mastermind that didn't sell out. He felt like it was a constant convincing and he didn't like to do sales call and felt like he needed to sell to people.

He eventually gave up trying to sell above 5k offers let alone 10k+ offers. He wasn't confident anymore that he could sell out an intimate mastermind at a 5-figure price tag without the hustle and sales calls that at best convert at 30%.

He was convinced that his current audience can't and won't invest in higher price tags then 2k. That's all they can afford is what he assumed based on his experience with higher-priced offers that didn't convert as well.

In his mind, the belief was set that he would have to work harder to attract a higher-level client who would pay 10k+ and have more sales calls to close those leads eventually.

On top of that, he wasn't to keen to offer a 12-month mastermind to justify the price. It all seemed like an awful lot of work.

Imagine his excitement and disbelief when he heard me share my offer and sales process where I enrol 20k+ clients into a 6-month offer with a 100% conversion rate and back then a Facebook group with less than 1k.

It didn't take long one livestream to be exact, and he filled out the application for my mastermind. I reviewed his application and accepted him to be a client. The call we then had was not a sales call. It was an application call where we mapped out his journey to get from 10k months to 100k months selling 18k offers.

And then we got to work. We created multi-tier offers for anyone in his audience and started marketing his highest priced offer at 18k.

But before that, we dove deep into the gifts and skills he already possessed and used in his coaching but was not aware were making the most significant shifts in his clients' life.

We looked precisely at every session and what the outcome of each session was. We removed unnecessary information and steps that didn't shorten the delivery time and created a 6-month container with an 18k price tag.

Once he saw how he would 10x the ROI within the first month of his client's investment, he was sold and reclaimed his confidence.

We also shortened the sales cycle by pre-qualifying every applicant. He only got on the phone with those he already knew were the perfect fit.

That's how we organically converted 100% of his calls from his existing audience that previously only invested 2k in his offer.

And this was the outcome in his own words: "We made the 100K month in August (the same month he joined the mastermind) thanks to your fantastic coaching Tabita. Thank you! It's astonishing how fast this happened. Miracles are always expected now." (He then went on with a 46K week and sold his first-ever 18K package. His client also made 70K after one call in his new program, that we created.) Congrats!

Shortly afterward he crossed the 7-figure mark way before our 6 months were up.

However, if you are an action-taker and you implement what you’ll learn immediately, you don’t need 6 months to create your first or next #100KMASTERPIECE through enrolling 4 $25k clients, 2 $50k clients or 1 $100k client. 

You can get all the insides and deep-dive on this exact process outlined above and run with it inside the #100KMASTERPIECE WORKSHOP.


Here is what you'll receive with the pre-recorded, self-study modules:

🌟 Create Your #100KMASTERPIECE

🌟 Claim The Confidence To Sign 100k+ Clients

🌟 Sign 100k+ Clients "Ahead" Of You

🌟 How To Overcome Fears When Facing A Sales Conversation With A 100K+ Prospect

So you are well equipped to go into the market place, confidently state what you are doing, what outcomes you deliver and why you are charging multiple 5- to 6-figures for it...

...and have your ideal clients who will get results beyond what you promised, reach out to you and inquire, how they can sign up today.

How much would that be worth to you?

Please note that you can purchase this offer later on when you leave this page but only at the full price of €100.

Maybe you have some final questions in your mind about whether or not I can help you close multiple 5- to 6-figure deals.

Questions such as:

☛ Have I prepared enough to raise my rates?

☛ Will I really be able to deliver on that price tag?

☛ Will I get to the requirements of his/her essence activation deep enough to justify my fee? 

☛ Will I be able to keep my persona out of the serving space and not fall prey to comparison and inner critic? 

☛ Will I find intimate access to his/her being from a non-shared lifestyle background? 

☛ Will I overlook something important that a well trained frame (accustomed to public appearance) can easily hide? 

☛ Will my guidance fit into their lifestyle and speak to them? 

☛ Is my offer enough to charge at this price? 

☛ Am I enough? 

☛ Will I have to give so much of my personal energy that I’ll be depleted?

☛ Why should anyone pay multiple 5- to 6-figures for my offer during a pandemic? I'd rather stick to low-end offers.

True, a lot of people believe that's the case. These are the exact service providers, coaches and business owners who discount their prices heavily and use survival-based marketing and sales approaches that attract these exact buyers. 

The ones who are in survival mode and ask for discounts and better deals. The truth is, that in 2020 we've officially entered the age of digitalisation. And while a lot of people have lost their jobs and are struggling, the online industry is booming.

Now you have two choices:

1) You either keep feeling badly because some people you love are suffering and secretly repel success because you think you are not deserving of it while others are suffering

2) Or you are going to be the one who is massively seizing the opportunity, rising to the occasion and creating a multi-million movement so you can be one of the companies who will be offering many new job opportunities

For our partners, clients and us combined we've hired at least 30 new employees just this year alone. And we are only getting started.

What's your story going to be when you talk to your grand-kids about the big boom that was kicked off by a world-wide pandemic in 2020? 

I know what ours is going to be. Which is why...

We'll cover all of those questions above and every question that will be sent to us by YOU until the end of the year in a special training that will be released to kick off 2021...

...and disempowers every fear and objection that you might have when facing a client during a negotiation for a 100k+ deal (hint: once your fears are addressed, you've installed a solid process and are confident in your offer, your prospects won't come with any objections to the conversation).

So if you sign up now you also get to submit your question to be covered during the training that will be released in January 2021.

Please note that you can purchase this offer later on when you leave this page but only at the full price of €100.

Wait what you are still reading? Here are some final words then... 

If you think you'd rather save 100 bucks because you can gather that knowledge for free anywhere else on the interwebz.... you can't! 

The most valuable insights don't come from information. They come from learning what someone shares about the mistakes made along the journey and how to shorten that learning curve.

Because your most valuable asset is not your money. You can make that in a heartbeat. It's the time that you are wasting that you can never get back because you kept spinning your wheels instead of taking the shortcut and avoiding the mistakes someone else has already made for you. 

I am sharing all the mistakes and what I would do differently if I were to start all over again. I also no longer need to get coaching clients to make a living. PioneerU™ is a passion of mine and an e-learning platform that teaches a completely new way of learning, living and doing business.

I could have shut it down over a year ago when I made the decision to no longer be a coach. My other two companies generate more than enough profits to just enjoy them. We consistently close multiple 6-figure deals without me doing the work to deliver those services. 

I am doing this because I genuinely want to see you succeed and because I know how hard it can be to have so much love and passion for your craft and how you can help others and not being able to expand as quickly as you want.

Feeling like you are not living up to your full potential is the worst state anyone can be in. I don't want that to be you. 

I can't promise that you do the work. But what I can promise is that if you take all that you'll learn during this workshop and implement it, you'll see immediate results. 

You read just some of the testimonials at the beginning of this page. These people only spent a call with me and got outstanding results. 

I promise to not hold anything back and that if you do the work and implement what you'll learn, you'll make your investment back 100x and more!

The question is, are you truly ready for those results?

If so, I'll see you on the other side!

Please note that you can purchase this offer later on when you leave this page but only at the full price of €100.

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