What If You Could Shorten Your Sales Cycle?

What if you could shorten your sales cycle, so you easily enroll 100k+ premium clients without sales calls or objections? Sounds incredible, right? And while enrolling those clients is super important, what

About Intuition and Self-confidence

About intuition and self-confidence * * * If many of the experiences and invitations that life has to offer are an intuitive NO on your side there might be something deeper going on here. If

Podcast Episode 13

Episode 13 - Expanding into New Markets, Industries and Niches Starting your business is one thing but expanding is another story. When starting out, it's pretty easy and comfortable because you're already

Podcast Episode 12

Episode 12 - How to Sell and Deliver Even if You are Not Ready Often times, we delay our programmes, our projects, our products simply because we think they're "not enough

Podcast Episode 11

Episode 11: How Do You Claim the Instant Authority to Charge 100K+ Especially when we're still starting out or figuring things out in our businesses, there are times when we self-sabotage

Podcast Episode 10

Episode 10: Why Your Business is Not Growing as Fast In this day and age, even your children might already be starting their own online business. It's become a norm for

Podcast Episode 9

Episode 9: Separating Yourself from Your Business It doesn't matter what kind of company you lead—there comes a time when you have to separate yourself from your business. Ask yourself this—do you