Scaling from 7-Figures to 8-Figures is staying in your comfort-zone. 

I know it might seem like a lot going from One Million to Ten Million but really it is not in Integrity with your Creative Genius and what it can foresee for your contribution for the thriving of the Planet and Humanity itself in the next 2-5 years.

Sure you can change up some strategies, employ more team members and reach more people. But if you are staying in the same business instead of multiplying businesses you simply act on the illusion of needing to work harder to achieve that kind of result and you know what else… you’re working from your mindset to achieve the imaginable instead of the Artist within you that only and ever is interested to create the unimaginable.

The very essence upon which the actions are implemented that should expand your business to 8-figures instead of 9-figures are built on a program that is bugged. You can temporarily fix it and make it work and yes, reach 8-figures in the next 2-3 years or you can uninstall it and reboot your True Essence and the very foundation upon which actions are taken that no longer scale and instead multiply your Business.

The choice is yours! Type yes in the comments if you are ready to take yourself out of your business and stop being the face of your brand and let your business become it’s own movement instead!

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