How did I not only survive being innocently incarcerated for two years in a third world country but use every single challenge as fuel for a massive thriving?

Two years of:

  • eating the same food every damn day (well not the bread with flies in it, that I didn't eat)
  • being discriminated as one of four white women in a prison of women of colour
  • having water to drink that usually I would not even drink on my thirstiest days and sometimes looked worst than my toilet
  • being threatened and shouted at every damn day
  • making thriving my one and only priority
  • exercising my body with no gym equipment and sometimes little food
  • feeling like dying for the first three months because my soul literally did
  • spending only 15 min per month on the phone with someone I love
  • being allowed to write only two one-page A4 letters

To being extradited and leave prison in my home country after seven weeks where my lawyer told me I could be happy if I'd find a job to pack up shelves in a grocery store.

Meanwhile I had worked out an entirely different plan and scheduled the next two weeks after leaving prison to get my things in order.

And I officially left my home country two weeks after being released.

Fast forward four years...

  • I am the CEO of three companies and expanded onto four continents
  • I have a team of 20 people
  • We are serving clients on four continents and in two different languages
  • Helping CEO's retire and become PIONEERS by creating autonomous 7+figure companies
  • I published a Bestselling-Book at age 26
  • I moved to my dream island with the love of my life
  • We hosted our first Pioneers Live Event with zero stress and an amazing team who all are genius in their own way


Do you want to know the secret how I accomplished all that?

I was only able to accomplish that by disempowering the Basic Human Illusions daily.

Later on, it not only became one of my core elements to teach to all my clients to accomplish and integrate radical self-mastery within weeks or months not years or decades.

I also developed a very powerful frame for sales calls to give your prospect the only thing that he/she wants and happily pays 5- to 6-figures for it which is not to have their problem solved.

It’s to experience total freedom so they can choose to act on the most expanded vision and become invincible to build legendary companies that reinvent humanity.

This is possible for a person when he/she has completely disempowered the Basic Human Illusions.

By doing that, a person realizes that he/she can have everything at the same time right now and can start creating for the pure pleasure and passion of creating rather than inventing a million excuses why now is not the right time to go after their most expanded vision.

So today, for the very first time I want to share this powerful work with you so you can start applying it in your own life and experience the freedom to create any vision no matter how big.

With this offer you get access to two powerful elements and the tool to use on a daily basis to disempower the Basic Human Illusions as well as the frame for sales calls to create your legendary life and the movement that is going to outlast you long after you physically passed away.

How much would that be worth to you to have your dream client eagerly saying yes to his/her most expanded Vision and happily paying you 5- to 6-figures on the phone?

Is closing anywhere from $ 5k to $ 100k+ offers on the call without solving problems a result you are looking to achieve NOW? That's why we add our 8-figure sales script in here as well.


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